DIY to Try: 3 Fresh Projects for Spring


Oh there are just so many good DIY ideas out there these days, aren’t there?! These three recently caught my eye since they are perfect for this Springy time of year: A tutorial for wrapping your Mother’s Day gifts with fabric from the talented team at Artifact Uprising


…a sweet DIY Toy Storage Box solution from This Little Street (just in time for Spring Cleaning)…


…and coffee filters have never looked so darling, as they do transformed into DIY Coffee Filter Easter Favors from Urban Comfort! Time to get crafty!

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5 Minute DIY: No-Sew Decorative Pillow Cover


Over the past couple of weeks I have to admit that I’ve been a tad bit distracted by a little bedroom makeover that I’m finally almost done with (can’t wait to share the results with you soon). So I wanted to reward you for your patience with a nifty little decor project that you can bust out in 5 minutes or less. Serious! Enter this lightning fast No-sew Decorative Pillow Cover…using a scarf!

DIY No-Sew Decorative Pillow Cover diy-no-sew-pillow-cover-supplies

All you will need is a large light-weight scarf (I like to pick up affordable scarves at places like Forever21 and Target), and a throw pillow insert. UPDATE: the pillow used here is 16″x16″ and the scarf is 76″x40.”


Here’s how to make your pillow cover. First, open and lay your scarf down on a flat surface. Place your pillow insert onto the center of your scarf. Fold the bottom half of your scarf up over the top of your pillow form.


Then fold the top half down. Grab the two long ends and knot them in the center of the pillow.


Knot once more for a fuller look. Feel free to tweak the fabric until it looks good to you. Tuck loose scarf ends under the open scarf flaps on either side and distribute the bulk evenly.


Ta-da!! You’re done!

If you give this project a go, I’d love to see your results! Use the hashtag #ccpillowcover on instagram so we can all have a look-see! xo Ez

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DIY Idea: Golden Triangles Nail Art


I spotted this fabulous nail art over on pinterest last week, and when I showed the pin to my daughter she asked if she could treat me to a fun manicure right on the spot. We wanted to use the original look as our inspiration, but with Spring newly upon us we started thinking that using lighter “Springy” polishes might look best. So we decided on a golden / metallic look that was surprisingly easy to create.


To replicate the look that my daughter created for me you will need:

Apply one coat of “Shell We Dance” polish all over the nail and allow it to try completely. Use strips of Scotch tape (two strips per nail) to tape off each nail, leaving a triangle-shaped portion of each nail visible. Swipe a thing coat of “Good As Gold” across each nail. Be sure to fully coat the non-taped portion with polish. Allow to dry. Next apply a thin coat of “Golden Rule” polish atop the dried gold polish.  Once dry, slowly peel away the tape on each finger. Finish by applying a coat of your favorite clear topcoat to seal. Ta-da!

Make this look your own using your current favorite polish / colors! xo Ez


Photos kindly taken my my daughter, “Miss K”.

In Good Taste: Homemade Caramel Corn


While growing up my little sister and I weren’t allowed to consume any sugar. Because of this, I have a lot of strong food related memories. One in particular, is a brilliantly clear memory of a sleepover at a friend’s house where her dad cooked up a batch of peanut butter popcorn. I think that their family was a reduced-sugar clan too…but they used “real” peanut butter (read: the kind with sugar in it) vs. the dry ground paste that we had at home. Thinking back on it, I’m doubtful that this popcorn was really all that amazing, but at that time, to my sweets-deprived taste buds it was pure nirvana. I might have licked the bowl, and I’m pretty sure that I ate more than my fair share (I was greedy like that). Afterward, I revered her father like some sort of god…and you can guarantee that I was keen to sleep over at that friend’s house as often as possible from that point on.


This in part, is why I determined that when I became a parent one day, that I would be one of those moms who would wow their kids’ friends by busting out delicious snacks…such as an epic rendition of caramel corn. And this lovelies, now brings to me the sweet, salty, crunchy goodness that is attainable through the Homemade Cracker Jack Recipe by Brown Eyed Baker. OMG!

besotted-stamps1 besotted-brand-stamps

I’ve made this caramel corn more times than I can count and it’s a winner every-single-time (minus the first time when I burnt it—a note on that below). It’s the perfect recipe to add to your kid/friend-wowing recipe arsenal. Head over to Brown Eyed Girl for the Caramel Corn Recipe.

Here are a few tips that I’ve learned during all my popcorn making:

  • Making caramel with a candy thermometer can be intimidating, but you can’t really mess up this recipe as long as you watch the temperature closely. You’ve got this!
  • I found that the oven cooking time needs to be drastically shortened. I only bake mine for 25-35 minutes (vs. the hour noted on the original recipe).
  • You cannot stir the baking popcorn too much. I recommend carefully doing so every 5-10 minutes. This will ensure a nicely distributed caramel coating on your corn.
  • The caramel coating on the popcorn will fully crisp up once it has cooled. Don’t worry if it’s a little bit sticky at the end of the baking time. If you feel that it needs more baking time you can always pop it back in the oven for a few more minutes…but once it’s burnt there is no going back. Don’t make that sad mistake.
  • If you can use Fleur de Sel in place of the sea salt in the recipe your caramel corn will taste even more mind-blowing.
  • Store the leftovers (Ha! As if there will be any!) in an airtight glass or plastic container. I found that using a plastic storage bag doesn’t work as well and gives the popcorn a yucky plastic-like taste.


Photo props: Stamps from Besotted Brand | Wooden baskets from Michael’s Craft Store

Floral Arranging 101: Week Two


My homework this week for the Floral Arranging 101 class that I’m taking from Nicole’s Classes, was to create a “wild English garden” arrangement. I love the effortless handpicked look that our teacher Chelsea Fuss always captures with her arrangements, and was keen to give it a try.


Flowers were a bit of a challenge for me again this week. Because, while I have been able to find flowers in our local markets, I just haven’t been overly impressed with the variety. I’ve been looking for blooms and greens that feel fresh and “wild” (like garden roses or lilac branches) but everything I’ve found tends to lean towards the more stiff “hot house” look. Since this week’s assignment specifically involved a fresh garden-picked look, I got a bit desperate and ended up buying two live potted plants from a local nursery to clip from (bonus—I can plant them afterward and have them growing in my yard for years to come). I snagged a white ranunculus with violet accents, and a greenery (Euphorbia Martinii) that looks really unique but smells terrible (I didn’t realize this until I had clipped and added it to my arrangement—yuck).


While I don’t really feel like I can say that I “nailed it,” I’m still pretty happy with my finished floral assignment and can’t wait until my garden roses come into bloom later this year so that I can work on perfecting this “perfectly imperfect” look.


In case any of you are interested, Chelsea’s class starts over again every month, so if you missed out for March, no need to fret. Hop on over and you can enroll in one of her upcoming classes.

Psst…if you want to take a peek at my assignment from last week, you can find it right here. xo Ez