Quick DIY: Festive Tassel Napkin Ties + Gift Toppers

diy-tassel-napkin-ties-1I didn’t originally plan for this post to fit in with the 4th of July holiday, but it ended suiting the day really well, so here you have it! Of course I hope you won’t feel limited to using this tutorial for just one occasion. These quick and easy DIY Tassel Napkin Ties and Gift Toppers can be color-customized to suit any decor or holiday…and they take only minutes to make! I hope you’ll enjoy creating them as much as I did!

DIY Tassel Napkin Ties

diy-tassel-napkin-ties-flossYou will need:


Start by wrapping your first embroidery floss color around the four fingers on your non-dominant hand. Wrap the thread snuggly as you wind around your hand, but not so tight that it pulls your fingers on top of one another. For these tassels here I wrapped the floss around my hand 40 times. Snip the end and carefully remove the thread bundle from your hand. Repeat with your second color.


Carefully snip each thread bundle at the bottom and drape them over your thumb side by side. Gently straighten out any overlapping threads. It’s okay if the bottom ends are a tad uneven at this point.


Place your two thread bundles atop a long length of contrasting embroidery floss, leaving a long thread tail of 6-inches or more on one side. TIP: At this stage, I prefer to use the entire spool of contrasting floss instead of cutting it, so that I make sure to have enough for wrapping. Tie a very tight double-knot around the top 1/3 of your thread bundle. Do not cut your thread yet!


Begin to tightly wrap the long end of your contrasting thread around your thread bundles, starting where you tied your double-knot, and working your way upward. Make sure that the 6-inch thread tail remains uncovered. Wrap as far up the tassel as you’d like and then wrap back down until you reach your original starting place. Double-knot the loose end (the one you just used for wrapping) with the 6-inch tail you left in the previous steps. Cut the loose thread so that it is the same length as your thread tail (you should now have two long tails of contrasting thread). Trim off any uneven threads from the bottom of your tassel.


Woohoo! You just made your first tassel!!

diy-tassel-napkin-ties-finishedNow if you want to jazz your tassels up with some glittered stars you will need:

  • Heavy-weight paper / card stock
  • Star template (optional) | you can also cut them freehand like I did here
  • Scissors
  • Elmer’s or craft glue
  • Small paintbrush
  • Fine glitter(s)
  • Mini hole punch (optional) OR pushpin

Cut stars from heavy-weight paper (or download my printable star template). Work on top of a piece of scrap paper and use a paintbrush to coat one side of each star with craft glue. Generously sprinkle glued surface with glitter and let dry. Punch a hole in each star using a mini hole punch or poke a hole with a pushpin.

Thread stars onto your tassels, tie a knot to hold them in place, and you’re done! Tie finished tassels around rolled napkins for a festive table setting…


…Or use them to top gifts! Enjoy! xo Ez


My Summer “Love It” List

summer-love-list-1Hello lovelies! today I thought it would be nice to share a quick little post about some of the real everyday things that I’ve been loving recently. Unlike my usual Things I’m Loving lists (wishful picks), these are things that I actually have/use/make/enjoy/etc. on the regular. I’d love to hear recommendations from you guys on new things that I should try out…anything that you just can’t stop crushing on? I’m always looking for new things to fall in love with! xo Ez

P.S. I have a fun DIY project that I’ll be sharing with you guys tomorrow! See you then!


  • Lorde (except for the song Royals – I never really got into that one)
  • Regina Spektor
  • Lana del Rey
  • Noosa (‘Walk on By’ is my favorite track of hers)


  • Orange is the New Black
  • Luther
  • The Paradise
  • Sherlock


  • Boba (bubble tea) – we have it every single day!
  • Gluten-free brownies – I step up the yummy even more by topping each serving with a toasted marshmallow!


  • All the Light We Cannot See - by Anthony Doerr
  • Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand
  • Plate to Pixel by Helene Dujardin – I’ve already read this wonderful book a few times, but it is so inspiring and informative that I can never resist another turn through the pages.


  • Bike rides! We just had the tires on our bikes repaired over the weekend and took our first bike ride in over 3 years yesterday evening. It was fantastic!
  • Beachcombing! On Saturday we visited the Spooner’s Cove beach in Montana de Oro State Park and had possibly one of the very best days ever! The water is stunning (to look at – it’s too cold to venture into in my opinion), the beach is covered in the most beautiful smooth stones and shells (perfect for collecting), and with rocks on either side of the beach, there is very little wind to contend with (the wind is one of my least favorite things about most beaches). There is just something about this little tucked-away place that is truly magical! We are already planning our next visit.

Three Things I’m Loving Right Now

three-things-summer-freebiesMy daughter and I are off at the beach today (checking things off our Summer List), so I hope you won’t mind if I leave you with three inspiring DIY and freebies that are perfect for Summertime. Enjoy! xo Ez

1. Free Printable Pineapple Gift Wrap?! Yes please!!

2. This Printable Summer Planner is both charming and useful! How many fun things will you check off your list this Summer?

3. How about an adorable DIY Pom Pom Blanket that is sew-free? Amazing!

Find more Things I’m Loving right here.

Indie Shop Finds: Summertime Picks

indie-shop-finds-61514Time for a bit of Summertime gladness with these bright and cheery picks from some of my favorite indie designers:

1. Give your kitchen wall a sweet Summer pick-me-up with this Ice Cream Art Print from Kelly Ventura | 2. Add a dash of beachy whimsy to your sofa with this Coney Island Beach Pillow from Minagraphy | 3. Keep your keys in check with this bright Neon Yellow Bag Bolo from Karen Kimmel Studios | 4. Everything will be lemonade-fresh when served inside this gorgeous Dipped Yellow Jug from ARumFellow | 5. Entertain in style with this Set of 6 Rainbow Colored Napkins from Shapes & Colors Textiles

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