Simple DIY Shoe Storage


I first spotted this shoe storage idea in an old issue of Lucky magazine, and was thrilled to finally be able to put it to good use during my recent bedroom makeover. Since my closet is without a door or curtains, I really wanted to make sure that everything stored inside will look as visually appealing as possible. I’ve got to say, this easy DIY is probably one of my favorite ones to date.


Here’s how I made mine…I picked up some patterned cardboard boxes (large enough to fit pairs of shoes obviously) from Target, some photo paper, and adhesive glue dots.


Next, I placed my shoes onto a piece of white foam core board and then snapped photos of each one using the camera on my phone. Since I have Photoshop, I created a basic .JPG template to print each photo onto, so that it would be easy to create the “Polaroid” look that I wanted. You can download that template here if you would like. If you’re using the template I created, you’ll want your images to be cropped to 3×3 inches in size before placing them onto the template to print.


If you’re not using photoshop, you can still use the template for this project. Just download and print out the template onto heavy-weight paper and set aside. Print out your shoe photographs; making sure that they are cropped to 3×3 inches. Trim around each print and then glue them onto the inner portion of each printed “Polaroid” template, and you’re good to go!


Attach the photos onto your boxes using adhesive glue dots, place your shoes inside, and you’re done! Stand back and admire your organized shoe collection!