10 Art Prints for Animal Lovers

art-picks-for-animal-loversAn assortment of animal-themed art prints for that endearing animal fanatic that you know. Yes, it’s totally okay if that person is you!

1. Two Lions / 2. French Bear / 3. The Messenger / 4. Montana Horse / 5. Spangled & Plumed / 6. Pigeons of the Roof / 7. Menagerie / 8. Pink Paradise / 9. The Kodiak Brown Bear / 10. Anatomy of a Dachshund /

One Good Thing: Rifle Paper Co. Wallpaper


By now you have probably already seen the amazing wallpaper collection designed by Anna Bond for Rifle Paper Co., but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to share the good news just in case you haven’t. These four styles are a few of my favorites (there are 6 styles and 26 colorways available in the collection…so it was hard to narrow down). Check out the Rifle Paper Co. Wallpaper Collection to see everything and prepare to swoon. xo Ez

One Good Thing: Xenia Taler Trivets

xenia-taler-trivetsI first discovered the artist / maker duo Xenia Taler years several ago, but it wasn’t until just yesterday that I realized that these gorgeous trivets that I’ve seen floating around the web are actually their designs! I had a chance to check out the full collection last night and I’m completely smitten. Functional products that are beautifully designed get me every single time! See more from Xenia Taler right here.

My Bedroom Makeover Mood Boards + A Paint Giveaway

bedroom-makeover-mood-board2Click on the image for a closer look

I’m pretty sure that I’ve previously mentioned that in any home that my daughter and I have lived in, my bedroom has always been the last room to get any decor love. In fact I’ve never really done much more than hang curtains or throw a new pillow or two on the bed…but that just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

After our move back here to California last Spring I determined that I would finally treat myself to a space that makes me happy. It is the first thing I see when I wake up every day, and the last thing I see every night after all. So when Sherwin-Williams reached out to share its HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams Interior Paint launch, I was immediately inspired to finally tackle my dream project.


Here’s a little reminder of what my room looked like before. You can see that it really needed some love!

sherwin-williams-room-makeoverClick on the image for a closer look

I shared the big reveal with you last week (you saw it, right?!), and today I want to share the mood boards and my color choices from the HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams Softer Side color palette that I used to inspire the final room makeover.

My vision for my bedroom was a to create a space that feels intentional. I love white paint as much as anyone, but with all my mismatched furniture and our horrendously textured walls (neither of which I can afford to change at the moment) I knew that I would have to do something major with paint to transform the space. After perusing the HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams Softer Side color palette, I finally decided on Peppercorn; a dark moody grey for the main bedroom walls…and for my mini walk-in closet I fell in love with the soft feminine Charming Pink. I love the juxtaposition of the delicate pink closet with the sultry grey walls of my room!

If you didn’t catch it already, be sure to hop over to last week’s post to see how I pulled all the details together that were inspired by the paint colors and mood boards here.


So now that I have a few painting projects under my belt, I feel like I can say two things for sure. The first is that the right prepping steps and  tools will make all the difference in the world between a successful painting job and a not-so-great one. AND that when you have finish edging your space in a dark paint color you are going to question your sanity. It will look scary (every time) but trust me…keep going with it, and it will be well worth it!

Mood board one: Pillow Stack | Bedroom | Shoe Boxes | Pink Room // Mood board two: Hat | Watercolor | Polka Dots | Leaves | Typography | Clothing Rack | Shells

Now what do you say about winning 5 gallons of HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams Interior Paint?!


Congratulations to the lucky winner Julie Kuberski


This post was kindly sponsored by Sherwin-Williams. Images and opinions are my own. Find more from Sherwin-Williams: Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | YouTube | Google+

Wish List: Pretty Kitchen Goods


I spend a lot of time in our kitchen and often find myself mentally composing wish lists of pretty things that I’d love to surround myself with (usually while my hands are immersed in a sink full of dirty dishes. Ahh…escapism). Here are just a few picks from one of my recent daydreaming sessions. They range from the practical (we really do need a new colander) to the purely aesthetically pleasing (although that brass vase would always be filled with flowers from our yard), but all would make happy additions to our home. Maybe one day they will be! xo Ez

1. Brass Hexagon Vase | 2. hand-woven Kitchen Towel | 3. Leather and Brass Cabinet Pulls | 4. Enamel Storage Boxes | 5. White Dipped Spoons | 6. Steel Kitchen Snips | 7. Enamel Colander | 8. Madewell Stool | 9. 10″ Cake Stand