Stealing from Babies

The design world has taken a huge leap forward in recent years when it comes to designing for babies, kids, and their fashionable parents!  There was nothing even remotely comparable when my daughter was a wee thing, and so I can easily say that new parent these days have it easier… or at least chicer!

Even for those who are not parents (and may never want to be) the pieces you can find within the baby/child market these days are surprisingly chic, and definitely worth more than a glance.  Check out these examples (there a countless others to be found so this is just a sampling). 

Image 1.  {Kids & Baby from 2Modern}    I recommend their selection of bedding.  Cut up a flat sheet and make it into something completely new… completely YOU!

Image 2. {Spunky Sprout}  I recommend the Matching Game by Binth.  Ideal for displaying as art… mix it, match it, and make it yours! 

And of course there is Dwell Studio’s new collection for Target (not pictured)!  Perfect for style savvy parents (and others) on a budget!

Other sites to browse: Mahar Drygoods, ducduc, Three Potato Four, Modernseed, Little Fawns, Genius Jones

Inspired Artist: Elle Moss

The photographic talent Elle Moss has long been a favorite of mine over on flickr.  Her film treatments and the mood she evokes through her photographs continually moves and inspires me.  She also shot the recent Puella catalog (online) which is definitely worth looking through… beautiful!

For more by Elle Moss: {SHOP} {BLOG} {FLICKR ALBUM}

Three Things…

I’ll end my posting this week with three lovely things I’m currently loving/being inspired by.  Have a fantastic weekend everyone! xox Ez
1. Art by Jenny Bowers
2. Sterling Silver – Funky Diamond Bling Necklace by etsy seller Sprout Jewelry
3. Rice & Feed Recycled Laundry Bags and Wastebasket from VivaTerra