New Work…

I’m excited about these new photos that I took yesterday.  I was pushing myself to do something other than florals this time, and this is what I came up with.  As always, you can visit my flickr album for more.

Thanks again for all of your encouragement everyone… you are all so inspiring to me!

Color Crush: Rose, Orange Peel + Nutmeg

Loving these colors still.  So inspirational!

-Lacquer Dove Necklace and Rosebud Ring both from Forever 21
-Color in the bedroom photo from Domino Magazine online
-Wrapped and Ready – photo from flickr user prickly pear bloom
-Bird Shirt Cards by Art School Girl at Greer Chicago

Photo by Mav | Port2Port

In Good Company: Red Stamp

Yesterday I received the loveliest get well card in the mail (thank you Holly), and it reminded me of how incredibly wonderful, but so sadly forgotten the art of letter writing is.  When was the last time you found anything in your mailbox besides junk mailers and magazines?  My Mom always said, “You have to write letters to get letters” and I think it’s about time I listened to her!

If your looking for someplace to start, pay a visit to the beautiful shop Red Stamp, and you’ll soon be on your way to a mailbox full of delights! xox Ez

{all images – Red Stamp}

Inspired Spaces: Quaint Handmade

I’m not the first one to spot the inspirational home and work of Cindy – flickr member Quaint Handmade (you can read an interview about her on Modish blog), but I just had to show you a few photos of her lovely space and creative handmade goods.

Doesn’t Cindy’s home remind you of multi-dimentional inspiration board?  There are so many layers, but each piece plays beautifully off of the the next, and the effect is just wonderful!

See more of Cindy’s Inspired Space and lovely handcrafted treasures… and be sure to visit her blog as well.

UPDATE: The beautiful wall pocket/pin board here was created by Cindy, but you can find similar boards from Sally Shim {Shim + Sons} – you may need to contact her with interest, or you can try your hand at making one with this tutorial.