Insta Spotted

creamy-roasted-tomato-soup14I’ve posted a few photos over on Instagram recently that included projects or recipes from the Creature Comforts’ archives. Since live links are not made possible via instagram, I thought I’d make it easier for any of you coming over to find those original blog posts by including their quick links right here. Hope it helps! xo Ez


daniel-wellington-watchesAnd one not to miss (although not from the archives)…I adore Daniel Wellington watches, and my friends from DW are kindly offering a special 15% off promo code just for you guys (good through the end of September)! Use promo: “creaturecomfort” at checkout to get your discount!
Side note: my daughter snapped this photo, and I couldn’t be more proud of her and her budding photographic talent!

Listen While You Work

documentaries-on-netflixAnyone who’s ever had a business that involves the making of handcrafted goods probably knows that even on the best of days, some tasks can become mind-numbingly repetitive. Heck…no matter what line of work you’re in, I bet we’ve all been there at one time or another!

I’ve recently found this to be true myself, as I’ve been printing, cutting, folding, and working on all the other to-dos in need of attention while I get my stock in order for the launch of Petit Pippin. I fortunately have the sort of temperament that doesn’t mind this sort of busy work too much, but I’ve found a quick and easy way to cure to the potential metal fatigue and increase my productivity—listening to documentaries on netflix and getting caught up on the After the Jump weekly podcast hosted by Grace Bonney. The fact that I’m learning something new and having the analytical part of my brain stimulated while I work makes this new habit of mine something that I quite like! Here are a few of the documentaries available on Netflix that I’ve seen / listened to recently and enjoyed:

Do you have any films or podcast that you personally recommend? I’m also interested in suggestions for awesome audiobooks! I would love to have a bunch of great material lined up to get me through to the launch of Petit Pippin and the coming holiday season too! I can’t wait to see what your picks will be! xo Ez

Color Crush: Feels like Fall

color-crush-82514Just a quick little post to share these pretty Fall colors that are currently making me all swoony (click on the image for a larger view).

Leather Macbook Sleeve | Kindness Art Print (via) | Goat Cheese Radish Tartine with Micro Greens / Photographed by Ali Harper (via) | Handmade Tumbler | Beetroot & Hibiscus Cheek and Lip Stain

Color Crush: Chambray Blue, Dusty Pink, and Camel

color-crush-blue-pink-camelSince I missed out on sharing a post yesterday (our internet connection has been so persnickety recently), I thought it might be nice to wrap up the week with a peek at my latest color crush. Chambray blue, dusty pink and camel…you’re making me all swoony!

1. Silkscreen by Elizabeth Corkery | 2. Numbered Pudding Basins | 3. Band of Horses Wall Clock | 4. DIY Adjustable Unisex Apron | 5. Star Chambray Cocktail Napkin Set | 6. Barr Tray in White/Blue | 7. Rama Chair | 8. Coconut Milk Mango Bath Salts

Have a fantastic weekend friends! xo Ez

Three Things I’m Loving Right Now

how-to-be-a-thoughtful-host1. Here’s a lovely post that Brooklyn Limestone interviewed me for, on the subject of How to be a Thoughtful Host to House Guests. I can’t believe that I forgot to share it with you for all this time. Shows how very thoughtful I am! Ack!

diy-ipad-stand2. I absolutely love the look of this DIY iPad Stand from The Artful Desperado. Not only do I want one for myself…but I also think that these would make awesome gifts to give this coming holiday season (I know it’s early…but I’m trying to pre-plan this year).

call-the-midwife3. I just began watching, and have become completely hooked on Call the Midwife, a BBC television series (watched via Netflix). The main character (Jenny) reminds me so much of my grandmother, and I am now completely captivated by her story and look forward to watching a new episode every night before I drift off to sleep. Have you see it / are you in love with it too?