Free Printable Cards & Address Labels

Hello lovelies!  As promised, here are two little freebies I created for your enjoyment.
The first is a printable greeting card (perfect for Mother’s Day).  It’s shown with the A2 Envelope in Strawberry from Paper Source.  The card can also be used as a postcard if you just trim off the white portion of the card!
Second is a sheet of address labels for you to use when mailing the cards.  You could also use them for labeling things around your home, wedding favors, etc.  Be creative and enjoy!

  • Download Free Printable Labels (best printed on adhesive-backed paper or on regular paper – you can glue the labels on to your envelopes)

Note: these are large files so they may take a bit to download.  Thanks for your patience! xox Ez

A Floral Arrangement

The inspiration:
Floral arrangement by Laurie Cinotto.  You can see more of her work in her flickr album.


Web Help: Phohtoshop Actions

For those of you who are like me – attempting to teach yourself Photoshop… here’s a little something for you.
Photoshop actions!
I’m a newbie in the world of these little wonders, and I have no clue how to create one myself, but I can attest to their genius and can tell you that if you haven’t already, you should give them a try.

Here’s how they work.  Someone (more technically adept than I) creates an “Action” and either sells it or gives it to you for free.  An action includes as many steps as the creator wants to put into it.  So let’s say that every time you edit a photo you find yourself following the exact same process… but it takes you ages because of all the layers, melding of layers, even more new layers, and so on and so forth.  An action encapsulates every single one of these steps in the correct order into one single task.  You click it… wait a moment, and you’re done!  Once you’ve used the action you can always edit each layer and continue the editing process from there.

To add an action: download it – open it on the desktop – open the “Window” file in Photoshop – select actions (this will open the actions window), your action should now appear in the cue.  When you are ready to use it, click the name of the action you want and push the play arrow at the bottom of the action window.  The action will begin.  If you don’t like the effect, go to File – Revert, to return to your original version.

Above is an example of some free actions available for download.  If you know how to create an action from scratch, pretty please consider sharing the love with me in the comment section below so we call can benefit.  Enjoy!

Actions featured:  1, 2, 3, 4

Stay tuned for more visual inspiration later today. xox Ez

Pink + Black = Swoon

Let me tell you a little secret.  With all this talk about weddings you might think that I have a burning desire to tie the knot myself… but I never plan on getting married again (been there, done that).   That  being said, I do however find endless inspiration in some of the beautiful wedding blogs available for our visual pleasure… and I LOVE Martha Stewart Weddings magazine with a unrestrained passion.  Check out this recent Cameo & Black eye-candy!  If you’re not getting  married, what about using this palette at your next party… or try decorating a room using her pages as inspiration!  I’m certain the results would be stunning.  For more beauty grab a current copy of Martha Stewart Weddings – on newsstands now or find some of the articles online.


Inspiration really can come from anywhere… so hopefully you wont find it too odd that that this post was inspired by Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream – the previously discontinued and now newly-released *Vanilla Honey flavor to be exact!

There is a bit of a history to this all actually.  When I was a girl my sister and I were not allowed to eat sugar (this is probably why I have such a sweet-tooth now).  Fortunately for us the only exception my Mom made to this was a rare and savored trip to the Haagen-Dazs shop where we always delighted in a scoop of Vanilla Honey in a waffle cone.   What heaven!  My Mom, sister, and I have often mused wistfully after our beloved Honey Vanilla… so you can imagine our extreme delight yesterday when we found Haagen-Dazs carrying it again!  Of course we had to try it immediately… and I am happy to report that it is every bit as exceptional as I remember from over 20 years ago!  Thank you Haagen-Dazs!

*Haagen-Dazs has re-released this flavor for a limited time with proceeds going to fund research to protect disappearing honey bee populations.  You can see more about their mission here. There you have it! xox Ez

-Cotton Sateen Dress by Orla Kiely
-Giani Bini “Goldy” Heels at Dillard’s
-Vintage Wallpaper Memo Pad in Deco at SmittenKitten