Magnetic Wallpaper

Wow… magnetic wallpaper and magnet accessories (from MagScapes).  How cool! 

Maybe you all already knows about them and I’ve just been living under a rock, but I’ve never seen these before! I’m especially loving the photo sleeve magnets, which allows you to customize a photo arrangement anywhere you’ve papered with the magnetic wallpaper (no hammer or nails needed)!

This puts the FUN in functional!

Stewart + Brown – Spring 2008

I’ve been eagerly awaiting Stewart + Brown‘s new Spring line… and now it’s here!  Check out all their gorgeous Spring 2008 collection here.   I’m especially fond of this Chevron Shawl Vest… I love that it can be worn as a hoodie (see the center row of images)!

The Project Runway Winner Is…

Did you watch the finale of Project Runway last night?  Wow… what a show!  It is hard for me to say who “should” have won… the level of talent was just immense this season!

So… Christian Siriano won!

Christian has such a strong creative vision… especially for someone who’s just entered his 20′s!  It is clear that he will go far in the fashion industry… he has the passion and drive to go as far as he wants to!  Congratulations Christian!

Check out photos of his collection and some sweet backstage snapshots on his site right here.  (link courtesy of the oh-so-lovely Holly of decor8)