Giveaway: Pick Your Own Prize Worth $180 from Flowie

flowie-giveawayToday I’m excited to introduce our lovely sponsor Flowie, and founder / designer Yaling Hou’s stylish line of handcrafted fashion + home accessories, with an incredible giveaway! One lucky winner will receive $180 worth of their favorite products from Flowie. Yes, that’s right. You get to choose exactly what your prize will be! Bonus…this giveaway is open to everyone (worldwide)!

This giveaway is now closed. Big congrats to dianna on her lucky win!

flowie-pouches Big thanks to Flowie for sponsoring such a lovely giveaway! Find more from FlowieSHOP | BLOG | PINTEREST | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER

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    • Anne Hart / / Reply

      I have only recently discovered your totally addictive and always fascinating blog. The idea of a ‘giveaway’ of beautiful bags is amazing – I think the Anna Tote, Tree in black and pecan would be a very useful addition to any girls wardrobe and the zipper pouch, tree in black, would co-ordinate as a make-up bag inside the tote. How stylish! Thank you for the opportunity.

    • michelle / / Reply

      I love the Leather Tote (one off)! I’ve been looking for a big bag and this one seems perfect.

  1. Hilla Meller / / Reply

    I absolutely LOVE the one-off leather tote. What a perfect alternative to the overly-logoed bags out there. If I just got that, I would be OH SO HAPPY.

  2. Liz M / / Reply

    Eek these totes and pouches are so perfect. I think I would go for the Pocket tote stripe green and then I love the gold and minty clutch. I think that adds to more than $180 though so I also love the zipper pouches. A couple of those would be lovely. Great giveaway…thanks so much!

  3. Megan / / Reply

    I love it all! My favorites are the gold/mint leather clutch, and the black & white striped crossbody bag :)

  4. CitricSugar / / Reply

    Thanks for such a fantastic giveaway!

    I’d choose: zipper pouch – tree, grey; small leather pouch, orange; leather key r

  5. Morgan / / Reply

    I love the leather/cotton tote. I would fill it with an assortment of their adorable pouches – triangle, zipper pouch, small leather pouch. I love them all!

  6. sarah c / / Reply

    The crossbody bag (black striped) is my favorite! I’m also in need of an apron, so I’d love to have one of those hanging in my kitchen.

  7. Teresa Ward / / Reply

    Beautiful things! I would choose the cafe apron, paige, taupe ($55), leather coin purse, brown ($22), pocket tote, stripe, black ($98).

  8. Chloé / / Reply

    Wow, what a great prize! I’d pick the crossbody bag (stripe, black) and the pocket tote (stripe, green).

  9. Melissa Allam / / Reply

    The cross body bag in black stripe and the small leather pouch in green. I also think those triangle pouches are pretty cute!

  10. Heather S / / Reply

    I am crazy about the Black Stripe Pocket Tote and the Crossbody in Black Stripe is gorgeous too! :)

  11. Lucy Smith / / Reply

    There are so many lovely things to pick from but my favorites are the cafe apron square, red and the crossbody bag in saki blue. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  12. Hannah / / Reply

    I love the black stripe pocket tote, the cafe apron, and the leather pouches!! thanks for the great giveaway Ez

  13. lesley / / Reply

    This would be awesome because I really would love to own:


  14. Bethany Wellman / / Reply

    Everything is so pretty! What a great giveaway, thanks!
    My two favorite pieces are:

  15. Rachel T. / / Reply

    I’d get the Lily tote, leaf blue/orange and the small leather pouch in orange!

  16. emilee / / Reply

    The tree pattern is insane! Would do the triangle pooch in Tree Black. Can’t resist a small leather pouch, so I’d throw in Yellow and Pecan. And then I wouldn’t be able to say no to the Lily tote in Tree, Black/Pecan. Then the gold/minty clutch would be mine too! Done. Beautiful things!

  17. Dianne / / Reply

    Love the “pocket tote, stripe, black” but also love the combo cotton and leather totes and leather clutches as well!

    p.s. i think you mean 6/30/14? Unless we’re traveling back to the future.

    • Dianne / / Reply

      er… traveling back in time and then traveling back to to the future…. or something.

  18. Jessie / / Reply

    I would love a Market Tote in blue, a Crossbody Bag in green stripe, a Leather Coin Purse in minty blue/gold, and a Leather Key Ring in green. Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. Lauren S. / / Reply

    What a great giveaway! I love the black tree Crossbody Bag SO much, as well as the distressed brown/metallic champagne Leather Clutch and the Gerrie Tea Towel! It is so hard to choose though! Everything is lovely.

  20. Tone / / Reply

    I really love this: ANNA TOTE, TREE, GRAY / YELLOW!
    Love from Norway!

  21. Mary Ann / / Reply

    Love the pocket tote! I would supplement that with some of those adorable pouches!

  22. Jodie / / Reply

    Ooh so many choices! I think I would do the Crossbody bags for my friend and I (stripe, green for me. Saki, blue for her) – they would be great for our trips to Haiti. And then I would pick a few coordinating/contrasting leather and triangle pouches to keep us organized. I really love the Mia tea towels as well!

  23. Amy Nalette / / Reply

    I love the Lily Tote with the tree/black/pecan pattern! Plus, the small leather pouch in pecan. Beautiful!

  24. Angela / / Reply

    Love the pouches and the clutches. These would be my picks

    Triangle pouch – Marie Red
    Zipper pouch – Tree Black
    Anna tote – Tree – Black/Pecan

  25. Svetlana / / Reply

    I would pick:
    Flat tote, stripe
    Small leather pouch, pecan
    Pocket tote, stripe, black (so perfect for a nice beach day!)

  26. Elizabeth / / Reply

    I absolutely love the leather clutch in minty blue and gold. I also love the zipper pouches– I might buy those anyway for bridesmaid gifts for my upcoming wedding!

  27. Lindsay / / Reply

    Awesome shop find!
    I’m sort of in looove with the aprons – but those leather pouches and that tassel key fob! So good!

  28. Christine / / Reply

    Gosh, how lovely! I’m having a hard time choosing between these leather totes–either the black leather, the orange leather or the leather/cotton mix! Looks so well crafted!

  29. Kemper / / Reply

    I would buy the Lily tote in the paint splatter print and a matching triangular pouch. I’m a knitter and I’m constantly looking for stylish ways to haul around my supplies and products.

  30. Courtney B. / / Reply

    I’d love the Leather Tote and a Gerrie Tea Towel in green.

  31. Nicole / / Reply

    I love the gold/minty blue leather clutch, and minty blue coin purse!

  32. torrie / / Reply

    the pocket tote black striped bag!! or the gold/minty leather clutch! thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  33. Lindsey / / Reply

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    I love the black stripe cross body bag, the saki, blue daily tote and the leather pouch and keyring, both in green.

  34. Amy / / Reply

    Hmmm, I love everything! But I would probably get the Triangle pouch, marie, mustard and the Anna tote, leaf, gray / green. :)

  35. Celine / / Reply

    I love the Leather/Cotton Tote and the Zipper Pouch in Tree, Black!

  36. Ashley / / Reply

    I love the black/white pocket tote…and the Anna tote in yellow!

  37. robyn / / Reply

    what a lovely giveaway!!! thanks Flowie!!!

    Leather Clutch, distressed brown/metallic champagne $105.00
    Small leather pouch, green $18.00
    Leather Coin Purse, distressed brown/metallic champagne $22.00
    Leather key ring, brown $12.00
    Triangle pouch, leaf, blue $16.00

  38. Dina / / Reply

    What a fun giveaway! I love them all, but I really love the the-dye tote and the striped cross body bag. Thanks!

  39. tara / / Reply

    I would LOVE the gold and minty clutch, the minty coin purse and the green leather pouch! What gorgeous bags!

  40. Piia / / Reply

    Love, love the Leather tote (one-off)! Gorgeous! Thanks for the chance!

  41. Sarah S / / Reply

    I would get the Leather Tote and the Market Tote. Gorgeous.

  42. MF Miller / / Reply

    Tree tote in black and cafe apron in square black.
    Zipper pouch in leaf green is also pretty amazing!


  43. Amy / / Reply

    I would definitely get the saki blue crossbody bag or the green anna tote. I also love all of their tea towels and triangle pouches.

    Thank you for the giveaway!!

  44. Darlene / / Reply

    Oh My – What wonderful products. I love the leather tote and the Rose Tea Towel. Both so lovely. Thanks for the chance to win.

  45. Joanne Kang / / Reply

    i hope that the giveaway ends 6/30/14, not 5/30/14!

    logistics aside, the black&white striped pocket tote would blend seamlessly into my closet – i’m a huge fan of basics with a pop of unexpected detail.

  46. Mara / / Reply

    What a great giveaway! And thanks for making us aware of such a great little brand. I love all things unique and made with love. My favorites are the crossbody bags, the green-striped one and the one in saki blue. Gorgeous. Thank you and please. ;)

  47. Chronomoxx / / Reply

    I love love love : the leather clutch, distressed brown/metallic champagne; the perfect coin purse to go with it : the leather coin purse, distressed brown/metallic champagne and last but not least, the zipper pouch, leaf, blue.
    Thanks for giving us a chance to win these incredible gifts.

  48. Megan / / Reply

    I adore the Lily Tote Tree/black and pecan with the leather bottom. So beautiful! (Also love the brown leather key ring. Perfect little accessory to go with!) :)

    Crossing my fingers for this one! Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. Jessie E. / / Reply

    So, so much that I love! But for $180, I’d have to choose:

    Lily tote, tree, black / pecan ($162)
    Small leather pouch, orange ($18) — I’m such a big fan of small leather wallets

    They’d go perfectly together! And also simple enough to go with most everything else I own, but still fun enough to suit my playful style. I’d use them every day.

    I’m absolutely smitten.

  50. Meagan O'Hara / / Reply

    I’d love the ‘crossbody bag, stripe, green’, ‘tea towel, mia’, ‘tea towel, gerrie’, ‘tea towel, rose’, ‘zipper pouch, tree, gray’, ‘zipper pouch, leaf, blue’!

  51. Anne / / Reply

    Thanks so much for the chance to win! Love so many different bags & pouches. If I won, I’d get the cross body bag, stripe, black (68.00), the leather pouches in black, pecan and brown (18*3=54), the zipper pouches in tree, black and leaf, blue (44.00) and the logo key ring in ginger (12.00). Such a lovely collection of bags, some will make it to my birthday wish list for sure!

  52. Kimmie / / Reply

    Zipper pouch, leaf, blue
    Small leather pouch, pecan
    Leather coin purse, mint, gold

    Beautiful products!

  53. Dianna / / Reply

    In LOVE with the daily tote (saki blue). Like, SO IN LOVE. Plus, the leather tote. What a wonderful giveaway…such beautiful products!!!!

  54. Emma / / Reply

    Oooh so pretty. I’ve got my eye on several things:

    -That gorgeous one off tye dye tote
    -The ginger logo key ring
    -The rose tea towels (which I’d give to my wonderful mom!)

  55. Catherine / / Reply

    I would love the crossbody bag in the black stripe, the tote in the tie dye and the minty blue leather zippered purse. Gorgeous!

  56. Elle / / Reply

    Black & white lambskin clutch is lovely. Just the perfect addition for a summer going-out outfit.

  57. bianca / / Reply

    Anna tote-leaf/green for sure…so pretty!
    Thanks for introducing this company. I had never heard of them.
    And thanks for the giveaway!!

  58. Christine Scott / / Reply

    I love the lily tote and the stripe crossbody bag!

  59. Abby / / Reply

    I would get the leather clutch in gold/minty blue and the crossbody bag in black stripe.

  60. Stephanie / / Reply

    Triangle pouch, leaf, gray and Leather/cotton tote (one-off) are super cute!

  61. Soraya / / Reply

    My goodness! They are all so gorgeous and the fact that they are made in the USA is a big plus! The ‘LILY TOTE, TREE, BLACK / PECAN’ is totally my style!

  62. Melanie K / / Reply

    Love it all! Especially the leather clutch in metallic/brown and the tie-dye tote.

    Thanks for the opportunity!
    xo Melanie

  63. Alessandra / / Reply

    I really love everything but my favorites are the leather/cotton tote (one-off) and the Leather key ring. Nice giveaway!!! Thanks for the chance to win such a beautiful handmade bag.

  64. Krista / / Reply

    I would totally go for the one-off leather tote and a Gerrie tea towel. Beautiful!

  65. Isadora / / Reply

    Love the patterns on the totes!
    Anna Tote, Tree, Gray/Yellow
    Small Leather Pouch, Yellow
    Logo Key Ring, Blue

  66. Felicity / / Reply

    I love the triangle pouch in grey (so clever!)
    the leather key ring would be an excellent replacement for my sad one I have currently.
    And I want all of the tea towels!
    And my mom would be getting an apron because she loves them.

  67. Jamieson / / Reply

    Oh my I looooooove that black stripe bag with the patch pockets! And I really need a new key chain! If I won, I’d throw in a cross body bag for my sister, totally her style. And maybe some tea towels for my mother in law too!

  68. cara / / Reply

    I love all of her bags! She uses such wonderful fabrics. The two bags I own are getting pretty ratty from daily use, would love a new Flowie!

    I’m wishing for the green stripe pocket tote or the daily tote in blue.

  69. Matilde Vieira / / Reply

    I’m in love with all these amazing products that seem to fit beautifully in everyday life. I’d pick the Pocket tote with stripes in black (98$), the beautiful zipper pouch (22$) and triangle pouch with blue leaf pattern (16$), the leather coin purse in minty blue and gold (22$) and the simple leather key ring in gray (12$). That would give a total of 170$ :)

  70. Amber Baker / / Reply

    This was so difficult to narrow down, but I love the black striped pocket tote, the triangle tree pouch, the small black leather pouch, and the black leather Ella tote! (I don’t think I narrowed it down well enough…)

  71. Femke D. / / Reply

    Ohh what a lovely give away! I’m in love with the Pocket tote, stripe, black! And a Leather Coin Purse in minty blue that goes in the bag.
    Then if I’m the lucky gal to win I would pick a couple of small leather pouches (green & pecan) to give to my best friends. <3
    Thanks for this give away and fingers crossed! XO

  72. Rhoda K / / Reply

    I love the leather tote, it is gorgeous! I’d maybe choose the leather key ring to go with it.

  73. Clara / / Reply

    The striped pocket tote is lovely! That’s the first thing I would choose.

  74. Valerie K / / Reply

    I am bit of a tea towel fanatic, so I love the tea towels- great colors! And the wee leather pouches are georgeous. Thank you for the great giveaway!

  75. harriet / / Reply

    What a lovely choice of products! I love the Lily tote in the tree print and the small grey leather pouch – beautiful!

  76. Kimberly A. / / Reply

    Oh my! I have been looking for a leather key ring for forever and the tan one is exactly what I want! I also am in love with the crossbody bag stripe/black, leather/cotton tote, small leather pecan pouch, and the cafe apron square/black!! Everything is perfect! Thanks for this giveaway! <3

  77. dai / / Reply

    Thank you for the great prize! ^O^
    I’d love to win: LEATHER TOTE (ONE-OFF) $165.00

  78. Aubrey M. / / Reply

    The striped tote in black and the crossbody stripe in green.

  79. LINDA / / Reply

    Hello, what a neat giveaway!
    I love the leather/cotton tote! I”d select it and some other leather pouches!
    Thank You!

  80. Tiffany / / Reply

    My dream shopping list!
    Tree Zipper Pouch in Gray
    Triangle Pouch in Black
    Small Yellow Pouch in Yellow
    Small Yellow Pouch in Green
    Leather Key Ring in Green
    Stripe Pocket Tote in Black!

    Love everything! Thank you so much!

  81. Helen / / Reply

    WOW! What an amazing giveaway and what a difficult decision, so many beautiful things.
    I finally decided on the crossbody bag black tree, zipper pouch grey tree, 1-off flat tote – stripe and Gerrie teatowels 1 each of green and grey. Such a shame the Mia tea towel is sold out – it is gorgeous.

  82. Tara Victoria / / Reply

    i love everything! so hard to pick a favourite!! i think i’d have to go with the pocket stripe tote and the zipper pouch in tree black – so lovely!!

  83. Jenie / / Reply

    So many great products! My favorites are the Lily Tote Tree and Triangle Pouch, Leaf. Thanks for the giveaway!

  84. Jessica / / Reply

    I love these:

    So many beautiful pieces!

  85. Karina / / Reply

    Such beautiful crafted items! I could see myself acquiring a Keychain (I would prefer the gorgeous mustard yellow but as its a key I share with my husband, would probably end up happily with the red or brown). Less practical purchase next wild have to be the black stripe cross body bag! I would turn it into a short time out diaper bag so I could look fashionable and carry fewer items beautifully. The dish towels are next on my list! Such lovely prints! I cannot decide! If there is any money left I would the little green leather pouch. I don’t know what for other than my love of the shape and color.

  86. Kelly C / / Reply

    What am awesome giveaway! I would choose the Leather/Cotton tote and fill it with a zipper pouch in blue leaf, a logo key ring in blue, and a leather coin purse in minty blue and gold.

  87. Chelsea / / Reply

    I love the logo Key ring in Ginger, and the Triangle Pouch in Green!

  88. Raquel T / / Reply

    I love the tote tree,… and the crossbody stripe…and a zipper pouch.

  89. megan / / Reply

    looooving that flat tote in stripe and those little leather pouches would be great to throw in all the little essentials that usually tumble around inside of my mom-bags. thank you for the great giveaway!

  90. Jackie H / / Reply

    Ooo, the Lily tote looks so fun! :) Thanks for the chance!

  91. Kirsten B. / / Reply

    Wow! What amazing products! I’d love the CROSSBODY BAG, SAKI, BLUE + the MINI TOTE, MARIE, RED, and maybe the SMALL LEATHER POUCH, ORANGE, Ooo and perhaps the LEATHER COIN PURSE, MINTY BLUE / GOLD….ok and the MARKET TOTE, SWEET CANDY, BLUE. What beautiful selections!!!!

  92. Whitney / / Reply

    This was tough! I am a bag person, so I think I’d pick two! I love the crossbody in green stripe as well as the leather/cotton tote.

  93. Roseanna / / Reply

    Oh how beautiful it all is! I love the pocket tote in black stripe, the paige apron in taupe, and the little brown coin purse with the heart. Thank you for the fun giveaway!

  94. Tina / / Reply

    I’m loving all the prints, so hard to pick a fav. If I had to choose I think it would be the black tree Lily tote.

  95. NIna Chan / / Reply

    wauw…never heard of Flowie before, but i’m totally blown away. Love the crossbody bag, stripe, black and the same one in green

  96. Shannon Y. / / Reply

    LOVE the one-off leather tote and the zipper pouch (tree, black). But the brown/metallic clutch and green leather pouch are close seconds!

  97. Lara B / / Reply

    What an amazing giveaway!! I love the pocket tote in black stripe, the crossbody bag in black stripe, the tan leather keychain and the leather purse in grey! Oh well, i love almost every Flowie design with leather in it!! Greetings from Paris, France! :)

  98. Claire / / Reply

    I love it all, but I’m going to have to go with:
    -the leather clutch in gold/minty blue
    -the cross body bag, stripe black
    Amazing, gorgeous stuff!!!!

  99. Kaja / / Reply

    Oh, wow, this is a tough one. I think I’d choose the Crossbody Bag (Saki, Blue), a Cafe Apron (Square, Black) and probably one of the zipper pouches. Such cool bags! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  100. Lorena Barnes / / Reply

    This was a very very hard choice to make… everything is so beautiful but my ultimate wish to own would be the Leather Tote (one off) and the Gray Leather Key Ring!

  101. Suzy C / / Reply

    The Lily Tote, Tree, In black/pecan! I love the print.

  102. Anna L / / Reply

    Oh my…I think my keyboard has a little drool on it, if I may be so brash.

    But those are gorgeous!

    My cart includes:
    crossbody bag in black stripe
    zipper pouch in leaf grey
    leather coin purse in minty blue/gold

    Thank you!

  103. Anna Allen / / Reply

    The Leather Tote (One-Off) would become one of my most loved possessions, I just know it. And I love the Tan Leather Key Ring. Thank you for introducing us to this shop! Gorgeous.

  104. Crystal F / / Reply

    Black Stripe Crossbody Bag, Small Green Leather Pouch, Mustard Triangle Pouch (Marie), & Yellow Leather Key Ring

  105. Stacia / / Reply

    Oh my goodness this is such a hard pick! Their black + white cross body bag is seriously amazing, though, so I would definitely have to pick it as one of my favorite items!

  106. Janet / / Reply

    Cafe Apron blue, Daily Tote blue, Flat Tote blue. That should do it! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  107. Kimberly R. / / Reply

    If I won I would love the green stripe pocket tote, the stripe flat tote and the gray leaf zipper pouch,

    thanks for the giveaway!

  108. erni unaryo / / Reply

    I always love tote! it would be great if i won these lovely design !
    -Pocket Tote, stripe , green
    -Crossbody bag , stripe, black
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  109. Dana beth / / Reply

    The black and white striped tote or maybe a cross body- do hard to choose

  110. suzanne / / Reply

    I would order the cross body bag for my daughters birthday! and maybe the triangle pouch for me!

  111. susie king / / Reply

    I love the blue saki Crossbody bag and daily tote. Thanks so much for the opportunity. I love them all.

  112. margaret / / Reply

    The lily tote makes me smile. It would be great for dragging papers, lunch and occasionally gymies to work.

  113. Annette / / Reply

    Love the pocket tote in green stripes or the Anna tote in leaf gray with green and the apron in red or market tote in red. Thanks for the opportunity.

  114. Taylor / / Reply

    I’d probably go for the Lily Tote in red or mustard, plus a key chain! Although I love the whole selection. Great giveaway!

  115. Mara / / Reply

    It’s so hard to choose! But if I must, I’d go with the one-off leather tote.

  116. Hope / / Reply

    The lily tote with in blue with leaves and the zipper pouches are beautiful- loving the Flowie style!

  117. Jill / / Reply

    I love the blue triangle pouch, such a unique design! And the Lily tree tote is killer! But I’m pretty sure I could use a small leather pouch in every color. Amazing giveaway!

  118. Claire / / Reply

    Wow, what a fab giveaway! And such a tough choice… I think I’d have to go with the Striped Pocket Tote (black), Leather Coin Purse (minty blue), and a zippered pouch or two (they’re all gorgeous!). Thanks for the chance Flowie and Ez! :)

  119. Louise / / Reply

    awesome gear!! I love the gold and mint clutch and the cross body bag (black and white stripe) and would love to call them my own :)

  120. Livfee5 / / Reply

    It’s all beautiful!!

  121. Güngör / / Reply

    Oh, they are so beautiful! Thanks for this giveaway, especially I’m happy that it’s worldwide, you’re so cool =D

    I’d like to have POCKET TOTE, STRIPE, BLACK as I am a book & stationery addict person that cool bag seems like it can get all the stuff I need =) and adding the SMALL LEATHER POUCH, BLACK would be also cool.

    Thank you! Lots of love <3

  122. Millie / / Reply

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the Ella Leather Tote – gorgeous!

  123. Kath / / Reply

    My pick would be the Anna tote, leaf, gray / green – thanks for such a lovely giveaway!

  124. Grant / / Reply

    I really like the look of the Lily tote, tree, black / pecan – would be an ideal pressie for my darling wife :)

  125. Eddie / / Reply

    So many options!! The Ella Leather Tote in black is my ultimate – i’d pay the difference!!

  126. Marion / / Reply

    What a lovely giveaway! My favourites are the Anna Tote, leaf, gray/green and the Mini Tote, leaf, blue!

  127. C.D. Beatrice Clay / / Reply

    I LOVE everything, but if I had to choose, I would take the leather gold/minty coin purse ($22) + leather clutch gold/minty ($105) + cross body bag stripped black ($68). Of course I will pay the difference ***fingers and toes crossed***

  128. Kathrin U. / / Reply

    love quite a lot products, but here’s my choice:
    anna tote tree black pecan
    leather coin purse brown
    tea towel gerrie

  129. Loredana / / Reply

    I assolute la love the leather/cotton tote bag (the white and brown one)
    And the mini tote tree bag that has a very special mood, the one I love to wear when I feel conformabile with myself.

  130. Natalie / / Reply

    I would choose the Lily tote in leaf, blue/orange, and with the little bit leftover, a matching leather key ring in orange!

  131. Chantelle C / / Reply

    cross body bag, tree in black
    a couple of mia tea towels
    leather clutch in black and white

    such stunning stuff to choose from!

  132. maggie / / Reply

    Uhh I love bags and the leather tote bag looks so beautiful! I would be so so happy to win!
    Thank you Ez and love from germany!

  133. Anke W. / / Reply

    oh, i would love the leather tote and a small leather pouch in grey (or green or yellow;). What a great giveaway!

  134. Jacky / / Reply

    I would chose the Crossbody bag Stripe Green with a green Leather key ring. SO beautiful!!

    Love from Germany!

  135. Scarlett / / Reply

    I’m from Beijing, China. Ran into this blog this afternoon while doing research on the coolest design websites/blogs.
    The Flowie products look very comfortable and nice, reminding me of Japan. I especially like the tea towels (TEA TOWEL, MIA) and the LILY TOTE (LEAF, BLUE / ORANGE), so they will be my pick.

  136. Patricia Frazao / / Reply

    I choose the market tote sweet candy, with the zipper pouch leaf blue and the leather key ring in orange!

  137. Meg / / Reply

    I LOVE the striped pocket tote! I can’t decide which I like more- the green or the black!

  138. Karen / / Reply

    I’d get the striped black pocket tote for myself and the striped green crossbody bag for my Ma (as long as she’d let me borrow it occasionally).

  139. Cate Hut / / Reply

    Crossbody bag, stripe, black + Zipper pouch, tree, black + Tea towel, gerrie series, in orange and gray for sure.

    Or, the Lily tote, tree, black / pecan + Leather key ring, yellow.

    I couldn’t decide! Lovely!

    Thank you!

  140. Christiane / / Reply

    Thanks for this lovely and inspiring giveaway!
    I love all the Flowie-bags and pouches, especially the striped black pocket tote and the black tree Zipper pouch…
    They would definitely make my rainy german summer ;-)

  141. Monica / / Reply

    crossbody bag – black stripe
    leather/cotton tote (one off)
    Very cute products!

  142. Janis McCarty / / Reply

    I would love to win the black striped tote, a zippered triangular pouch and a zippered rectangular pouch! I am crossing my fingers and hoping to win.

  143. Catherine Michaud / / Reply

    I want it all… it is all soooo cute!
    But I do fancy the Pocket Tote Green Stripes! Great accessory with a neutral outfit! Thanks for the giveaway, thanks for the discovery of Flowie!!!


  144. Judith / / Reply

    *** I LOVE THESE ITEMS *** and I would buy crossbody bag, striped in black, the leather key ring, black, zipper pouch tree, black and the crossbody bag, saki blue and finally leather key ring tan

  145. Christy Keyton / / Reply

    the Lily tote and the tie dye tote are my favorites!

  146. Lily / / Reply

    beautiful products, I’d get the tan leather key ring and the leather tote!

  147. Shikha / / Reply

    I absolutely love the green stripe cross body bag and the brown leather tote ! So smart and chic !

  148. cindy g / / Reply

    Oooh! A great giveaway!
    I’d love the black stripe tote with the cute leather pockets and the orange key ring.
    Thank you.

  149. Rachel R / / Reply

    I LOVE The Mia tea towel and the Lily Tote in Tree, Black/Pecan. So gorgeous! What a lovely shop!

  150. Lydia BD / / Reply

    I absolutely LOVE the Ella black leather tote!!

  151. Allison / / Reply

    Wow, beautiful products! I’d pick the leather/cotton tote and the black square cafe apron.

  152. Martha / / Reply

    Tea Towel Gerrie
    Tea Towel Rose
    Anna Tote Leaf, Gray/green

  153. Katie D / / Reply

    I love the pocket tote! The mustard zipper pouch is also really nice.

  154. Pearl Leung / / Reply

    I’ve been looking for bridesmaids gifts and the small leather pouch (in gray!) would be perfect!

  155. SuzyMcQ / / Reply

    A Cafe Apron and an Anna Tote would be absolute perfection!

  156. Sharon / / Reply

    Nice stuff! Top of my list would be the Flat Tote, Stripe with the blue and white stripes. The little leather pouches could come in so handy.

  157. jaime / / Reply

    paige cafe apron in blue ($55)
    small yellow pouch ($18)
    small gray pouch ($18)
    small green pouch ($18)
    orange keyring ($12)
    blue leaf zipper pouch ($22)
    rose tea towel, orange ($17)

    and what else?!

  158. Jane Y. / / Reply

    such beautiful items. i love the pocket tote in green as well as the apron, square, black!

  159. Liv / / Reply

    I love the Mia teatowel (even though it’s sold out), the green bouquet Market Tote, the yellow Leather Key Ring, and the Anna Tote, Tree, in Pecan. Such lovely stuff!

  160. Kalli W. / / Reply

    This was kind of a tough decision, but I think I would go with the pocket tote in black stripe, the small leather pouch in gray and one of those cute triangle pouches. Such neat accessories!

  161. Jane B. / / Reply

    Oh, my goodness, how can I choose just one!?! I would love to have the Daily Tote, the Lily Tote, and dare I say also the Leather Tote. Gorgeous bags. I would be proud to carry one.

  162. sherry / / Reply

    the cross body bag in black and white stripe. plus the pale blue leather change purse – actually i could probably find a use for several of those. thanks for the giveaway.

  163. Tanya / / Reply

    I love the crossbody bag, black stripe and the leather clutch, brown/metallic champagne

  164. SaralynE / / Reply

    So many beautiful options! I’m drawn to the stripe pocket tote and leather key rings most of all. What a great giveaway – thanks!

  165. Nicole / / Reply

    I love the Anna Tote in leaf & green and the minty blue & gold coin purse!

  166. Vicki Waineo / / Reply

    I LOVE the leather coin purse in minty blue, which I’m going to buy today. To win? I’d love the small leather pouch in green, the leather key ring in brown, and the Anna tote in leaf gray and green. I think they’d make a great set!!! These items are gorgeous in their simplicity and functionality! I love everything in this shop! Thanks for introducing us!

  167. bdaiss / / Reply

    The Lily tote in tree, black/pecan (or leaf, orange/blue) are amazing. I’m also a sucker for coin purses, so I’d love to add the minty blue one! (I do adore the cafe aprons though…it’s hard to pass those by!) Thanks for the chance!

  168. Devin / / Reply

    I absolutely adore the pecan leather pouch, the leather clutch in distressed brown and metallic, the sweet candy market tote, and the mia and gerrie tea towels!
    Heavenly fabrics!

  169. Jaime Lopez / / Reply

    I love the classic black and white striped 2 pocket tote. This would be the essential summer bag!

    - Jaime

  170. Sharon / / Reply

    I would go for the gold/minty leather clutch, and four of the small leather pouch in orange, yellow, gray and green for a total of $177. Yippeee, I still have $3 dollars left.

  171. Shirin Leung / / Reply

    I adore the Tie-Dye Tote and the light-blue Striped Flat-Tote! Especially since I went to Taiwan as part of a school trip when I was younger and had a go at tie-dyeing myself. So fun! These are such beautiful items to win, and such a worthy cause to support. Thank you.

  172. Tiffany / / Reply

    Love that all your products are handmade! Why have what everyone else has when you can have a unique one-of-a-kind! I love the green stripe crossover – the pocket inside is a little happy surprise everytime you open the bag! Super cute! I also love the green key chain and leather change purse. Many thanks for taking the time to make by hand.

  173. Bridget P. / / Reply

    The daily tote in saki blue, the yellow leather key ring, and the black striped pocket tote

  174. Jeni / / Reply

    I am dreaming of that fabulous Tie Die Tote! But really ANY of the Flowie would be a treasure to own!!

  175. Melissa S. / / Reply

    I love the lily tote in tree, black/pecan. It looks like the perfect bag for just about anything! So cute.

  176. Charli / / Reply

    I like the Anna tote in tree/stripe/pecan, the triangle pouch in leaf blue, and the tea towels in mia.

  177. Diana / / Reply

    I just LOVE the crossbody green stripe bag! It would definitely be my summer go to, along with the leather clutch in gold and mint! Beautiful pieces!

  178. Barb S / / Reply

    I would love to win the zipper pouch and leather key ring!

  179. Korin A. / / Reply

    Wheeee. So fun. I was sure I would go for the pocket tote, but once I took a look I feel in love with the Lily tote – I can’t decide between the grey and the yellow but definitely one of them would stash all of my gear safely and adorably. To round out I think I would choose a matching little triangle pouch or a key chain – green because I love green too.

  180. Martina Klatt / / Reply

    I love all this wonderful stuff in this shop. If I`d be the winner, I would love to have the Anna tote tree black. Then I would pick the matching zipper pouch tree black and another zipper pouch with leafs in blue.

  181. Heather / / Reply

    While all the Flowie products are lovely, here’s my $180 wishlist:

    zipper pouch, leaf gray
    small leather pouch, pecan
    small leather pouch, green
    small leather pouch, gray
    small leather pouch, black
    small leather pouch, black
    leather coin purse, black / white
    leather coin purse, minty blue / gold
    leather key ring, green
    leather key ring, gray

  182. Gemma / / Reply

    The one off leather/cotton tote, the yellow small leather pouch and the yellow leather keyring. Loved the whole collection – it was so difficult choosing!

  183. Elizabeth / / Reply

    I think it would be a toss up between the tree tote (the limited edition one – it is divine!) and a set of the lovely tea towels – if only the Mia wasn’t sold out!!

  184. Allison / / Reply

    Pocket tote, stripe, green! Leather key ring, green! Zipper pouch, tree, black! Triangle pouch, leaf, gray! Small leather pouch, pecan! Such great stuff.

  185. Lauren P / / Reply

    Oh my goodness! Everything is so lovely, but my favorites are the striped pocket tote and striped crossbody bag. Thanks for the giveaway!

  186. Sara O / / Reply

    Love, love, love the Lily tote tree, black/pecan and the matching small leather pouch in pecan! Keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed :)

  187. nicole jones / / Reply

    my favorite thing in the whole shop is the LILY TOTE, LEAF, GRAY / GREEN…its so pretty, thanks for the amazing giveaway! ~nicole

  188. Natalie / / Reply

    My favorite bag out of all of them is the LILY TOTE, TREE, BLACK / PECAN.

  189. Adeana / / Reply

    My favorite items are 1) pocket tote, stripe and 2) small leather pouch!

    the pocket tote looks durable and casual enough to be used on a regular basis. i for one doesn’t like changing bags often so this seems perfect! the simple color combination makes it easy to coordinate with outfits too. the inner and outer pockets are a major plus point for putting small items for easy retrieval! i also like that there is a magnetic clasp for an added security! it seems the perfect bag i was looking for since some of the tote bag seems to be missing out on one or the other.

    the small leather pouch is uniquely designed and good for when i need to get out of the house for a short while e.g. jogging, grocery shopping etc.

  190. karat / / Reply

    I think I’m a little obsessed with the ‘Tree’ print… It reminds me of Jackson Pollock’s style! Simple and effortless!

  191. Moira / / Reply

    I would love the crossbody bag in black stripe and daily tote in blue.

  192. Julie Kuberski / / Reply

    Love the tan leather key ring–I’ve been wanting to downsize my keys–and the black, stripe pocket tote! Also, those triangle pouches are very interesting!

  193. Kayla / / Reply

    I love the cotton leather crossbody in navy stripe. Or is that black? Either way so cute!

  194. Alex T / / Reply

    I love the cafe apron, the leather clutch in gold/minty blue, and the gerrie tea towel! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  195. paty / / Reply

    i love the tye dye tote and the white coin small wrislet

  196. Wendy Hatton / / Reply

    Great print designs. I’d love to spend on two Cross body Stripe bags (black & green), an Orange Sweet Candy Market Tote and a Leaf Zipper Pouch (blue).

  197. Elika Pauline Tan / / Reply

    I love all your bags. it’s difficult to choose.

  198. Kelly / / Reply

    Loving all of the items! But I NEED that Pocket Tote (Black & White stripe) with a brown leather keychain and pouch. So great!

    I think the tote would be the best (and perfect) accessory to take to my new job in July!

  199. Urša / / Reply

    Great giveaway. :) Flowie has loads of cool stuff! I’d go for Daily tote, Saki, in blue.

  200. Beth K / / Reply

    I’d love the Ella Leather Tote $198 (I’ll pay the difference)! Thanks for the giveaway!

  201. Angelika Zech / / Reply

    Those are all so pretty, but I think I would go for the Crossbody bag in tree, black and sake, blue, and the leather coin purse in minty blue/gold is just adorable.

  202. Carmen K / / Reply

    Daily tote saki blue, mint leather clutch, leather tote, tea towels, anything really!!

  203. asnarano / / Reply

    My pick would be Daily Tpte Saki blue bag( will be very handy to daily work )
    The Green cross body handbag and Mini tote leaf bag are coool for shopping day.

  204. asnarano / / Reply

    My pick would be Daily Tote Saki blue bag( will be very handy to daily work )
    The Green cross body handbag and Mini tote leaf bag are coool for shopping day.

  205. Laura Kathleen / / Reply

    Oh my such cute items! I would get the leather and cotton tote and the cafe apron square, red! Both such lovely items! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

    Laura (

  206. Rebecca Elliott / / Reply

    This is a hard one! I like black strap pocket tote and the blue tie dye tote the best. And the blue logo keychain. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  207. Kelly B / / Reply

    I love the Lily Tote, Marie, Red/Tan and the Small Leather Pouch, Pecan. Thanks for such an awesome Giveaway!

  208. KAsia Wianecka / / Reply

    What a beautfuli giveaway. Thx for The chance.
    I would LOVE to choose a LEATHER TOTE bag and a TAN. LEATHER KEYRING
    Fingers crossed :)

  209. Maria Salas / / Reply

    Handmade items are awesome, it never gets old! I love it simply because they are products of brilliant, creative minds, and their patience. :)
    There’s a lot of pretty stuff to choose from but I’ll stick to:
    I just love black and white! ^^

  210. Elyse G. / / Reply

    I’m totally crushing on the Ella tote in orange! *fingers crossed*

  211. Camille L / / Reply

    This giveaway is amazing, all the items from the shop are stunning and it took me a while to choose…if I were to win, I’d pick the Triangle pouch tree gray and the Anna tote tree gray/yellow.

  212. Ann C / / Reply

    Love them all!! My favs are crossbody bag saki blue, leather clutch brown metallic champagne. Thanks!

  213. Raffaella / / Reply


  214. Veronica / / Reply

    I’d love the Lily Tote in Leaf, Blue/Orange and a Triangle Pouch in Leaf, blue. What beautiful products!

  215. Elizabeth Williams / / Reply

    I would love a crossbody striped bag and a leather and cotton tote. Those two sizes and designs would be so versatile.

  216. Celestine / / Reply

    Such a fun giveaway! If I had 180 to spend at Flowie I’d get the Pocket Black Tote, Light Grey Small Leather Pouch and Cafe Apron in Black Square :)

  217. Kathy in Michigan / / Reply

    Very cool stuff. I think my favs are the gold/minty leather clutch and the square/black cafe apron. : )

  218. Cindy Hanson / / Reply

    Well I want 2 of the saki blue tote so my beautiful daughter can carry one and be stunning and I can follow along and be her mum with the stunning tote.

  219. Cindy Hanson / / Reply

    I would pick 2 of the saki blue tote. One for my beautiful daughter to carry and look stunning while I, the mummy, followed carrying a stunning tote

  220. Julie / / Reply

    What gorgeous products! If I were lucky enough to win I would pick the “DAILY TOTE, SAKI, BLUE” ($72), the “FLAT TOTE, STRIPE
    (ONE-OFF)” ($55), the “ZIPPER POUCH, LEAF, BLUE” ($22) and the “LEATHER COIN PURSE, DISTRESSED BROWN/METALLIC CHAMPAGNE” ($22). Holding thumbs that I get chosen!

  221. Karly K / / Reply

    I’d pick the Anna Tote in Tree (Black/Pecan), a Minty Blue Coin Purse, & A set of Rose tea towels!

  222. Justyna / / Reply

    So many beautiful things! My top favorites are as follows:
    - Crossbody bag, stripe, black
    - Small leather pouch, yellow
    - Tea towels, rose (orange and gray)

    Thank you!

  223. Em / / Reply

    Love the leather/cotton tote. And the small leather pouch in green.

  224. Cindy / / Reply

    Oh my, I would love one of those leather totes! Thanks for the chance to win!

  225. Seri Q / / Reply

    I see that I am not alone in my crush on the one-off leather tote.
    The little leather coin purses and the flat striped tote is also adorable. What a sweet site!

  226. Giovanni / / Reply

    I would love to receive the daily tote saki and blue, and the pocket tote stripe black. These two would be great summer statement pieces. Love the site and everything they offer!!! :)

  227. Anna / / Reply

    I like the cafe apron in paige, blue, and the leather cotton tote!

  228. BlackAsphodel / / Reply

    I like the Zipper pouch, tree, black and the Triangle pouch, Tree, black and the Crossbody bag, tree, black.


  229. Kimberley / / Reply

    Such a hard decision, they are all such gorgeous products. If I had to choose (sigh!) I would absolutely love the crossbody bag (stripe, green) and the pocket tote (stripe, black), what a beautiful pair. Thanks Ez for the opportunity to enter!

  230. Dianne Rosales / / Reply

    I would love to have a cross body bag saki blue, daily tote saki blue and mini tote tree gray :) Hope to win!

  231. Christine F. / / Reply

    Thank you for the chance! I would love to receive Ana tote (tree, black/pecan), triangle pouch (tree/black) and market tote (bouquet). :)

  232. alona y / / Reply

    Oh my gosh, I would LOVE to have the Lily tote, tree, black / pecan (love the tree branches!) and the Small leather pouch, green!! That tote is amazing, it is the coolest tote I’ve seen yet.

  233. Kari P / / Reply

    The one-off leather tote & the little black leather pouch. thank you!!

  234. sherry butcher / / Reply

    Cafe apron, square, black (limited) $55.00 and the Crossbody bag, saki, blue $63.00!

  235. Roberta / / Reply

    My favorite are tote tree (limited) and cafe apron, square, red (limited)!

  236. ANNA / / Reply

    I specially love the Leather Tote Bag and Triangle Pouch, Tree Black, but actually all product are beautiful!

  237. Daria / / Reply

    Love the TIE-DYE TOTE, MINI TOTE, TREE, BLACK and DAILY TOTE, SAKI, BLUE for my sister :)

  238. Kristin / / Reply

    So many beautiful pieces! I would choose the leather minty blue and gold leather clutch, the minty blue coin purse, green key ring and two market totes in green and pink!

  239. Nadine Woodcock / / Reply

    Hi Ez!

    Thanks so much for making this worldwide! >.<
    Personally I would choose:
    - Leather Clutch, distressed brown/metallic champagne
    - Zipper pouch, tree, black
    - Leather key ring, tan
    - Small leather pouch, green
    - Leather Coin Purse, distressed brown/metallic champagne

    They all look amazing to be honest. Thanks again!

  240. caren e. / / Reply

    I love the pocket tote stripe, black ($98), flat tote, stripe one-off ($55), and zipper pouch, marie red ($22). :) hope to win! :)

  241. caren e. / / Reply

    I love the pocket tote stripe, black ($98), flat tote, stripe one-off ($55), and zipper pouch, marie red ($22). :)

  242. Haley Newman / / Reply

    I’m officially obsessed with the Flowie products.
    I’ve picked out a number of things that have made their way to the top of my must-haves list:

    Triangle Pouch, Leaf, Gray
    Leather Key Ring, Yellow
    Leather Key Ring, Green
    Leather Coin Purse, Minty Blue/ Gold
    Small Leather Pouch, Green
    Pocket Tote, Stripe, Black

    I’ve been looking for cute key rings- I need 2 so I can keep my work keys on one and everything else on the other one. These are perfect!
    I’ve also been looking for a coin purse but all of the ones I find are boring. This one is amazing!

  243. Karen S / / Reply

    Tie-dye tote (one-off) $65
    Zipper pouch, leaf, grey $22
    Leather key ring, orange $12
    Leather key ring, green $12
    Market tote, sweet candy, blue $20
    Leather coin purse, gold $22

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  244. Mickey / / Reply

    Flowie Mowie these bags are fine. I really like the leather/cotton tote and the crossbody bag with stripes.

    Thanks, Flowie, for sponsoring Ez!

  245. Jenna Lacy / / Reply


  246. Cindy / / Reply

    LOVE the crossbody bag (tree, black) and the lily tote (tree, black). Also love that pop of blue for the logo key ring. Fingers crossed for the giveaway!!

  247. Joana Bento / / Reply

    I’d choose:
    Cafe apron, square, black (limited)
    Crossbody bag, tree, black
    Triangle pouch, Tree, black
    Leather key ring, green
    Tea towel, gerrie

  248. Christine / / Reply

    Oooo jackpot! Leather yellow keychain and Lily Tote Grey/Green – bright and cheery while I’m 28 weeks preggers : D

  249. Srna Kulik / / Reply

    I’d pick this beautiful leather tote (one-off), and I would complement it with leather key ring in brown! :)

  250. Petra Alexander / / Reply

    Stripes, stripes, strips! I’d love a striped tote and crossbody bag!

  251. Deanne Lindsay / / Reply

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this giveaway for some beautiful products from ‘Flowie’.
    My choices would be the ‘Leather/Cotton Tote (One-Off) and
    the Daily Tote, Sake, Blue.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you, thank you again.
    xxx Dee

  252. Chantelle Walker / / Reply

    Hmm… lets see…. ;) I’d get:
    ANNA TOTE, LEAF, BLUE / ORANGE – Love the color combo :)
    SMALL LEATHER POUCH, GREEN – Favorite color!
    TRIANGLE POUCH, MARIE, MUSTARD – Like the fun shape and I’m not a matchy matchy person, thus the mustard choice to go with the first two ;)
    Thanks for the giveaway!! Fingers crossed!!

  253. Ferah Haddrell / / Reply

    Such beautiful things,I particularly like the black stripe Crossbody bag with the tan leather pocket&the one-off Tie-dye tote in beautiful aqua colours,very reminiscent of the Mediterranean. Thank you so much for the giveaway. xx,Ferah

  254. Maartje / / Reply

    Wow, I would definitely go for the black striped tote with leather pockets, and those mini pouches are so cute too!

  255. KATE SARSFIELD / / Reply

    I love orange so these would be my favourites from their product range:



    Thank you for making this a worldwide competition (I live in Ireland).

  256. Michella Prasilo / / Reply

    Hi! I’ve been scrolling through your site and the products are ALL amazing! I really want to win! My favourites are

  257. Bek Saw / / Reply

    I adore the pocket tote in black stripe and the small pouch in yellow. Would love to show these off in Australia!

  258. JH / / Reply

    Totally in love with the small leather pouch and pocket tote with black/white stripes!

  259. Annie H. / / Reply

    Loved that site. They had some great stuff. I would choose:
    Cross body bag stripe-black
    Tote tree limited
    Small leather pouch bag-gray
    Loved the prints!

  260. Faith Wang / / Reply

    I would pick the Leather Tote (I’m a sucker for leather!) and the Leather Key Ring in Gray! So tempted by ALL the other bags though!

  261. Morgan W / / Reply

    The leather tote and the red triangle pouch are my wish-list items. But I’d probably just choose several triangle pouches and give them to friends and family. They are too fun not to share!

  262. MARIA / / Reply

    ➦ Pocket tote, stripe, black
    ➦ Zipper pouch, tree, black
    ➦ Triangle pouch, Tree, black
    ➦ Tea towel, mia
    ➦ Tea towel, gerrie

    Flowie has very interesting items, fresh ideas and aesthetic.. Keep it up!

  263. Amanda / / Reply

    The Lilly Tote Tree black and brown is swoon worthy. What great fabrics and color pallets throughout. Amazing products!!

  264. Danijela / / Reply

    Daily tote, saki, blue,Tie-dye tote and Flat tote, stripe.Hard to pick,maybe I will change my mind if I win.Lovely giveaway,thank you for the chance to win it.

  265. Erica R / / Reply

    I’m planning a Europe trip and thinking how great these totes would be. Love the Pocket Tote in a green

  266. Erica / / Reply

    I absolutely love the black and white striped pocket tote, the leaf triangle pouch, and the grey/yellow Anna tree tote!

  267. Angela Ethier / / Reply

    It’s so hard to choose. I think I would go with the Leather Clutch, Minty Blue – the Crossbody Bag, Tree Black, and the Leather Keychain, Yellow. Either that or the Brown Leather Tote.

  268. Melissa / / Reply

    I love the Leather/Cotton Tote!! I don’t need two bags so I would get my sister the Crossbody bag, Stripe, Black!

  269. Elyse / / Reply

    I’m obsessed with these 3 items: Crossbody bag striped black, leather key ring in grey, leather clutch gold, minty blue. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

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