Color Crush: Pineapple and Mint


I snapped this photo of a baby pineapple last week and became instantly obsessed with the colors in the shot…that golden yellow, that minty green! I even had to purchase a jumbo version of it to hang in my home. With my newfound obsession, it seemed only natural that I should use my photo as inspiration for a new color crush post filled with pineapple-y minty goodness. I hope you agree! xo Ez



1. Latte Bowls Set - $20  | 2. Mint Journal – $14  | 3. Canvas Cushion Cover - $5 | 4. Linen Cushion Cover - $18 | 5. Swan Throw Pillow an original Creature Comforts design – $20+ | 6. Turquoise Star Bracelet – $31 | 7. India & Marigold Stationery Set - $18 | 8. Faux Mason Jar Container – $23 | 9. Mint Sandals – $16

Color Crush: Orangesicle and Orchid


I’ve got a tasty new color crush to share with you all today. How about a little orangesicle and orchid moodboard inspired by this pretty art print?! Yum!



1. Lambswool Throw | 2. Scratch + Sniff Greeting Cards | 3. Pantone Universe Lipstick | 4. Sunnies | 5. Spotted Matchbox | 6. Russell + Hazel Binder | 7. Tart Servers | 8. Michael Kors Watch | 9. D’orsay Pumps

Color Crush: Summer Dreamin’


I know that most of us haven’t even made it to Springtime yet, but I’ve recently been crushing so hard for vibrant mixes of colors (such as those seen in this stunning photograph by Justina Blakeney), that it has me longing for Summer already! A little color fix, regardless of (or especially because of) how cold or grey it might actually be, is just the sort of escapism that I need this week! I hope it does the trick for you too! xo Ez



1. Swimsuit | 2. Nail Polish | 3. Nail Polish | 4. Nail Polish | 5. Nail Polish | 6. Aztec Bath Towel | 7. Apache Bath Towel | 8. Tassel Bracelet | 9. Suzani Pillow | 10. Colorblock Pillow

Color Crush: Pinterest Inspired

pinterestpicks-colorcrush-12314 Click on the image for a larger view.

Hello lovelies! Thank you a million times over for all your kindness and support yesterday! It truly means the world to me! Today I thought that it would be nice to shift things over into a more visually inspiring direction by sharing a little color inspiration board that I pulled together using some of my recent Pinterest pins. I’m envisioning this palette as a more grown-up version of the stereotypical Valentine’s Day hues (which can also be fun). What do you think? xo Ez

1. Gorgeous living room (via) | 2. Too Many Tabs | 3. Beautiful Style | 4. DIY Cement Valentine Hearts | 5. Buttermilk + Honey Pie |

Original individual pins: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |

Color Crush: Cozy Neutrals

cozyneutrals1013 warmneutrals-colorpalette

Today I wanted to pull together a quick Color Crush post with a soft and cozy neutral palette that is inspired by crisp Fall leaves and misty grey mornings. Reminds me that I have a new jar of Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte Mix to try…so I’m off to do just that! Have a gorgeous day friends! xo Ez

/ 1 / Seasonal Produce 2014 Calendar / 2 / Tableware Collection / 3 / Crosby Armchair / 4 / Pure Beeswax Tapers / 5 / Ticking Stripe Wool Blanket / 6 / LuckyBoySunday Knit Toy / 7 / Spye Belle Booties