Shop Update: New Photo Prints Available

creaturecomforts-new-art-1Hi friends! I just wanted to stop by on this fine Monday to let you know that I’ve added some pretty new photographs to my shop offerings. They are available as art prints, pillows, and more.


I hope you’ll skip on over and have a little look-see. xo Ez

Frond Memories

palm-frondYesterday we drove down the coast for a bittersweet day trip to Santa Barbara. We went to say farewell to my sister and brother-in-law who are moving back East in a few days time, and to squeeze in some precious memory-making with my grandparents. I guess it’s par for the course with this stage of life, but I find myself thinking about time a lot more than I used to. Not so much the tangible ticking of a second-hand on a clock, but the precious fleeting moments we call life. And memory. Memories that we collect to hold all these moments close.

After my grandmother’s stroke this past Christmastime, her Alzheimer’s really started to set in. It has been heartbreaking to see dementia cause her to worry and becomes paranoid about things that should not cause her fear. Her short-term memory is deteriorating quickly and because of this she repeats herself almost constantly; forgetting that she just told us something, and therefore retelling it to us over and over.

We know that we don’t have forever, but for now, we are thankful that she still has a good grip on her long-term memory. She is soothed through storytelling, and we do our best to help keep her spirits up by asking her to share her memories from the past. Memories about holding her grandchildren for the first time, of funny antics from my childhood, and further back…meeting my grandfather for the first time (on the boardwalk in New Jersey), silly recollections from her first year as a newlywed, and as a new mother so many years ago. But most of all, stories about love. Love is the common theme that weaves together the tapestry of her memories; brightening so many of the shadows cast by her disease.

Despite the aches and pains of age, and the changing landscape of her mind, she still has love. So for now, I feel truly lucky to be able to listen as an ocean’s worth of loving memories washes over her…even if that means hearing the same stories on repeat…like a tide washing the shore clean again and again. These times we spend together now, will become the memories that I may one day be reciting to my future grandchildren. Memories of love. They are treasures to me, far more precious than any other.

I hope you will have a weekend full of beauty and memory making ahead of you. xo Ez

5 Creative Uses for Latte Bowls

5-creative-ways-to-use-latte-bowlsYou might have caught wind of the fangirl level of adoration that I have for latte bowls in some of my previous posts (and my instagram). I can’t help myself. They are so pretty (all those colors) and useful too! So you can imagine my glee when Anthropologie recently picked up on my obsession and asked if I’d be interested in coming up with 5 creative ways to use their latte bowls for a special post on their blog today (and as part of their newsletter too). Um, yes…this is what latte fangirl dreams are made of!

free-printable-art-templateI hope you’ll join me over on the Anthropologie Blog today to see the full story (with all 5 latte bowl uses). Hint: I don’t want to give too much away, but one of the uses involves the creation of this pretty motivational painting. And because I love you all so much, I’ve made a free template available for you to print out and customize with paint, just like I did. There are two versions to choose from—with text or without. Download yours using the button below.

See you over on the Anthropologie Blog! xo Ez


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Indie Shop Finds: Indigo Mood

indie-shop-finds-indigo-moodOh I’m in an indigo mood! Luckily these are the kind of blues that I enjoy having!

1. What Adventures May Come Photographic Print / Esther from the Sticks | 2. Indigo Block Print Scarf / Ichcha | 3. You Are So Freaking Awesome Card / Moglea | 4. Mom’s Coffee Cup / Artet Manufacture | 5. Indigo Laundry Basket / LoveJoyCreate| 6. Back to School Backpack / Bag Dori

Our White Paint Transformation + A $200 Paint Giveaway

white-paint-after-812Little by little our home is finally coming together! Giving each room a facelift with a coat of paint has been the first step we’ve taken towards making our house feel like a home, and while there’s still loads to do with accessorizing, etc., I’m really happy with how it’s finally starting to take shape.

white-walls-before-and-afterDo you remember the paint that we were living with before? I find that it’s always helpful to see a side-by-side comparison, so here’s a look at one corner of our living room before and after painting (tip: click on the image for a larger view).

A picture really is worth a thousand words, isn’t it?!

white-paint-after-813As I mentioned in last week’s post, my quest to find the perfect white paint that would transform the hideous high-gloss walls that we had been living with into a soft white space, was made easier with help from Steve, a very helpful employee from our local Sherwin-Williams store. I tested out the white paints that he recommended for us, based off of what I told him I was looking for…and the final color I fell in love with was Pure White. I love that it is bright and airy, but has enough warmth about it to not feel clinical and cold. And hooray…that awful shine is gone!!!

white-paint-after-814Needless to say, we are completely thrilled with the dramatic transformation that a coat of paint was able to perform in our home. We are going to continue working our way through our home, room by room, until every surface is looking as fresh as our living room now does. Next in line to get the Pure White paint treatment will be our staircase (we’re planning to remove the carpeting from the steps too), and then my office/studio space! I cannot wait!

Do you have any home painting projects that you’ve been itching to tackle? Sherwin-Williams wants to give one of you the chance to dive into your dream project with a $200 gift card to use for your Sherwin-Williams paint and supplies!

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations Jaime Lopez on your great win!

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