Tried + True: DIY Air-Dry Clay

tried-and-true-diy-air-dry-clayHi friends! Today I’m kicking off a new mini series called Tried + True! I figured that since I try my hand at so many of the craft projects that I find via Pinterest, that it only makes sense to share the results of some of the really good ones with you. Tried and true!

tried-and-true-diy-air-dry-clay-1The first project up is this DIY Air-Dry Clay from Full of Great Ideas (via). You know I love a good air-dry clay project or two, but the cost of store-bought clay can be a bit of a buzz kill when you’ve got a great idea brewing and only a few pennies in the bank. As luck will have it, you only need three simple pantry ingredients to whip up a batch of this clay…which means no trips to the craft store (another bonus)!

tried-and-true-diy-air-dry-clay-2I followed the full recipe and directions found on Full of Great Ideas’ post. Mid-way through the cooking/stirring process I started to think that I might have a big Pinterest fail on my hands…but luckily I just kept at it, and suddenly a few mixes around the pot later I had a clumpy bit of clay!


I decided to allow my clay shapes to air dry (they are drying in my kitchen right now) and they are looking great so far. If you want to bake them, be sure to read through Full of Great Ideas’ original post…she walks through both the air-drying and baking methods.

Here are few notes from my experience:

  • While cooking, it takes quite a lot of stirring and elbow-grease to get the clay mixed up once it begins to thicken. Because of this, I don’t recommend having young children help during the cooking stage.
  • Be sure to allow clay to cool enough before use.
  • This clay is also very drying for your skin. If little kids will be working with the clay, be sure to help them wash their hands as soon as they are finished, so as to avoid irritating their sensitive skin.
  • Keep extra clay stored in an airtight container.
  • Have fun!


All photos taken with iPhone 5c

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  1. tara / / Reply

    Awesome! I love your tried and true idea and I love playing with clay. I can’t wait to try this.

  2. Meabh / / Reply

    Love this tutorial, I have loads of clay projects pinned, this looks perfect for it!

  3. Pilbara Pink / / Reply

    Thank you for this – for trying and letting us know how it works. Also love a craft that can be made without visiting the craft store – my nearest one is either online or 1500km away so no good if inspiration suddenly strikes! Looking forward to trying this out this weekend.

  4. Denise L. / / Reply

    What I really would like to SEE is the whole doggy-print process. That must have been interesting on film! He he. Oh, oh! How about a mini series on Crafts with Pets? That would be so fun! Thanks, EZ, for all the craft inspiration you give us.

  5. Ann Martin / / Reply

    What a nice idea for getting a jump on holiday decorations – Christmas in July! Such a cute bear. Did you notice the natural sparkle Stephanie mentioned remains after air drying? I like her idea of adding a bit of fine glitter.

  6. Mette / / Reply

    Maybe I’m totally blind, but I can’t find the ingredient list anywhere on this site. Could someone tell it to me? Thanks peeps☺

    • Ez
      Ez / / Reply

      Hi Mette! Since this clay project was inspired by another blogger…I didn’t want to post the clay recipe on my site and take credit for their work. You will find links throughout my post to the original recipe for the clay. I hope that helps!

  7. Marian / / Reply

    Just found you via Pinterest and I loved this tutorial as much as I loved your blog. Great work! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Jeanette / / Reply

    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to say what a super idea for gift tags all year round. I thought about what i could use as a print and found some great cake cutters in the toy department in any store. Pennies are saved even more. Happy Pinning.

  9. Valerie / / Reply

    I wanted to make this for my residents. But, where in the world are the ingredients and timed instructions.

    • Ez
      Ez / / Reply

      Sorry for the confusion Valerie! The recipe is linked to several times within my post. Since I did not come up with the recipe itself, but was simply trying it out to see how it worked, I didn’t think it fair to post the original recipe, since the original creator deserves the credit for that. :-) Hope this helps.

  10. renee / / Reply

    I am going to do this for one of my best friends who is leaving. so thanks for the awesome description, I might make it now!

  11. patricia / / Reply

    How thick is your dough? The original post indicated 1/4″ but it seems quite thin compared to this one. I would imagine it requires a thicker dough so that the paw imprints can be made?

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  13. Jules / / Reply

    This looks great but i would love to see photos and review of the finished product. I’ve made lots of similar recipes and they look GREAT at this stage but can warp or be dry and crumbly once they’ve set. Thanks.

  14. Becky / / Reply

    Hi! I tried to make this type of clay a while ago after seeing lots of inspirational pictures on pinterest. …. mine was a total disaster! You can see all the things that went wrong over on my blog. I just thought I should let everyone know that it doesn’t always go as well as your lovely pictures ;)

  15. Carolyn / / Reply

    This did not work for me at all. The clay was dry and crumbly, could not make anything out of it and had to throw it away. Not sure where I went wrong.

    • Michelle / / Reply

      me too! I can’t find any other recipe with all natural ingredients that works :(
      I tried adding more water but then it became incredibly sticky. Have you had any more luck? I really want this to work!

  16. Rebecca / / Reply

    This worked so well, I thought it was ruined but after adding little more baking soda, it worked out fine. Thanks so much! We had hours of fun.

  17. Susanne / / Reply

    Did anyone have trouble with small cracks appearing as this dough dried? Any ideas what went wrong?

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