Over the Meadow & Through the Woods…

Currently inspired by: From left to right by row:

-Folk Art Flames available in three sizes at Wisteria
-Eyelet Ballet Flats in Bright Flame from J.Crew
-Translucent Bird Lamp at Wisteria
-Moose by Sia at Vivre
-Fonts: Home Sweet Home and Swiss Folk Ornaments
-Cashmere Opera Coat at J.Crew
-Peppermint Poppy Pins from Foundling
-Wall Hanging Clock – Cuckoo Clock in Orange at Decoylab

Oh Martha…

Have you ever surfed and searched for that perfect project or recipe on Martha Stewart online only to discover later that that oh-so-special link is nowhere to be found?  Well, hopefully I’m not alone… because then you can join me in my excitement over this: Martha Stewart’s Community Table (found via the lovely One Good Bumblebee blog)!  Sing up for free and start your own collection of favorites… tag pages for easy reference, rate projects and more!  Useful and fun!  Take a look at the start of my collection.

Three Things…

As you know (if you are a regular Creature of Comfort) I usually end my posting for the week with my “Friday Flickr Fix” post… but today an exception has to be made because I’m going completely ga-ga over these three things (and I can’t wait the entire weekend to share them with you).

1. Uh Huh Her… I’m obsessed with these ladies (you can get them on iTunes)!  “Mystery Lights” and “See Red” are playing on repeat as I type this!

2. Genius, adorable, and oh so perfect for holiday giving: Cupcakes in Jars from Angry Chicken.  It looks as though these little cuties were topped with decorative paper by Martha Stewart (you could use any paper you like though).

3. Fantastic gocco art can be found in the etsy shop: Lab Partners (check out their blog for more fabulousness).  I’m especially fond of this Tea Time Set, but equally as cute is the Candy Shop II print… * update *… I bought both of them!  Enjoy! xo Ez

Friday Flickr Fix – “The 12 Days”

…inspired by the song.  Finding images that fit was much harder than I thought it would be.  The pipers piping and drummers drumming were the hardest!

Please view each image in it’s full-sized glory by visiting these links:

1. pear, 2. Strut, 3. Hens and Chickens, 4. birds, 5. wood shop, 6. nature morte, 7. swan, 8. Afternoon tea II, 9. Dancing to the Sun., 10. one would., 11. I need a shave, 12. someone else’s toys

Have a gorgeous weekend everyone!

Today I Love:

Today during a “stroll” through the virtual eye-candy that is flickr… I came across someone new (to me) and just had to share her and her gorgeous photography with you all.

Danielle Thompson does not describe herself as a “professional photographer,” but I’m sure you’ll agree that her beautifully composed images, and obvious eye for color and design could easily be found in any of our favorite publications.  Cookie or Domino… if you’re looking for someone fresh and beyond fabulous… scoop her up a.s.a.p.! View Danielle’s flickr album right here, and then stop by her blog (and don’t forget to add her to your blogroll while you’re there)!