Wednesday, March 26, 2008 at 03:00 AM

Well I am happy to announce that my computer is finally back where it belongs… with ME!  Hurray!  Thank you for all your patience and well-wishes… you guys are why I blog!

Anyhow…I must have had my head in the sand, because I just recently discovered that Poketo! (makers of fabulous limited edition artist-designed wallets), also sells apparel, accessories, art, and home decor as well?!  I love it!  Check out some of their sweet offerings – LINK


My computer saga continues! It seems I need a new fan in my laptop… the part has been ordered, and they estimate that by late Wednesday I should have it back in my eager little hands.  Sigh!  Thanks for all the well wishes everyone!  I’m so grateful that I don’t have to buy a new one!  For now I will continue to use my Dad’s computer, and will sporadically be checking emails on my horrid little PC (sorry PC fans).  My apologies if you’ve written me an email and haven’t heard back from me yet… I’m working on it… I promise!

Here are two little juxtapositions I hope you will enjoy.  I’m loving that bright fuchsia!!!

-Photography by Janis Nicolay
-Jeweled Posy Capri Sandals and Tivoli Patterned Ballet Flats both from J.Crew

La La Laurie

Did you all have a lovely holiday weekend?  I sure hope so!

The status of my computer is still frightfully undetermined.  I was supposed to receive a diagnosis Friday evening, but they still knew nothing by Saturday afternoon… do they not understand how frantic I am without my dear computer?!!

So… the bad news is that sometime today is the very soonest I will even know what is wrong with my baby… and then it’s a lot of nail biting and stomach churning moments until they actually repair it… or tell me that I have to buy a new one (crossing fingers that this is not the case)!

…The good news is that I’ll be able to use my step-father’s computer starting Monday evening (though this requires some juggling, due to my daughter’s holiday scheduling)… so, you can expect regular postings to resume tomorrow.  Thanks for your patience and understanding!

For now though… take a look at the gorgeous handcrafted creations of Laurie Cinotto!  I love the fanciful little woodland creatures she’s skillfully embellished her work with! …And for chic brides, her stunning Paper Flower Bouquets are true perfection (plus they’ll last a lifetime)!



Bad news lovelies…
My computer is headed back into the shop again.  When you can fry and egg on the bottom of your laptop, it’s time for some serious servicing.  I will hope to be back by Monday, but so much depends upon the diagnosis.  If you believe in the power of positive thought, then please send some my computer’s way… I feel like I’m functioning as only part of myself without it!

Have a lovely weekend everyone! xox Ez

Black & White…

…fabulous finds from some great etsy sellers.
1. Honey 8×12 Print by Thea C Photography
2. Large Lace Necklace by Lauren K Roberts
3. Medium Bird Cake Stand by Whitney Smith
4. Fabulous Handmade Clutches (style shown has sold) by Red Ruby Rose
5. Pui Coasters, The Andaman Shells by Studio Wonjun
6. Victoria, Tea Time – Print Vertical by Amber Alexander

xox Ez