3 DIY Projects for Setting a Colorful Tabletop


Friday is upon us! Can I get a big hooray! While I’ve got a mountain of to-dos to tackle over the weekend (who doesn’t really), I will probably practice the fine art of procrastination and put those off until the last minute so that I can try out a few DIY projects I’ve been eyeing from around the web. Can you blame me?! These three are top contenders:

DIY Color-Dipped Bottles from Oh So Beautiful Paper  //  DIY Colorblock Food Domes from Sugar & Cloth  //  DIY Pom Pom Placemats from Rue Daily

Have a colorful weekend friends! xo Ez

Shop News: Free Worldwide Shipping + New Prints

sea-blue-creaturecomfortsHi friends! Several of you have very kindly requested prints of some of the shots I’ve taken with my phone and shared recently on Instagram…and today I’m happy to announce that I’ve just added a few of those to my Society6 shop. While you’re visiting, be sure to take advantage of FREE worldwide shipping on your order. Note: this free shipping offer can only be accessed when shopping via my promo shop link. I hope to see you over there! xo Ezfree-worldwide-shipping-71314

Tried + True: DIY Air-Dry Clay

tried-and-true-diy-air-dry-clayHi friends! Today I’m kicking off a new mini series called Tried + True! I figured that since I try my hand at so many of the craft projects that I find via Pinterest, that it only makes sense to share the results of some of the really good ones with you. Tried and true!

tried-and-true-diy-air-dry-clay-1The first project up is this DIY Air-Dry Clay from Full of Great Ideas (via). You know I love a good air-dry clay project or two, but the cost of store-bought clay can be a bit of a buzz kill when you’ve got a great idea brewing and only a few pennies in the bank. As luck will have it, you only need three simple pantry ingredients to whip up a batch of this clay…which means no trips to the craft store (another bonus)!

tried-and-true-diy-air-dry-clay-2I followed the full recipe and directions found on Full of Great Ideas’ post. Mid-way through the cooking/stirring process I started to think that I might have a big Pinterest fail on my hands…but luckily I just kept at it, and suddenly a few mixes around the pot later I had a clumpy bit of clay!


I decided to allow my clay shapes to air dry (they are drying in my kitchen right now) and they are looking great so far. If you want to bake them, be sure to read through Full of Great Ideas’ original post…she walks through both the air-drying and baking methods.

Here are few notes from my experience:

  • While cooking, it takes quite a lot of stirring and elbow-grease to get the clay mixed up once it begins to thicken. Because of this, I don’t recommend having young children help during the cooking stage.
  • Be sure to allow clay to cool enough before use.
  • This clay is also very drying for your skin. If little kids will be working with the clay, be sure to help them wash their hands as soon as they are finished, so as to avoid irritating their sensitive skin.
  • Keep extra clay stored in an airtight container.
  • Have fun!


All photos taken with iPhone 5c

If You’re Waiting for a Sign, This is it


I collect inspiring quotes and sayings like they are going out of style, and today I thought I’d share a few of my current favorites from my Typographical & Words of Wisdom board over on Pinterest. I hope one (or more) of them will inspire you during your upcoming week! xo Ez




Quotes pinned here: Waiting For a SignLife is a Daring Adventure… | Doubt Kills More Dreams… | …You’ll Need Other People… | …Live Anyway

Color Crush: A Boardwalk Summer

color-crush-max-wanger This gorgeous photograph by Max Wanger shot for the Ban.do Summer Look Book has me tantalized with its sweet candy-colored palette. For me, the shot seems to conger up a blissful Summer afternoon spent riding along a boardwalk…the golden sun warming your skin with not a care in the world. The perfect inspiration for a new Color Crush!

1. Outdoor Dishes | 2. Britt Bass iPhone Case | 3. Candy Makeup Bag | 4. RGB Nail Polish | 5. Bkr Water Bottle | 6. Fine Note Card Sets | 7. Hex-i-Candle | 8. All Eyes Mug | 9. Kate Spade Reversible Gift Wrap | 10. Rainbow Balloon Kit