Thing are busy as usual around here, but I have to admit that the new Summertime schedule (my daughter got out of school last Thursday) is going to take some getting used to. It seems that this quote that I’ve seen floating around online sums things up nicely (I just tweaked it slightly):


Ha! Can I please see some hands in the air if you feel me on that one! Of course there are great things about having your kid(s) home everyday, so this is certainly not a complaint. I’m just currently trying to figure out how to balance work and wanting to spend as much time with my daughter as possible over the next couple months. Any suggestions to share savvy mamas and papas out there? I’d love to know your tricks!

And finally a few links of note:

  • There’s FREE worldwide shipping available in my Society6 shop right now. If you’ve been eyeing something in there…now’s the time to pounce.
  • We’re obsessed with Boba (aka Bubble Tea) around here, but our habit is getting pricey, so this Bubble Tea Recipe might be coming in handy soon!
  • While looking for a bubble tea recipe I stumbled across the post: It’s Not You, It’s Me (from Use Real Butter) and I couldn’t relate more! I’m not sure where all the inner contemplation will take me, but I can say that changes are afoot. Hopefully I’ll have more to share on that soon.
  • I’ve been loving the charming how-to cooking / food prep videos that Hatchery shares on their Instagram feed. Definitely worth following!
  • And I finally found a new book to fall in love with! All the Light that We Cannot See is beautifully written and the storyline is really pulling me in so far! I can’t wait to see how it ends! Have you read any great books recently?

Have a gorgeous day! xo Ez

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  1. Colleen Pastoor / / Reply

    I can’t imagine blogging with a teen! I have littles so I use naptimes (I’m guessing you don’t get those) and I wake up an hour before them to have some quiet time to get my day started. Good luck! I’d love to hear what works for you.

    • Ez
      Ez / / Reply

      Thanks Colleen! Oh gosh…I’m sure you must have your hands full with such little ones! You’re smart to get work done while they nap!
      Luckily, at 15, my daughter is pretty self-reliant. It’s just that I feel so guilty having to send her off on her own when there is work to be done. I haven’t quite figured out how to balance the necessity of both work and quality time with my kiddo just yet. Fingers crossed that things work themselves out soon! xo

  2. Holly / / Reply

    Have you read “Fire of The Sea” by Lyndsay Johnson? It’s such a wonderful mermaid adventure. Happy summer!

    • Ez
      Ez / / Reply

      I haven’t…but it’s now on my list! Thanks so much! Happy Summer to you too! xo

  3. Madelaine / / Reply

    Hello from Australia! Jessica by Australian author Bryce Courtenay is my absolute favourite, I’ve read it at least six or seven times and am constantly pushing it on anyone who asks about books… and you asked! Love your blog – hope to see more of your dome house!

  4. Janice / / Reply

    Hi, Ez! Maybe you and your daughter could come up with a nice project together. That way you’ll ‘pre-arrange’ some interesting time together while still getting your work done. It could be something simple like checking out a different café in your area once a week, shopping for and cooking a meal together (you could have a themed summer of Asian or Spanish food…), or reading the same books to chat about them during meal time. Or you could explore the parks in your area (I love doing this; there’s always happy surprised!) or even just walking down streets in your neighborhood that you’ve never been on. Or come up with something bigger and cooler: find your common interests and explore them, letting your daughter publish them on her own blog. The experience she’ll get getting around a computer will be priceless. My two girls wrote a blog for the 3-months that they were learning Korean in Seoul, combining their common interest in food and sight-seeing! I hope my two oldest kids (one studying informatics, the other fashion into graphics) will combine their efforts to make an app of their choice this summer.

    In any case, if she’s like my kids at that age, she’ll be a late sleeper, so you should have a bunch of time mornings to get work done.

    Oh and one more thing, living in Germany, I bemoan the fact that the kids and I have only 6 weeks of summer vacation, and that only starting at the end of July! (I feel like a caged animal when July rolls around and the kids are STILL going to school every day! UGH!) Also, I so all of my volunteer work during the school year, so vacation means dropping my entire schedule and playing around with a lot of free time. Of course, almost all of those 6 weeks are used for visiting family here and in the USA, so it’s no where near adequate in my mind!

    A long answer from me… In short, good luck and leave yourselves open for the myriad possibilities that are right in your neighborhood!
    All the best, Janice

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