Good Taste: Coconut Tuile Cookies


Growing up, my daughter loved nothing more than to mix together elaborate food experiments, that I then dutifully taste-tested with as straight a face (and iron stomach) as I could muster. To this day her passion for cooking continues, but luckily her mad scientist approach has morphed into real talent in the kitchen.


Last week she decided to mix up a batch of Coconut Tuile Cookies from a recipe found on Simply Recipes (she adapted it with our favorite flour to make it gluten-free), and I am delighted to tell you that they were so scrumptious that I immediately asked her if she’d cook another batch with me so that I could eat the whole thing…err…I mean share the results with you here!


Here’s a quick kitchen tip for you. If you have the patience of a gnat (like me) and can’t wait hours for butter to soften for a recipe, just grate the chilled stick down a cheese grater and let it sit at room temperature for a few minutes before use. Works like a charm!


Tuiles are purportedly named for the curved French roof tiles that they commonly resemble. However, we didn’t bother shaping ours on the back of a rolling pin (as you’re supposed to), because we just couldn’t wait to pop them in our mouths! These coconutty morsels taste just as delicious flat as they do curved (in my humble opinion).


TIP: if you really want to knock this one out of the park, try topping each cookie with a sprinkle of honey roasted almond slices (we bought ours from Trader Joe’s) mid-way through the baking process! It tastes like an Almond Joy (sans chocolate)!

Ready to get baking? Hop over to Simply Recipes for the Coconut Tuile Recipe. Enjoy!

Photos by Miss K (that’s my awesome daughter)