Free Printable: Geo Hearts Patterned Paper Set


Last week I shared a quick behind-the-scenes snapshot of a project that I was working on using the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living as my inspiration. Well it took me longer to put together than I expected, but today I’m happy to share the results with you: a set of free printable geo heart patterned papers…and a few ideas on how you might want to use them!


I used the MS cover to inspire the geometric shape and color of some watercolor hearts. Once my painting was dry I scanned it into my computer and created patterns using the designs, and then added a pop of periwinkle blue into a few of the designs (because I’m just in love with coral + periwinkle combos right now). I know it’s not really true to the magazine cover anymore, but I’m happy with the results. I hope you will be too!

Paper Lined Envelopes printable-geo-heart-stationery-set

Create this giftable stationery set with pattered lined envelopes and geo heart note flats in just a few minutes.

geo-envelope-liners diy-paper-lined-envelope-steps

Print the geo heart patterned designs onto regular copy paper. Trace the outside edges of an envelope (with the flap up) and cut out. Insert into your envelope and use a ruler to mark a .5″ line on each outer edge of the flap. Remove patterned liner and trim along your pencil lines. Curve the top point of the liner if you’d like (optional). Re-insert liner into your envelope and fold just the liner forward over a piece of scrap paper. Apply glue stick to the backside and adhere to the top of your envelope.


To use as a gift: tie a completed set of lined envelopes and note flats together with twine or ribbon, attach a gift tag (optional), and you’re done!

Paper Wrapped Soaps diy_paper_wrapped_soaps

For this easy project I picked up a handful of affordable soaps from Trader Joe’s and gave them a quick makeover by wrapping them in geo heart patterned paper. Now they are pretty enough to give as gifts or keep out on display!

diy_paper_wrapped_soaps_supplies paper-wrapped-soaps-diysteps

To make: cut paper to fit the size of your soap and wrap as you would with a gift box and seal edges using double-sided tape. Top with ribbon, twine, or a gift tag. Give individually or as a pretty set!

Geo Heart Garland geo-heart-garland

All you need to create this festive garland is your patterned printables (printed onto cardstock), scissors, a circle craft punch (optional), double-sided tape or glue stick, and twine. Cut out hearts and/or punch circle shapes out of patterned paper. Apply a small strip of double-sided tape (or glue stick) onto the back of one shape, place your twine in the center, sandwich another shape onto the back, and press together to seal. Tip: when using the heart shapes, adhere the twine onto the upper portion of the heart so that it will hang in the correct direction. Repeat steps until your garland is the length you want it to be, hang, and enjoy!

Source note: the envelopes used in this post are from Paper Source.

These printables are for non-commercial use only. Please link back to this post if you’d like to share. Thanks so much for your support! xo Ez

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Freebie Roundup: 14 Printable 2014 Calendars

free-2014-calendar-roundup 1. Oh the Lovely Things | 2. Coco / Mingo | 3. Jessica Nielsen | 4. Minireyve

We might be midway through January, but I’m thinking that it’s not too late for a roundup of some awesome Free Printable 2014 Calendars shared by some of my favorite makers and bloggers online. With 14 designs to choose from, you could display one in every room of your home (and then some)! Enjoy! xo Ez

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Free Printable: 2013 Holiday Gift Tags


Well friends, this is goodbye for a little bit. My daughter and I will be visiting family out of state for the holidays, and I’ll be back here again sometime shortly after Christmas…although I’m not yet sure about the exact date. I have loads of family memory-making to cram into just a few short days! I hope I can get it all in!


Of course I couldn’t leave without first giving you all a wee holiday prezzie, could I?! These free printable holiday gift tags that I watercolored the other day are just a small gesture of gratitude for all the ways you inspire me and make this online space a better brighter place every day of the year. I hope they’ll bring smiles and cheer to your loved ones as they open your gifts this holiday!

dowload2013gifttags creaturecomforts-free-gift-tags-with-pom

Tip: Attach a little pom pom to the top of each animal’s hat (using a dab of craft glue) for an extra festive touch!


Warmest wishes for a happy holiday and the most joyful of new years to you all! xo Ez

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Free Download: Fall Foliage Photoshop Brush Set


Hi lovelies! Today we are having our very first truly Fall-like day, so I’m celebrating by giving away a brand new set of free hi-res photoshop brushes! I created the set with some watercolor foliage that I recently painted and I’m rather fond (or should I say “frond”—plant pun, sorry) of the results.


New to Photoshop brushes? Here’s a little YouTube video that I created with a few helpful tips on how to use and customize photoshop brushes. Please let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll do my best to answer them right away.

There are so many things you can do with photoshop brushes. If you use them I’d love for you to leave a comment with a link to your creation below so I can check it out! I can’t wait to see what you’ll make! xo Ez

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A few important notes: This photoshop brush set was designed for your creative use. Commercial works may be created using this brush set as a portion of the final work, but the brush set on its own may not be distributed (even for free) or sold. If you feel inspired to do so, a link back to Creature Comforts is always appreciated! Please do your part to make it possible for me to continue sharing free resources with you all by respecting these guidelines. Thanks so much for your support!

This brush set was created using Photoshop CS3. It should work with most versions of Photoshop. Unfortunately, if for some reason the set is not compatible with your version of the program I am unable to make adjustments to make them load in different versions of Photoshop. Thank you for understanding.

Free September 2013 Desktop Wallpaper Calendars

free-september-2013-desktop-calendar Free September 2013 Desktop Calendar // Rebekka Seale

Oh September! You sure did sneak up on me! In an effort to not let another month get past me I’ve decided to pretty up my computer desktop with a handy little quick-look calendar. These gorgeous free offerings from some of my favorites creatives fit the bill in splendid fashion! Can you guess which design my computer is currently rocking? Which one is your favorite? xo Ez

free-september-2013-desktop-calendar Free September 2013 Desktop Calendar // Geninne D. Zlatkis

free-september-2013-desktop-calendar Free September 2013 Desktop and iPhone Calendar // Bonnie Christine

free-september-2013-desktop-calendar Free September 2013 Desktop Calendar // Alma Loveland for Nicole’s Classes