Giveaway: Pick Your Own Prize Worth $180 from Flowie

flowie-giveawayToday I’m excited to introduce our lovely sponsor Flowie, and founder / designer Yaling Hou’s stylish line of handcrafted fashion + home accessories, with an incredible giveaway! One lucky winner will receive $180 worth of their favorite products from Flowie. Yes, that’s right. You get to choose exactly what your prize will be! Bonus…this giveaway is open to everyone (worldwide)!

This giveaway is now closed. Big congrats to dianna on her lucky win!

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In My Imaginary Closet: Spring 2014 Edition


I’m a undoubtably a creature of habit, but lately I’ve been doing a little branching out in the fashion department…and it feels good! My usual solid black wardrobe is slowly being studded with bits of pattern and even tiny hints of color (gasp), and it no longer looks like a sea of inky black when I open my dresser drawers. I chalk this change up to the warmer weather (I’ll probably revert back to my old ways when the season turns chilly again), but whatever the cause, I’m having fun with this newly discovered interest. Now if only I could get my bank account onboard. Alas, this is not to be, so for today I’m simply dreaming of the pieces I would acquire if only I could. Have you been pining over anything special in your imaginary closet lately? Let’s help each other keep the dream alive, shall we! xo Ez

SOURCES: Makeup inspiration image | 1. V-Neck Tank | 2. Embroidered Shorts | 3. Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Creamy Oil | 4. Printed Pants | 5. Aviator Sunglasses | 6. Gold Chrono Watch | 7. Black Leather Sandals | 8. Arya Glow Booties

Style Snag: Look No.6


Hello sweets! Only one week until Christmas Eve! I’m not ready…are you? Eep! Let’s be in denial together, shall we? Time for a distractionary Style Snag post! Today’s snag was inspired by an adorable look shared on The Daybook Blog. I love the casual effortlessness of the ensemble! Be sure to check out her post for the original pieces she used in the outfit pictured. Here are my recommendations:

1. Plaid Top $78 | 2. Cashmere-blend Sweater $35 | 3.  Rolled Edge Beanie $28 | 4.  Leather Strap Watch $195 | 5. Black Jeggings $45 | 6. Messenger Bag $70 | 7. Duck Boots $99 | 8. Cotton Socks $29

Style Snag: Look No.5

style-snag-look-no5Hello loves! I’m gearing up for an awesome holiday gift giving DIY for tomorrow (there are so many photos to edit before then), so I thought I’d leave you with a little Style Snag post to hold you until then. See you soon! xo Ez

1. Military Three-Quarter Coat | 2. Sculpting Brow Pencil | 3. Dolman Sleeve Sweater | 4. Rolled Edge Beanie | 5. Hi-Rise Skinny Jeans | 6. Shoulder Bag | 7. Black Leather Boots | 8. Watch

Update. Thank you so much to Arenda for finding the source of the inspiration image for us: Style Scrapbook.

Style Snag: Look No.4


We’re having a gorgeous rainy morning here, and it has me in the mood for warm spicy drinks (chai latte—yum) and cozy Fall fashion. The perfect day for a new Style Snag post! This time around I ended up interpreting the inspiration image a bit more loosely than I have in the past, but I think that the overall essence of the ensemble is close enough to pass. You don’t mind, do you?

Thanks for stopping by lovelies! Have a comfy cozy day! xo Ez

1. Motorcycle Jacket with Zips | 2. Shirred Top | 3. Boucle Clutch Bag | 4. Hi-Rise Skinny Jeans | 5. Plaid Scarf | 6. Lip Butter | 7. Desiderata Boots | 8. Rainier Sunglasses