In My Imaginary Closet: Spring 2014 Edition


I’m a undoubtably a creature of habit, but lately I’ve been doing a little branching out in the fashion department…and it feels good! My usual solid black wardrobe is slowly being studded with bits of pattern and even tiny hints of color (gasp), and it no longer looks like a sea of inky black when I open my dresser drawers. I chalk this change up to the warmer weather (I’ll probably revert back to my old ways when the season turns chilly again), but whatever the cause, I’m having fun with this newly discovered interest. Now if only I could get my bank account onboard. Alas, this is not to be, so for today I’m simply dreaming of the pieces I would acquire if only I could. Have you been pining over anything special in your imaginary closet lately? Let’s help each other keep the dream alive, shall we! xo Ez

SOURCES: Makeup inspiration image | 1. V-Neck Tank | 2. Embroidered Shorts | 3. Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Creamy Oil | 4. Printed Pants | 5. Aviator Sunglasses | 6. Gold Chrono Watch | 7. Black Leather Sandals | 8. Arya Glow Booties

Indie Shop Finds: Dusty Rose + Blue


Hello sweets! I’m currently waist deep in a painting project that I can’t wait to share with you, but since it will be a while yet until it is “reveal ready,” I thought I’d put together a quick little roundup of pretty Indie Shop Finds to inspire your day today. I’m just loving that dusty pink and navy blue combo! xo Ez

1. Denim Chambray Skinny Neck Tie – W.B. Thamm | 2. Summer Linen Bunny Coat – Little Goodall | 3. Linen Pillow - Sukan Art | 4. Mountain Blossom Furoshiki – The Link Collective  | 5. Japonica Sleep Shorts – Luva Huva 

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In Good Company: Splendid Supply Co.


Have you guys seen the recently launched party supply and home decor shop Splendid Supply Co.?! You’re in for a treat! I’m loving everything that shop owner Maddy has filled her store with and can’t wait to see what new goodies she will have for us to swoon over in the coming months.


Visit Splendid Supply Co. for more stylish party goodness! xo Ez

Three Things I’m Loving Right Now


Hello sweets! I just wanted to pop by quickly to share three things that I’m loving right now. I hope you’ll love them too! Have a gorgeous day! xo Ez

1. These charming printable invites by Julianna Swaney are about 1000% better than anything I’ve seen in stores…and they’re only $5 per design (then you can print as many as you’d like)! Love!

2. How sweet are these little wooden toy cameras by Twig Creative?! They’re also running a Spring sale right now (just in time for Easter), so don’t miss that!

3. These gorgeous Fringe Studio Soap & Dish Sets would make the perfect gift for so many different occasions. They are only $20, and with delectable scents like Lemon Chiffon & Ginger and Peony Rose & Vanilla, I promise that I won’t judge if you want to gift one to yourself!

Indie Shop Finds: Here Comes the Bride


I have a little sister who will be getting married in just a couple of months, and my brain has officially become preoccupied will all things wedding. And while I won’t be turning Creature Comforts into a wedding blog, I didn’t think that it could hurt to share just a few of the pretty finds that I found in some great indie shops over the weekend. You don’t mind, right?! Hooray! xo Ez

1. Lace and Cotton Wedding Dress / Leanimal | 2. 14k Gold Ring / Nested Yellow | 3. Porcelain Arrows Wedding Cake Topper / Red Raven Studios | 4. Mini Birdcage Veil / Twigs & Honey | 5. Save the Date Custom Wedding Stamp / Hunter & Co. Designs

More Indie Shop Finds right this way!