Tutorial Tuesday: Bean Frames

I know… I laughed too when I read the name of this project.  Something about “Bean Frames” automatically conjures up images of preschool art projects involving dried pasta noodles, paint, and an obscene amount of glue.
In any case… once I got past the name and clicked on the link I discovered that these Bean Frames by Martha Stewart are actually quite chic… surprisingly so.  What do you think?

PS.  I found out that I actually have the flu, so I’ll be taking the rest of the day off to recuperate.  Hope to see you all here tomorrow! xox Ez

Daily Wear…

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you all had a fun and restful weekend!

So… this post is a realistic look at my personal day-to-day style.  I figured it was about time I set the record straight, since I’ve
received a lot of comments about my apparent “girliness.”  And while
there is absolutely nothing wrong with being girly… people who know
me in my day-to-day life would never label me as such.

I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but I’m a pretty laid-back, no frills sort of girl.  Yes, I went to school for fashion design, but my daily look generally consists of a pair of jeans, a cotton tank or tee, a unique piece of jewelry (generally handmade or vintage – if I’m feeling spiffy), a cute but functional bag, and flats, flip-flops or similarly effortless footwear.  Are you all shocked?!  I mean realistically, there’s not much reason to dress to the nines when you spend the majority of your day in front of a computer, right!

So… while we’re airing the closet out… why don’t you leave a comment below and tell me what you wear on a daily basis.  Do you have any fashion crutches?  Are you a girly-girl, laid back Boheme, sophisticated fashion maven, vintage loving fashionista, etc.?  I wanna know!

-Crewneck Tissue Tee from J.Crew
-Anemone Necklace by Paper Flower Girl
-Mossimo Printed Tote Bag – Tan / Natural at Target
-Brooke Slingback Wedges from Delias… I love these shoes so much I just bought them yesterday!
-AE Straight Leg Jean from American Eagle