Creature of Comfort: Irene of Bloesem + Bloesem Kids

It’s time for me to sign off for the weekend, but not without leaving you all with the wonderful words and inspirations of one of my favorite bloggers Irene from Bloesem, Bloesem Kids and Bkids Shop.

{IRENE’S INSPIRATIONS} Ceramic artwork from Hella Jongerius, Children’s illustrations by Fiep Westendorp, Photography by Maditi :: flower – abstract, Craftprojects by Arounna from Bookhou, Vintage ceramics from Porsgrund.


What is one thing that never fails to inspire you?
Books … cookbooks, children’s books, books about design and Japanese craft books
And other peoples handmade work, I’m always in awe when I see the amazing things people can create with their hands, like a painting, furniture, something knitted, crafted or a simple drawing …

How are you currently incorporating your inspirations into your blog/designs/art?
By showing the things I mentioned above on both my blogs and share my passion for the artists’ work with my readers.

What is your favorite indulgence?
A gin+tonic on our balcony with some snacks together with Rik and our son playing inside …

What are three creature comforts you can’t live without?
Applebutter on a wholegrain sandwich, something typically Dutch and preferably together with some very mature cheese … my family always bring lots of cans when they are visiting
Our bed, I love watching a movie or some tv in our bedroom
Sunshine, living in a tropical country like Malaysia makes me a happier person, I really need sunshine and lot’s of light, although I love my home country, the Netherlands and particularly Amsterdam very much, I always had problems with the long rainy and grey days.

Do you have a personal motto or words that you live by (quotes and song lyrics are fine too)?
Someone once said : Go confidently in the direction of your dreams … live the life you’ve imagined … and I try to live like this.  And my best friend, husband and lover always says to me live life to the fullest, you only live once and I love that sentence.

See more of the ever-inspiring Irene at: Bloesem, Bloesem Kids and Bkids Shop.


Have a fabulous weekend everyone.  I’ll see you all here one more time on Monday and then I’ll be off on vacation until after the New Year (don’t worry I’ll have a few little posts for you in my absence).  Until then, xoxo Ez

Creature of Comfort: Summer from Design is Mine

1. Catherine Campbell of My Folk Lover
2. Amy Atlas
3. Anthropologie
4. Martha Stewart
5. Beautiful cookbooks : (pictured: Apples for Jam)
6. My Flickr favorites
7. Macarons

Happy Friday lovelies!  I’m so excited for the weekend… there is so much to be done (many xmas gifts to me made)!  Before I take off I want to leave you with a lovely interview I had with the delightful Summer from Design is Mine blog.  I know she will inspire you just as much as she inspires me!

What is one thing that never fails to inspire you?
Portland, Oregon, the city that I live in.  There is such a strong sense of community and so many creative people living here. I usually get inspired wherever I go around town, be it the fabulous farmer’s markets, the rows of art galleries, or just walking around my neighborhood.  Plus, being a huge food lover, it is a great place for local, organic products and mouth-watering restaurants. Oh, how I love this place.

How are you currently incorporating your inspirations into your blog/designs/art?
Both of my blogs are fully based on my inspirations. One focuses around the art and design aspects of beautiful things that inspire me on a daily basis, and the other focuses on my deep love of baking and food in general.

What is your favorite indulgence?
Goodness, I have too many. I am quite sure that any one who knows me would have to agree that sweets are my biggest weakness. I bake them on a daily basis and make very frequent trips to local bakeries and patisseries to fulfill my constant cravings. Macarons, chocolate chip cookies, and tarts are on the top of that list.

What are three creature comforts you can’t live without?
1. Coffee and a sweet in the morning. It is a daily ritual that I need to make it through the whole day.
2. Listening to music late at night. I love putting on music loud after the kids fall asleep.
3. Alone time. Whether it’s taking a short walk by myself during the day or relaxing in the bath at night, I need at least a little of it.

Do you have a personal motto or words that you live by (quotes and song lyrics are fine too)?
I really love this song lyric by Bright Eyes: “If the world could remain within a frame like a painting on a wall, then I think we would see the beauty then and we would stand staring in awe.” It is such a nice way to look at life.

Find more of what inspires Summer at: {Design is Mine} . {Bread & Honey} . {Etsy Shop} . {Flickr Favorites}

Have a great weekend everyone!  I’ll see you again Monday.

Creature of Comfort: Livy of A Field Journal

{Livy’s Inspirations} 1. Judy Garland sings The Joint is Really Jumpin’ down at Carnegie Hall from the 1943 film, Thousands Cheer
2. Brooke Reynolds designs for oliver + s; they remind me of vintage pattern envelopes! 3. Reproduction of the circa 1960s Diana Dreamer Camera 4. 1940s Industrial Fan from Poetic Home, Photo by Grace.

Please welcome this week’s Creature of Comfort, Livy of A Field Journal blog.  I just love Livy’s perspective and all the beauty she shares on her blog (an through her work).  Sit with me for a moment and be inspired…

{Q+A with Livy}

What is one thing that never fails to inspire you?
School. If there’s one thing to be thankful for as a history and art history double major, it’s the continual scope for the imagination supplied by my studies. There never seems to be an end of visual inspiration – just last week, the paintings of Jacques Louis David, the solemn yet storybook-ish qualities of German Romanticism, the early days of Hollywood, the turn of the century Gibson Girl.

How are you currently incorporating your inspirations into your blog/designs/art?
I suppose my flair for the old fashioned runs deep, it’s why I study history and it naturally finds its way into whatever I do, whether it’s a Victorian style sketch or a post about the nineteen forties. I’m currently planning a re-launch of my Etsy shop, with more history inspired designs. I’m especially influenced by early to mid 20th century America and the revolutionary period of the 18th century.

What is your favorite indulgence?
Midnight baking. Occasionally my roommate and I make a late night batch of chocolate chip cookies, sit back in our cheery yellow ice cream parlor chairs and wait for our (slightly dysfunctional) ’50s oven to warm up the room. Indulging is forgetting about work, school and life’s decisions, in favor of sweets, laughter and conversation.

What are three creature comforts you can’t live without?
In late November what comes to mind are all things warm and cozy: my fluffy white down comforter, homemade hot chocolate, the pink patchwork quilt on the sofa and cream-colored cable knit scarves.

Do you have a personal motto or words that you live by (quotes and song lyrics are fine too)?
“You’ve got to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, latch on to the affirmative…”
Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters released a song late in 1944 called Ac-cent-tchu-ate the Positive. Every time I hear it’s opening lyrics I can’t help but feel brighter and most of all thankful that my complaints in life are really quite petty.

Thank you so much for sharing more about yourself and your wonderful inspirations with us Livy!  Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Visit Livy at: A Field Journal * Natural Historie Shop * Flickr

Creature of Comfort: Marichelle of Heart Handmade

{Marichelle’s inspirations} 1. Charlotte Gainsbourg: I love her style.

image source.  2. I just moved into a new house so I’m currently obsessed with anything home related. Our budget for new furniture is non existent so I’ve been hitting the yard sales on a weekly basis and Knack Studios inspires me to no end! Domino magazine and their latest book are my new best friends. I’m a bit challenged when it comes to decorating, without them I would be lost.

3. A recent trip to Tuscany inspired me to start making pasta at home. It’s really easy, anyone can do it. Here’s one of my favorite recipes to make – Handrolled Pici with with Meat Ragù.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

Hello again lovelies!  Today I am so happy to have the chance to share a few of the current inspirations (and a mini interview) of one of the sweetest bloggers around: Marichelle of Heart Handmade.  Marichelle was inspired to start her blog after experiencing frustration with getting her own handmade work recognized within the marketplace.  Instead of making it all about her… she used that initial frustration and turned Heart Handmade into a wonderful haven for hand-crafters and those who love handcrafted wares.  I really admire her positive spirit and tenacity!  Through it all she has created something wonderful and positive in Heart Handmade.  If you haven’t already been by for a visit… be sure to do so now.


{Q+A with Marichelle}

-What is one thing that never fails to inspire you?

The amount of time I have to
read my favorite blogs or discover new ones has significantly decreased
this year, but I always make it a point to set a side a couple of hours
a week and take breaks during a busy blogday to catch up w/ my faves
& get inspired.

-How are you currently incorporating your inspirations into your blog/designs/art?
so happy to have “met” fellow bloggers who have been so supportive of
my journey – I’m sure you guys know who you are.  I’m constantly amazed
by your innovation, passion and the lack of sleep that’s apparent in
everything you do!  But most importantly, you’ve taught me about being
courteous and the true meaning of camaraderie.  Women get such a bad
rap, cat fights, over sensitive, misreading between the lines, but you
are proof of the exact opposite.  You have been so supportive of me and
Heart Handmade from the very beginning.  Whether it’s providing answers to my
endless advertising questions, helping me promote a new idea, giving me
harsh but sound advice or simply being there when I have a rant to
share… you ALWAYS take the time out of your busy days to respond.
Being courteous is something that I constantly strive to be.  I’m not
always perfect at it, but I do try my very very best to extend the same
courtesy to others that you’ve shown me.

What is your favorite indulgence?
Currently… Savor Soap (thanks to RJ who put me on to it!) + Bacon + fresh flowers.

-What are three creature comforts you can’t live without?
laptop, dessert – I have such a sweet tooth and must always have
something sweet to top off a meal and my boyfriend’s tea. I know it’s
just a bag of PG Tips, hot water, milk and sugar but the man’s cuppa
can’t be rivaled.

-Do you have a personal motto or words that you live by (quotes and song lyrics are fine too)?
not so much a motto or saying but a guideline that I like to live by…
I try to live passionately, meaning everything I do I do wholeheartedly
and if the passion starts to go then I move on to the next thing that I
can pour my heart into. I believe that life is way too short, so why
not make the most out of it!

You can find more from Marichelle:

{Heart Handmade}. {Lifeflix} . {FLICKR}

Thank you for sharing a lovely glimpse of your life with us today Marichelle!  Have a gorgeous weekend everyone!  I’ll see you all here on Monday!

Creature of Comfort: Joanna of A Cup of Jo

{JOANNA’S INSPIRATIONS} girl looking out to sea : smiling girl in street : black bike : blue shoes

I’m so thrilled to have the lovely Joanna from A Cup of Jo as our Creature of Comfort today.  Joanna has a wonderful way with words and a kindness and warmth that really shines through everything that she does.  It doesn’t hurt that she also finds some of the most inspirational content in blogland!  (Psst!  She just got engaged less than two weeks ago… congrats girl!

{Q+A with Joanna}

What is one thing that never fails to inspire you?

Growing up, I was never very “outdoorsy” (for example, I hate camping), but nowthat I’m a grown-up, I love being outside. My favorite afternoons are spent riding my bike around the city, looking over the Hudson River, going to the farmer’s market or walking through the woods with my boyfriend (I mean, fiance!). Maybe it’s because I work on my computer so much, but getting out in the fresh air and feeling the wind in my hair makes me feel refreshed and happy.

How are you currently incorporating your inspirations into your blog?

My blog is a scrapbook of all the things I love–from cheeky photographs to wool sweaters to rowdy puppies. Every post is about something that inspires me–even if that something is young ballet dancers or a New York wedding.

What is your favorite indulgence?

Wine + stinky cheeses + my boyfriend = the perfect evening. We used to be huge dorks and record all the cheeses we ate in a little book, but we got lazy. Now we just eat and drink and be merry!

What are three creature comforts you can’t live without?

Method hand soap is eco-friendly and smells delicious. Hollyberry is my favorite. I adore linen sheets from Area; they’re soft, cozy and you feel fancy every time you fall sleep. My biggest creature comfort is collecting photographs from up-and-coming photographers. I have a flying car photograph from Matthew Porter and a photo of a little girl and her horse by Anne Hall. Displaying their talent in my home is such an honor!

Do you have a personal motto or words that you live by?

My mom always says “be authentic.” I try to remember her words, especially if I’m doubting myself; they make me feel stronger and more centered. Also, I loved the advice from Stephanie Congdon Barnes: “You can have the life you want.”  What a wonderful reminder.

It was so great to get to know you better Joanna!  Thank you for all the inspiration you give.  See more from Joanna at:

A Cup of Jo

Smitten {her Glamour Magazine relationships blog}