Inspired Spaces: Arthur’s Circus

Natalie Jeffcott and Nicholas Fitzgerald also known on flickr (and elsewhere) as Arthur’s Circus have created such lovely and inspirational spaces together.

Their home and shops are filled to the brim with nostalgic items from eras long since past, and they truly seem to have mastered the art of collecting what they love.

I especially appreciate the comfortable laid back manner in which the couple arranges and displays their prized possessions.  I think that one could go crazy trying to keep everything in tip top shape… but you get the feeling that they not only collect, but truly enjoy their vintage treasures.  In their home rumpled sheets become endearing, and you get the sense that if you were to stop by for a visit, they’d welcome you into their inspired space with as much warmth as they welcome a new thrift store score.

There’s is loads more inspiration to be had by visiting any number of their online sites.  Enjoy!

I’m off on a surprise train ride with my daughter for the rest of the afternoon.  Hope to see you all again tomorrow! xox Ez


I’ve found myself enamored with bohemian influenced design with crisp chic accents.

-Caldonia Top by etsy seller Ruby Pearl
-Olivia Scarf at Delia’s
-Small Dotted Notebook by etsy seller Paperiaarre
-Lynx Sandal at Forever 21
-Unforgettable Moments – 14k Rose Gold Ring with Inlaid Fresh Water Pearls by etsy seller Artisan Impact
-Nine West “Collage” Shopper Tote at Macy’s

(photo border by struckdumb)