Color Crush: Feels like Fall

color-crush-82514Just a quick little post to share these pretty Fall colors that are currently making me all swoony (click on the image for a larger view).

Leather Macbook Sleeve | Kindness Art Print (via) | Goat Cheese Radish Tartine with Micro Greens / Photographed by Ali Harper (via) | Handmade Tumbler | Beetroot & Hibiscus Cheek and Lip Stain

Color Crush: Chambray Blue, Dusty Pink, and Camel

color-crush-blue-pink-camelSince I missed out on sharing a post yesterday (our internet connection has been so persnickety recently), I thought it might be nice to wrap up the week with a peek at my latest color crush. Chambray blue, dusty pink and camel…you’re making me all swoony!

1. Silkscreen by Elizabeth Corkery | 2. Numbered Pudding Basins | 3. Band of Horses Wall Clock | 4. DIY Adjustable Unisex Apron | 5. Star Chambray Cocktail Napkin Set | 6. Barr Tray in White/Blue | 7. Rama Chair | 8. Coconut Milk Mango Bath Salts

Have a fantastic weekend friends! xo Ez

Color Crush: A Boardwalk Summer

color-crush-max-wanger This gorgeous photograph by Max Wanger shot for the Summer Look Book has me tantalized with its sweet candy-colored palette. For me, the shot seems to conger up a blissful Summer afternoon spent riding along a boardwalk…the golden sun warming your skin with not a care in the world. The perfect inspiration for a new Color Crush!

1. Outdoor Dishes | 2. Britt Bass iPhone Case | 3. Candy Makeup Bag | 4. RGB Nail Polish | 5. Bkr Water Bottle | 6. Fine Note Card Sets | 7. Hex-i-Candle | 8. All Eyes Mug | 9. Kate Spade Reversible Gift Wrap | 10. Rainbow Balloon Kit


Color Crush: Mint + Turquoise



You’d think that over the past month of working on my sister’s wedding details that I would have gotten my fill of all things minty blue hued (her colors were shades of pink, peach, mint, and emerald), but in fact, I think that it might have only taken my obsession to a whole new level. Ahhh…mint and turquoise, I can’t get enough of you! Swoon!

1. Bikini | 2. “First Timer” Nail Polish | 3. “Naughty Nautical” Nail Polish | 4. Earbuds | 5. Cushion | 6. Thanks Note Card | 7. Leather Scallop Earrings | 8. Fruit Tote | 9. Strappy Heels

Color Crush: Pinterest Inspired


Well I should have expected this (or have been better prepared), but this week has gotten rather busy with my sister’s wedding coming up in only 6 days (eek). Even though it’s a bit later than usual, I still wanted to stop by today to share a quick little color crush mood board with you all. Ahhh…color! It cures what ails, don’t you agree! Have a beautiful day! xo Ez

Pins: Live Your Life on Purpose | Outfit | Fabric Floral Wreaths | Bright Decor | Cocktails with Popsicles

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