The Daily Find: Weck Canning / Storage Jars

dailyfindweckjarsIt’s long been a dream of mine to have my entire kitchen artfully organized, starting first with an array of beautiful Weck Canning / Storage Jars ($4-$9 each) from Fishs Eddy. But I wouldn’t stop there…after the kitchen, I’d move on my craft supplies! Just imagine how impressive both the pantry and art closet would look when done! Sigh! A girl can dream!

The Daily Find: Southwestern Cuffs

dailyfindsouthwesterncuffThe geometric / tribal trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon (I’m a fan, so that’s just fine by me). These Southwestern Cuffs ($24 each) from Madewell seem like the perfect understated way to sport the trend without looking like a fashion victim. Which would you get…black or cream?

The Daily Find: Cast Iron Number Plates

dailyfindcastironnumberplatesSince our move, I’ve been on the hunt for some house numbers to hang on our fence. I think these Cast Iron Number Plates ($9 each) just might be the ones! Their vintage look is exactly the aesthetic I’ve been hoping to find, and the price won’t break the bank either.  Win win! See these and other schnazy goodness at Brook Farm General Store.

The Daily Find: Amplifiear – iPad Sound Amplifier

dailyfindaplifiear_ipadsoundampI’m not usually swayed by techy devices…but this Amplifiear — iPad sound amplifying device is too cool. I can’t even tell you how many times my daughter and I have hovered over the screen of my iPad trying to angle our heads just right, so as to actually catch half of the sound coming from the device. Suffice to say, the Amplifiear is now on my to-buy-pronto list. Check out how it works, and all the color options available right here. (via)

The Daily Find: Not A Paper Plate Set

dailyfind_notapaperplateBefore you think I’ve gone off my rocker and have featured a paper plate as today’s Daily Find…take a closer look. This is a Not A Paper Plate ($16.95 for a set of 4) from Paper Source (i.e. they are made from melamine, but look just like paper plates). I own a set that I purchased from a different retailer years ago, and just about every time I’ve instagrammed a picture with something on them I get inquires (“Is that a real plate that only looks like paper!? So cool!”). Until yesterday I was pretty sure that they were no longer available, so I was really glad to find out that I was wrong. They are just too much fun to pass up! Snag your own set, right here.