I can’t believe that I nearly forgot to mention that there’s a guest post today (by Yours Truly) over on the lovely Trust Your Style blog!  Mary Jo (the blog author) is such a warm and genuine person, and I’ve been lucky enough to have her support of CC all the way from way back when.
What are you waiting for… go check it out!  xox Ez


I’m baaaaack!  Yay!  Thank you again for all of your well-wishes.  Your kindness and support mean so much to me, and I’m certain that I’m the luckiest blogger around to have such amazing readers as you!  Thanks!

I just discovered the wonderful teNeues site (via Lilla Rogers who I found via decor8).  I love their selection of paper goods… soft, sweet, and oh-so spring-like.  To see more, pay a little visit to their shop right here. xo Ez

-Down to Earth QuickNotes by Susy Pilgrim Waters
-“Winging It,” Charley Harper Magneto Notebook

Hugs all around…

Hello lovely lovelies!  It’s Ez… hurray!
This won’t be a full-sized post, but I just wanted to pop on here to let you all know that I am feeling so much better now, and I know that this is in large part because of all the kind thoughts and dear well-wishes you’ve sent my way.  Thank you so very much!  You each mean so much to me!

I’ll be resting some more over the weekend, and am looking forward to resuming regular posting starting next Monday!  Thank you all for your patience and understanding.  See you soon!
xox Ez

PS. A huge thank you to you Melissa for all of your help in my absence.  I don’t know what I would have done without you.

Update and something we can do for Ez…

Hello lovely CC readers,

I am sorry to say it is still me here, Melissa! I wish it was Ez too, it is amazing how palpable her absence is, isn’t it? She seems to be feeling a little bit better today and hopes to be back to her old self on Monday. I told her how many wonderful comments you all have left sending love and understanding her way.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little something “sweet” waiting for her when she gets back? If you would like to particpate email me and I will let you know the details.

This is a great time to catch up on all the loveliness Ez has left for us in the past and also, to visit Muse if you haven’t already.



Just to let you know:

Hi lovely CC readers,

I know you all noticed Ez’s absence along with me this morning and afternoon. She has taken ill and spent last night in the ER so, she asked me to just drop you all a note to let you know where she is and what is going on. Always thinking of us, her readers, even when she is sick! What an absolute doll!

So, keep her in your thoughts and hopefully she will be back in no time. All the best!