10 Art Prints for Animal Lovers

art-picks-for-animal-loversAn assortment of animal-themed art prints for that endearing animal fanatic that you know. Yes, it’s totally okay if that person is you!

1. Two Lions / 2. French Bear / 3. The Messenger / 4. Montana Horse / 5. Spangled & Plumed / 6. Pigeons of the Roof / 7. Menagerie / 8. Pink Paradise / 9. The Kodiak Brown Bear / 10. Anatomy of a Dachshund /

Inspired by: Artist Red Hong Yi


Over the weekend I came across an artist on instagram whose work made my jaw drop. Enter the imaginative world of Red Hong Yi! She creates her playful art pieces using unconventional materials, such as food, flowers, chopsticks, and more. Amazing, right?!


There are many more inspiring pieces to be seen on her instagram feed. Also be sure to check out her YouTube channel  for some fun behind-the-scenes videos.

Gift Idea: Custom Family Trees


I just heard from the amazing artist Eva Juliet this morning about a special sale that she is currently offering on her beautiful Custom Family Tree Art Prints, and wanted to help pass on the word. Just think what a fantastic gift a customized family tree would make for your mom or grandmother this Mother’s Day! Check out the available selection in Eva’s shop, and be sure to use promo code MAMAN at checkout for a 15% discount (offer ends 4/18)! xo Ez

It’s My Birthday + A Print Giveaway


Hello friends! Today is my birthday, and since giving gifts is one of my most favorite things to do (I much prefer giving to receiving them in fact) I thought it would be fun to offer a giveaway for one of my new (unframed) 11″x14″ Rise and Shine prints!

You might remember that this print is the piece that I created when I took Brad Woodard’s awesome Digital Illustration Class on Skillshare earlier this year. I am so happy that I was finally able to have it printed out. It brings to mind so many happy memories…


While growing up, my little sister and I were woken by my Mom on most mornings with the cheerful greeting: “rise and shine!” It was so comforting to start each day with those familiar words, and I just love the thought of this print making its way into somebody’s bedroom somewhere, where a little bugle playing bear and jaunty singing rooster will greet them with the same cheery words each morning. Rise and Shine!


Congratulations Jessica H.!

Theodore Collects Firewood – My Limited Edition Print at The Land of Nod


Hello lovelies! Today I’m super excited to share a little project that I recently had the opportunity to work on for The Land of Nod Holiday collection. Allow me to introduce: Theodore Collects Firewood (a limited edition art print). I had such a wonderful time dreaming up this jaunty little fellow with his preppy outfit and can-do attitude. The theme that inspired the piece was Woodland Prep, and I think Theodore fits right in…don’t you?

Having my art included in the Nod Institute of Art is a dream come true for me, and I couldn’t be more delighted to think of Theodore making himself at home on walls around the world over the coming holiday season! Maybe one of those walls will be yours!

Find more wonderful artist’s work in the Nod Institute of Art…and more of my artwork in my print shop. Psst…Theodore would look awfully fetching side by side with his gal Audrey…don’t you agree?!