One Good Thing: Rifle Paper Co. Wallpaper


By now you have probably already seen the amazing wallpaper collection designed by Anna Bond for Rifle Paper Co., but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to share the good news just in case you haven’t. These four styles are a few of my favorites (there are 6 styles and 26 colorways available in the collection…so it was hard to narrow down). Check out the Rifle Paper Co. Wallpaper Collection to see everything and prepare to swoon. xo Ez

One Good Thing: Xenia Taler Trivets

xenia-taler-trivetsI first discovered the artist / maker duo Xenia Taler years several ago, but it wasn’t until just yesterday that I realized that these gorgeous trivets that I’ve seen floating around the web are actually their designs! I had a chance to check out the full collection last night and I’m completely smitten. Functional products that are beautifully designed get me every single time! See more from Xenia Taler right here.

One Good Thing: Treehouse Point

Oh my goodness…don’t you wish you could spend your weekend tucked away in one of these magical little getaways at Treehouse Point in Issaquah, Washington (as featured in this lovely post by Fox in the Pine). I’m in awe!

Whatever your weekend plans are I hope they will be every bit as relaxing as these photos (be sure to pop over to Fox in the Pine to see more images from their trip). See you next week…I’ll be back to my post-vacation / regular posting schedule. Woohoo! xo Ez

One Good Thing: Wooden Bins

It probably won’t come as a surprise when I tell you that I’ve actually had many a happy dream in which I am wandering gleefully through a Container Store. Alas I’ve never actually been inside one (dream on Ez, dream on). Regardless, today I’m loving the vintage-feel of these sleek and simple wooden bins – available in Whitewashed and Feathergrain. Fortunately they’re available for purchase online…so there’s no need to step foot inside of a Container Store to indulge (goody-goody). xo Ez

One Good Thing: Pastel and Dreamy Flickr Group

There are so many amazing groups on flickr, but one that I rediscovered last night and really think you might all love is Pastel and Dreamy.  Members have done a wonderful job adding images that perfectly match the group title and it’s a lovely place to relax and be inspired (page by page).
xox Ez

Photos in this mosaic are:   |  Soft on Peonies  | Kein Flieder  |  Untitled  |  Longing Summer  | Vintage Dress  |  Vintage Violet II  |  Untitled