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Here are few of my favorite collections composed by my flickr friends (and a collection from my home too):

A. All were in their place  B. Spoons

C. My Tiny Photograph Collection   D. A Few of My Paper Doilies


I just “heard” word that the Martha Stewart publication Blueprint Magazine will no longer be in print come the New Year.  The Jan/Feb 2008 issue will be their last!  They will however continue to update the Bluelines blog, and it seems that they have decided to include Blueprint-worthy content into their future MS Weddings publication, so all is not lost!
More information can be found here.

In all honesty, I have to say that while disapointed (I am a subscriber)… I’m also not at all surprised.  It was a beautiful magazine… most notable for it’s lovely photographs, user friendly crafts, and font eye-candy; but all in all it was not exactly what I had hoped for.
Now if anyone in Martha’s camp is reading this… PLEASE I emplore you… bring back “Kids!”  I miss its absense every month, event, and holiday.  So many wonderful ideas and endless inspirations were found within it’s pages!  Please, pretty pretty please!

“You Can Find Inspiration In Everything”…

…And If You Can’t, Look Again (by Paul Smith)!  Have you seen this book?  What a great gift for someone special (or yourself).  It’s truly wonderful and definitely worth having on your shelf or coffee table for an instant dose of inspiration whenever you’re lacking in the creative ideas department.


The Inspiration: Insect by LushBella

Solid Silk Taffeta Ballerina Dress in Burnished Yellow  and Jeweled-Buckle Grosgrain Belt (shown on dress) both at J.Crew, Webster Heels by Betsy Johnson at Zappos, and Encrusted Ribbon Necklace at Banana Republic.

Friday Flickr Fix – “Pink + Red”


Please view the full-sized original pictures from each of these talented flickr photographers by following the links below.

1. the red pom poms, 2. Take Me To Your Leader

1. Christmas Tree 2007, 2. all wrapped up


Have a lovely weekend everyone!  Only 18 days ’til X-mas!


I’ve just discovered and am completely smitten with the lovely photos of Perfectbound on flickr (one can easily see that they’d fit right in with images found in publications such as Martha Stewart Living, etc).

Perfectbound is the inspirational eye-candy of friends Kathryn & Julie!  Also be sure to check out their blog (also titled Perfectbound) and add them to your blogroll!  xo Ez