Indie Shop Finds: Summertime Picks

indie-shop-finds-61514Time for a bit of Summertime gladness with these bright and cheery picks from some of my favorite indie designers:

1. Give your kitchen wall a sweet Summer pick-me-up with this Ice Cream Art Print from Kelly Ventura | 2. Add a dash of beachy whimsy to your sofa with this Coney Island Beach Pillow from Minagraphy | 3. Keep your keys in check with this bright Neon Yellow Bag Bolo from Karen Kimmel Studios | 4. Everything will be lemonade-fresh when served inside this gorgeous Dipped Yellow Jug from ARumFellow | 5. Entertain in style with this Set of 6 Rainbow Colored Napkins from Shapes & Colors Textiles

Indie Shop Finds: Dusty Rose + Blue


Hello sweets! I’m currently waist deep in a painting project that I can’t wait to share with you, but since it will be a while yet until it is “reveal ready,” I thought I’d put together a quick little roundup of pretty Indie Shop Finds to inspire your day today. I’m just loving that dusty pink and navy blue combo! xo Ez

1. Denim Chambray Skinny Neck Tie – W.B. Thamm | 2. Summer Linen Bunny Coat – Little Goodall | 3. Linen Pillow - Sukan Art | 4. Mountain Blossom Furoshiki – The Link Collective  | 5. Japonica Sleep Shorts – Luva Huva 

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Indie Shop Finds: Here Comes the Bride


I have a little sister who will be getting married in just a couple of months, and my brain has officially become preoccupied will all things wedding. And while I won’t be turning Creature Comforts into a wedding blog, I didn’t think that it could hurt to share just a few of the pretty finds that I found in some great indie shops over the weekend. You don’t mind, right?! Hooray! xo Ez

1. Lace and Cotton Wedding Dress / Leanimal | 2. 14k Gold Ring / Nested Yellow | 3. Porcelain Arrows Wedding Cake Topper / Red Raven Studios | 4. Mini Birdcage Veil / Twigs & Honey | 5. Save the Date Custom Wedding Stamp / Hunter & Co. Designs

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Indie Shop Finds: Pattern Play


Just popping back in for a quick little post of a few of my latest Indie Shop Finds featuring lovely prints and patterns. See past Indie Shop Finds right here. xo Ez

1. Printed Shift Dress / Zoe Miyori Fujii | 2. Linen Dinner Napkin Set / Loft Studio | 3. Tree Wall Stencil / StenCilit | 4. Polka Dot Paper Straws / Back to Zero | 5. Gold Studded Pillow / Jillian Rene Decor

Indie Shop Finds: Bright and Playful


I am currently in the midst of a fun little project that is taking up most of my available brain space and time, but I still wanted to pop in quickly to share a little roundup of bright and playful indie shop finds to cheer up your Tuesday. I hope you love them as much as I do! xo Ez

1. Tiger Cushion / Alice Oehr | 2. Balloon Tassels / Tuck & Bonte | 3. Soap Stones / Pelle | 4. Ceramic Tea Cup / Koromiko | 5. Donkey Pinata / Drake General Store