5 Creative Uses for Latte Bowls

5-creative-ways-to-use-latte-bowlsYou might have caught wind of the fangirl level of adoration that I have for latte bowls in some of my previous posts (and my instagram). I can’t help myself. They are so pretty (all those colors) and useful too! So you can imagine my glee when Anthropologie recently picked up on my obsession and asked if I’d be interested in coming up with 5 creative ways to use their latte bowls for a special post on their blog today (and as part of their newsletter too). Um, yes…this is what latte fangirl dreams are made of!

free-printable-art-templateI hope you’ll join me over on the Anthropologie Blog today to see the full story (with all 5 latte bowl uses). Hint: I don’t want to give too much away, but one of the uses involves the creation of this pretty motivational painting. And because I love you all so much, I’ve made a free template available for you to print out and customize with paint, just like I did. There are two versions to choose from—with text or without. Download yours using the button below.

See you over on the Anthropologie Blog! xo Ez


This post was created in partnership with Anthropologie. Find more from Anthropologie on WEBSITE | BLOG | FACEBOOK | PINTEREST | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER

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  1. katrina / / Reply

    i bought my latte bowls after seeing it in one of your older posts. you’re right! they’re useful and versatile. i use mine to hold my lip balms and lipsticks in the bathroom.

    off topic: what are you wearing on your nails? it looks like neon orange. i wants it. :)

    ps. you’re so talented, ez. that print is might pretty.

  2. Pilbara Pink / / Reply

    Loved this :) I have a terrible weakness for small things in general (bowls, jugs, drawers) so was thrilled to see some uses for my collection!

  3. Denise L. / / Reply

    Love the bowls, the print (thank you muchly!) AND the seed packets! I read the Anthro article, but find nothing about the seeds-where did you get the seed packets???

    • Erin / / Reply

      I recognize those seed packets! They’re the art packs from Hudson Valley Seed Library – love them!

      • Denise L. / /

        Thank you, Erin! I’d never heard of Hudson Valley Seed Library before. You helped open up a whole new world for me. Thank you both, EZ and Erin.

  4. veggiebytes / / Reply

    The latte bowls are some of my favorite things in the kitchen! I always get more when they go on sale :) Thanks for sharing more uses and the cute download.

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  6. Sarah / / Reply

    Love this print! Just wondering if you know the name of this font? It’s so pretty!

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  8. Claudia Moore / / Reply

    I’m heartbroken! The teeny-tiny latte bowls are no longer being made and have been discontinued!! WHY?? Near as I can tell, they were “best sellers” and an all around great product with many uses. (see above for some great ideas)

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