Web Help: Rounded Corners on Photos

We’ve all seen photos with suave rounded corners… and when you’ve seen them, if you’re anything like me you thought: “That looks amazing… how on earth did they do that… I bet it’s probably too complicated to be worth it… but gosh that is just too cool!”

Sadly this post is not a tutorial on how to achieve rounded corners through a series of (likely) complicated maneuvers in Photoshop.  It is however a rave review of EZ Rounded Corners… a site that does just what it’s name implies: Easy Rounded Corners on your photos… for FREE!  Simply upload your image.  Select a background color (the portion where the corners used to be)… and that’s it!  Is that fabulous or what!!!

Now… if any of you Photoshop pros want to drop me an email detailing the old-school method… I’d love that too!  I try to learn something new every day! xox Ez

UPDATE:  So many of you wrote in with the old-school methods of creating rounded corners… thank you guys so much!  I love all of the suggestions, but the most easy for me to follow (I’m a visual sort of gal) was the YouTube tutorial found here.  Thank you to Emily Abigail for the helpful link!  So… now that we know how… let’s see those jazzed up photos!  Share a link to your pic(s) in the comments section below… I’d love to see ‘em!

Charlie Bit Me!

Here in the States we have a bit of an obsession with the British accent… I can safely assume that the Brit’s have no such fascination with ours.  Do any of you lovely British readers want to confirm this?!

In any case… this video and then the spoof made from it just crack me up to no end… half of what makes the original so cute is Charlie’s accent (see I’m a sucker too).  If you’ve already seen it (and you probably have), please forgive me.

Enjoy the original:

…And the spoof:

Thursday, March 27, 2008 at 02:10 PM

The big news flying around blogland today is that Photoshop has finally made a small free version of their famous program available to everyone online (everyone in the US that is).  Adobe Photoshop Express.  I tested it out… and I have to say that I am decidedly unimpressed.  I think that even for those who don’t use Photoshop in their everyday life (or have never used a photo editing program) it is rather complicated yet bland.  How many people want to change a photo into a florescent hued version of the original (one of their special “effects” called Hue)?!  I much prefer tools that enhance the original (in all the right ways of course)!

…So where does this leave us with all our waning excitement… Flickr of course!  I admittedly never use Flickr’s photo editing tools because I have the full version of Photoshop (the real thing = awesome) and don’t need to… but just for the sake of comparison, I edited a photo on flickr (account required) and in the free version of Photoshop released today (account required)… and here are the results: 

Please note that each of the processes used here could either be toned up or down… these are just the examples I chose for comparison.


A Peek at the Process

I find that I’m always wondering about what inspires those who inspire me most.  Sometimes a design or a grouping of objects has such a clear focus that you can easily spot it’s starting point.  Others are not so lucid… and these are the ones that enchant me the most.

So… today I just thought I’d share with you the process that this post went through in it’s formation:

If you’re interested in the process and the product links please …

Step 1. It started with a quote.  I don’t know where I discovered it, but several weeks ago I came across these words by George Bernard Shaw, loved them, and saved them for future use.  While on the one hand these words can sound rather pompous (not so good)… I see them more as a motivational tool… inspiring me to keep believing in my dreams.  Sometimes it helps to have a little reminder now and then!

Step 2.  Flickr (a constant source of inspiration).  I discovered these fantastic Artist Designed Tea Towels (and more) via a photo from one of my contacts (I’m so sorry, but I don’t remember who)… and followed the link to Third Drawer Down. Fabulous!

Step 3.  From these two towels (featured) I began thinking about natural elements transformed into industrial objects… which lead me to Google the term: Wooden Chain Necklace… and found that and the equally lovely Little Wooden Cottage Necklace from UK shop Hanna Zakari (they ship Worldwide).

Step 4.  Then I started thinking shoes… I couldn’t pick just one pair, so I included both the glamorous Guiseppe Zanotti “E86128″ Heels and the fabulous hardware-embellished Bronx Shoes “Dieke” Sling-backs, both from Zappos.

5.  After shoes I felt that the finishing touch to this compilation would be something natural and unique (I was thinking of a fantastic vase)… so I popped on over to Jason Home & Garden (where one is always certain to find such beautiful things), and discovered this exquisite Lamb’s Ear with Scabiousa Floral Arrangement.  The downy green of the Lamb’s Ear is perfectly balanced with the jet-hued Scabiousa!  Wow!

And that’s it.  Who knows what “paths” I’ll follow for my next post.  Thanks for reading dear lovelies! xox Ez