Our White Paint Transformation + A $200 Paint Giveaway

white-paint-after-812Little by little our home is finally coming together! Giving each room a facelift with a coat of paint has been the first step we’ve taken towards making our house feel like a home, and while there’s still loads to do with accessorizing, etc., I’m really happy with how it’s finally starting to take shape.

white-walls-before-and-afterDo you remember the paint that we were living with before? I find that it’s always helpful to see a side-by-side comparison, so here’s a look at one corner of our living room before and after painting (tip: click on the image for a larger view).

A picture really is worth a thousand words, isn’t it?!

white-paint-after-813As I mentioned in last week’s post, my quest to find the perfect white paint that would transform the hideous high-gloss walls that we had been living with into a soft white space, was made easier with help from Steve, a very helpful employee from our local Sherwin-Williams store. I tested out the white paints that he recommended for us, based off of what I told him I was looking for…and the final color I fell in love with was Pure White. I love that it is bright and airy, but has enough warmth about it to not feel clinical and cold. And hooray…that awful shine is gone!!!

white-paint-after-814Needless to say, we are completely thrilled with the dramatic transformation that a coat of paint was able to perform in our home. We are going to continue working our way through our home, room by room, until every surface is looking as fresh as our living room now does. Next in line to get the Pure White paint treatment will be our staircase (we’re planning to remove the carpeting from the steps too), and then my office/studio space! I cannot wait!

Do you have any home painting projects that you’ve been itching to tackle? Sherwin-Williams wants to give one of you the chance to dive into your dream project with a $200 gift card to use for your Sherwin-Williams paint and supplies!

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations Jaime Lopez on your great win!

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My Quest for the Perfect White Interior Paint

white-room-inspirationFor the past year and a half my daughter and I have been putting up with some truly hideous high-gloss “white” paint on almost every wall in our home. The blinding sheen has managed to highlight the rough craggy texture of the walls, while simultaneously accentuating every last flaw…and has quite honestly been one of my least favorite aspects of our home. So you can bet that when Sherwin-Williams asked if I’d like to partner up with them on another painting project (here’s what I did last time), that I already knew what my answer would be. Yes please, and when can I get started!

Home inspiration photo sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 /

white-walls-beforeWhile the majority of our walls were already “white,” I have been dreaming of a beautiful crisp white (none of this gross yellow-greenish shiny white that we’ve been trying to pretend away). Probably something more like one of the whites seen in my home inspiration photos above.


But if you’ve ever tried to choose the perfect white (or any color for that matter), you know that it is not always just as easy as popping online and choosing a color from a digital swatch. Since I had a lot of questions and wanted to test out as many color samples as I could in order to find the one that would take our walls from eww to ahh, I headed into my local Sherwin-Williams store to get things started.

finding-the-perfect-white-paintYou all probably don’t need the play-by-play of my in-store visit, but I did want to share the bits that could come in handy for you the next time you’ve got a painting project on your to-do list. Here are a few of the helpful things that Sherwin-Williams employees can help you with:

  • Color selection | I described my color wants, and Steve (the employee helping me) was immediately able to suggest four options that could be a potential match. I tried samples of all four, plus a color match to another brand’s paint swatch, and ended up falling in love with one of them. With a sea of beautiful colors to choose from, it is very helpful to have someone knowledgable to guide you through your options.
  • Paint sheen | Because of the heavy texture of our walls (and the fact that I no longer have a toddler leaving fingerprints everywhere) Steve recommended a flat sheen to minimize texture and cut out the awful glare that our high-gloss paint tormented us with. And for areas with a bit more wear (such as the stair railing) a satin sheen, so that fingerprints can be easily wiped away!
  • Special pro tips | Painting over high-gloss walls is notoriously obnoxious. Steve recommended that I wipe everything down with either a deglosser or Simple Green (I chose option II because it was less toxic) before painting. I wasn’t sure that it would be enough, but I’m happy to say that it worked like a charm!
  • Bonus…I also found out that if you sign up for Sherwin-Williams free Paint Perks program you can save 10% off all your Sherwin-Williams paints and supplies (you’ll also get a $10 coupon when you sign up), receive painting tips/ideas and exclusive sale alerts, plus manage your painting projects and keep a record of your paint colors for 10 years. No more stashing paint swatches away in a drawer and hoping you’ll remember where you’ve put them the next time you need to paint!


So now after two days of work, our living room is rocking a gorgeous coat of the perfect white paint that I found, and we’re in love! I’ll be sharing a few pictures of the results with you next week PLUS I’ll be hosting an awesome paint giveaway. Stay tuned!

sherwin-williams-paint-colorsOf course there’s a whole world of color to fall in love with at Sherwin-Williams. Next time you have a home painting project to tackle, I hope you’ll feel inspired to stop by your local store and see the possibilities for yourself!

sherwin-williams-sponsorThis post was kindly sponsored by Sherwin-Williams. Images (except those used in the inspiration board image) and opinions are my own. Find more from Sherwin-Williams: Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | YouTube | Google+

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