Three Things I’m Loving Right Now


Hello sweets! I just wanted to pop by quickly to share three things that I’m loving right now. I hope you’ll love them too! Have a gorgeous day! xo Ez

1. These charming printable invites by Julianna Swaney are about 1000% better than anything I’ve seen in stores…and they’re only $5 per design (then you can print as many as you’d like)! Love!

2. How sweet are these little wooden toy cameras by Twig Creative?! They’re also running a Spring sale right now (just in time for Easter), so don’t miss that!

3. These gorgeous Fringe Studio Soap & Dish Sets would make the perfect gift for so many different occasions. They are only $20, and with delectable scents like Lemon Chiffon & Ginger and Peony Rose & Vanilla, I promise that I won’t judge if you want to gift one to yourself!

Color Crush: Pineapple and Mint


I snapped this photo of a baby pineapple last week and became instantly obsessed with the colors in the shot…that golden yellow, that minty green! I even had to purchase a jumbo version of it to hang in my home. With my newfound obsession, it seemed only natural that I should use my photo as inspiration for a new color crush post filled with pineapple-y minty goodness. I hope you agree! xo Ez



1. Latte Bowls Set - $20  | 2. Mint Journal – $14  | 3. Canvas Cushion Cover - $5 | 4. Linen Cushion Cover - $18 | 5. Swan Throw Pillow an original Creature Comforts design – $20+ | 6. Turquoise Star Bracelet – $31 | 7. India & Marigold Stationery Set - $18 | 8. Faux Mason Jar Container – $23 | 9. Mint Sandals – $16

DIY Idea: Golden Triangles Nail Art


I spotted this fabulous nail art over on pinterest last week, and when I showed the pin to my daughter she asked if she could treat me to a fun manicure right on the spot. We wanted to use the original look as our inspiration, but with Spring newly upon us we started thinking that using lighter “Springy” polishes might look best. So we decided on a golden / metallic look that was surprisingly easy to create.


To replicate the look that my daughter created for me you will need:

Apply one coat of “Shell We Dance” polish all over the nail and allow it to try completely. Use strips of Scotch tape (two strips per nail) to tape off each nail, leaving a triangle-shaped portion of each nail visible. Swipe a thing coat of “Good As Gold” across each nail. Be sure to fully coat the non-taped portion with polish. Allow to dry. Next apply a thin coat of “Golden Rule” polish atop the dried gold polish.  Once dry, slowly peel away the tape on each finger. Finish by applying a coat of your favorite clear topcoat to seal. Ta-da!

Make this look your own using your current favorite polish / colors! xo Ez


Photos kindly taken my my daughter, “Miss K”.