Art Inspired: Make This Print into a Party


I thought it would be fun today to use one of my new illustrated prints as inspiration for a little roundup of cheery party goods. Perfect for a baby shower, birthday party, or to simply celebrate any Springlike day! xo Ez

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DIY Bridal Bouquets with Flower Muse

diybridalbouquetslead Hi friends! Today I’m delighted to have teamed up with the wonderful Flower Muse to share with you the first post in a special once-a-week, month-long series of wedding-themed floral DIY projects! Hooray! You may have seen my recent post in which I tried my first attempt at a DIY bouquet for my sister’s upcoming (tiny budget) June wedding. Everything went relatively well except that by the end of the arrangement I still had no idea how I was going to pull off creating the flowers for her entire wedding + reception with such meager means. But then Flower Muse (the wholesale floral company that prides itself on selling high-quality, ethically grown flowers, with outstanding customer service to boot) reached out with a plan that was pure Kismet! Not only did they want to help make my sister’s floral dreams come true, but they also offered to give me plenty of flowers to practice with ahead of time so that I could dive into the wedding week with confidence on my side. Both my sister and I literally cried for joy! So today I’ll be sharing with you the DIY process that I used to create the final test for my sister’s bridal and bridesmaid bouquets. Be sure to check back next week for another DIY arrangement that we will be using for her big day!

Basic Floral Prepping Steps for DIY Arrangements:

The day after prepping the flowers, I used the magic of modern technology (FaceTime via iPhone) to have an “in home florist visit” with my sister and her fiance. I took my phone and toured them through the bounty of gorgeous Flower Muse blooms and greens and grabbed out the things that especially caught their eye (my sister was particularly captivated by the stunning “Free Spirit” Garden Roses, and they ended up guiding the floral look that we will use for her wedding day). I then propped the phone up and was able to arrange the actual test bouquet right in front of them! What a fun experience! Doing it this way, they were able to pick out exactly what they were hoping for, and it took the guess-work out of the whole process for me. Win win! Here’s the look that my sister and her fiance decided on for the bridal bouquet. It features blooms in peach, creamy whites, delicate purples, and greens that give the whole look a wistful garden-fresh feel! diybridalbouquetdetail2 Bridal Bouquet Flowers Used:

DIY Bridal Bouquet | A Step-by-step Guide: 

Since the bridesmaid dresses will be a vibrant shade of lilac, my sister wanted their bouquets to feature flowers in a more muted palette. I followed the same process as used above with the bridal bouquet, but focused on simplifying the look and kept the arrangement smaller for the bridesmaid bouquet. Choosing to work with a tailored selection of beautiful blooms helps to keep things more cost-effective when you will be making multiple arrangements (spray roses are especially budget-friendly in this way). diybridesmaidbouquet1 Bridesmaid Bouquet Flowers Used:

bridesmaidbouquetdetail2 One of my favorite things about working with Flower Muse (besides the gorgeous flowers of course—and I cannot emphasize enough just how gorgeous they truly are), was how remarkably helpful they were during the ordering process. I knew that my sister would be delighted to have Sweet Peas, Dahlias, and Dusty Miller (amongst a few others) in her bouquet, but since I didn’t see those items on their site I asked if they could help. Sure enough they searched around and found exactly what I was wishing for! And this wasn’t just an example of someone getting “special treatment,” they love to go the extra mile with custom orders for their customers. Additional Tips:

  • Depending upon which flowers you order, you will need to allow blooms to hydrate for in between 24 to 72 hours after delivery. Consult with your Flower Muse salesperson to find out how much time you will need for your flower variety.
  • Plan to have several hours of free time available as soon as your flowers arrive for prep. Invite your friends or bridal party over to help if you’d like!
  • You will need multiple clean buckets (I used 17 in two different sizes—purchased from the hardware store) as well as sharp pruning shears, access to water, scissors, trash bags, and gardening gloves (optional).
  • Most stems should be cut at a 45 degree angle to allow the maximum amount of water into the stem. This is especially true with roses.
  • While prepping, be sure to give your flowers enough room inside the buckets. They will perk up a lot once hydrated. If blooms are over-crowded they may not reach their optimal blooming state.
  • Make sure to keep your working / floral area as cool as possible, and the flowers out of direct sunlight.
  • Once your bouquets have been arranged you can stand them up with their ends resting in 1/2″ – 1″ of water (make sure the water doesn’t go over the ribbon). In my experience this kept the bouquets plenty fresh for up to 24 hours. Be sure to add more water if needed.

flowermusesponsorbutton This post was kindly sponsored and made possible by Flower Muse. Find more from Flower Muse on: Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram The DIY project, photos, and opinions expressed are my own.

Testing Testing: A DIY Wedding Bouquet for my Sister

Over the past few years I have been blessed to see two of my six little sisters get married. I am from a family that appreciates getting as much out of a tiny budget as possible (that’s probably why I like to DIY so much), so to help my sisters cut down on expenses I served as the photographer for both of their big days. However, as much as I love taking photos…one thing I’ve learned is that I am just not cut out for the high-pressure world of wedding photography! Phew!

This summer my family and I will celebrate the marriage of a third sister (hooray), but this time around I’ll be helping out with the floral arrangements (I might sneak in a few photos for her too…but not as the official photographer—thank goodness). I haven’t worked with arranging live flowers very much, so over the past couple of weeks I’ve been trying to soak in as much insight into the process of bouquet / floral design as I can. Since I’ve been browsing around for whatever knowledge I can gain and finding a few helpful things along the way, I thought that today I’d share the best sources that I’ve discovered so far with you all. I hope that if you ever find yourself wishing to create a DIY wedding bouquet, that these links might take some of the headache out of the researching process for you:

My sister first started off with a purple and white color palette (you can see my Pinterest inspiration board for her here), but we recently decided to shift the theme to include some soft peachy colors for a day that has more of a relaxed “walk in the garden” feeling about it. Before we changed the palette, the lovely Maddy from Somewhere Splendid was kind enough to put together a couple of beautiful arrangement ideas to inspire my sister. They are part of her Blooms on a Budget series and are gorgeous!

This is the bouquet that is currently serving as inspiration for my sister’s wedding arrangements and decor. The versions I came up with here were limited by what was available in stores (since I was only practicing and didn’t want to spend too much money hunting down specific blooms). Even still I learned a lot by just practicing with what I had…

Firstly, it takes a lot of time to prep everything (removing leaves, wiring blooms, etc.) but it’s worth it to have everything prepped before you start arranging. Here the flowers are in my kitchen sink, soaking inside a pot and a glass measuring bowl (whatever works, right).

Check out how messy all the prep is! Not pictured…a pile of greenery 10 inches high!

wiring_a_ranunculus Click on the image for a larger view

I used ranunculus in this bouquet, and they are gorgeous, but I’m not sure if they will work during the Summer season because of how delicate they are. However if I do end up using them I’ve now learned how to wire them and make them much more sturdy! Just insert a floral wire inside the hollow stem until it begins to pierce the head of the bloom, and trim the excess wire at the base of the stem. Voila! The blooms can even be gently bent into the direction you want them to face because of the wire hidden inside of them!

I know I want to work with a different kind of greenery (mine here had bug holes since I just picked them off a random tree). I’m thinking of using Dusty Miller, Lamb’s Ear, and/or Seeded Eucalyptus for her actual arrangements.

Here’s how I started the bouquet…by layering several different blooms on top of a few greenery sprigs.

I continued to build onto the bouquet with additional flowers…adding three at a time and then rotating the arrangement slightly before adding more, so that I could evenly fill in the entire piece.

Once I was satisfied with the overall design and fullness I wrapped the stems in floral tape.

Lastly, I wrapped the stems in a natural-looking ribbon and added decorative pins for embellishment. The pins are pretty, but I will probably want to find something less sharp (maybe applied with a glue gun) for the actual wedding.

I think the bouquet and boutonniere / corsages (below) turned out pretty well for my first time! The one truly tricky thing that I’m worried about is that my sister is on a very tight floral budget (you might cry if I told you how small), so one of my biggest challenges will be completing arrangements for the huge wedding party plus all the family members (and honorary bridesmaids) that she has on her list without sacrificing style. Trust me…I have even considered buying roses from the wonderful vendor at our local farmer’s market and blooms from Trader Joe’s to pack in my suitcase when I head to Michigan for the ceremony! We shall see.

If you have knowledge in the world of floral design that you would be willing to share, I would love your help! I received a ton of wonderful feedback over on Instagram when I shared the photos of these arrangements that I snapped with my phone. So fantastic! I never cease to be humbled and amazed by the wonderful community we share together! xo Ez

DIY Leather-wrapped Vases and Votive Holders

Hello lovelies! Today I’m back for another fun DIY that I created in partnership with my friends at Waverly. This time I thought it would be nice to create some table decor that will look just as lovely at a festive party this season, as it will in-use all year ’round.

Let’s make some easy DIY leather-wrapped vases and votive holders!

DIY Leather-Wrapped Votive Holders

Gather your supplies. You will need:

  • Small glass votive holder(s) | The variety used here were purchased at Michael’s
  • Sharp craft scissors
  • Realeather Craft Lace in Metallic Gold and / or Silver | Available at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby (find additional suppliers here). Be sure that your leather cord has two flat sides (like a fettuccini noodle…not round like a spaghetti noodle).
  • Hot glue gun (low heat) and glue stick(s)
  • Battery-operated candles
DIY leather-wrapped vases

Plug in your glue gun and allow it to get hot. Begin by squeezing a small line of glue somewhere within the top 1/3 of your votive holder. Immediately place one end of your leather down into the glue and press to adhere. If the glue dries too quickly, you can easily peel it off the glass and try again.

Once the end is glued in place, wrap your leather cord around the top of your votive holder until it meets back at the starting point.

DIY leather-wrapped vases

Squeeze a drop of glue on top of the end of your cord (where you first started) and lay the loose end of your cord through it. Be sure that you have pulled the cord taught so that it is not drooping. Once this dot of glue has hardened (it should take just a few seconds) continue wrapping your cord around your votive holder.

You can keep your lines parallel or overlap them like I did here. If you want to create the overlapped look, just be sure to add a dab of glue under the cord anytime you will have two pieces laying on top of one another. Keep your cord nice and tight while you work.

DIY leather-wrapped vases

When you get to a good stopping point, add a dot of glue on top of a portion of leather that is already wrapped around the votive holder, and lay the end of your cord through it to adhere. Use a pair of scissors to trim off any excess cord. If there are any bits of dried glue on your votive holder, you can use your fingernail or the tip of your scissors to carefully peel it off. Place a battery-operated candle in your new holder, and you’re done!

Now on to creating a pretty DIY Leather-Wrapped Vases!

Gather your supplies. You will need:

  • Tin can(s), emptied, cleaned, and dried | Make sure to use the variety with the pull-off top so that you are not left with any sharp edges. You can also use a glass cup in place of the can if you prefer.
  • Sharp craft scissors
  • Realeather Craft Lace in Metallic Gold and / or Silver | Available at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby (find additional suppliers here). Be sure that your leather cord has two flat sides (like a fettuccini noodle…not round like a spaghetti noodle).
  • Hot glue gun (low heat) and glue stick(s)
  • Fresh flowers (and water)
DIY leather-wrapped vases

Plug in your glue gun and allow it to get hot. Begin by squeezing a small line of glue beneath the top lip of your can. Immediately place one loose end of your leather cord into the glue and press down to adhere. If the glue dries to quickly you can easily peel it off and try again.

DIY leather-wrapped vases

Now apply another short line of glue just slightly below the top lip of your can, and directly following the portion of cord that is already attached. Don’t place the glue too close to the edge or you will have a messy vase top. Place your leather cord into the hot glue, making sure to pull your cord tight as you are working so that there is no slack in the cord. Continue to work in small sections, adding glue, and placing leather cord, until you have made your way back to your starting point.

Now add a small dot of glue on top of the cord end (where you started) and overlap the loose end of your leather cord over it, angling it down slightly (as seen in the photo).

DIY leather-wrapped vases

Continue to wrap your leather cord around your can, keeping the cord taught as you work, and the top edge of your cord snug against the bottom line of the cord above it. You will not need to glue the cord down along every row. If you’d like to apply a small dab of glue every few rows to make it extra secure, you can. The very top row is the only one that need to be glued down completely.

Continue wrapping cord around your can until it is completely covered. Glue the loose end atop the last wrapped row and snip off excess cord. You’ll see that the leather on the back of the can angles down just a bit (nobody will notice when there are flowers inside it)…

DIY leather-wrapped vases

…but the front is nice and straight.

Use your fingernail or the tip of your scissors to carefully remove any excess glue along the edges. Fill with water (carefully so it doesn’t leak on the leather) and a bouquet of beautiful blooms!

Doesn’t it look lovely?!

And here it is in gold!

Bonus…these vases can also double as snazzy pencil holders! I have the gold one on my desk right now!

And one last gratuitous rose photo…because I just can’t help myself. xo Ez

Prop sources: Pencils – Target | Journals - Delphine Press (from a trade show), Sparrow & Co. | Silver Dictionary – received as a gift | Japanese Masking Tape - etsy | Metallic Flowers – vintage Christmas decor |


This post was kindly sponsored by Waverly. Follow them on TwitterPinterest, and like them on Facebook. The DIY content, images, and opinions shared in this post are my own.

Site for Sore Eyes: Fraulein Klein

I spotted a photograph from this gorgeous party (the color palette has me swooning) over on Pinterest a couple weeks ago, and immediatly had to pop over to see if there might be more to discover. Luckly there is…a lot more! So today I thought I’d point you all in the direction of the lovely Fraulein Klein Blog, where you’re going to find some wonderful party decor inspiration (of course) and much more. I hope you love it as much as I do. xo Ez

Images from Fraulein Klein Blog