Quick DIY: Fabric-Covered Magnets


I’ve been working on a “secret” sewing project lately (more on that soon), and all the excess fabric scraps floating around today reminded me about a quick DIY that I photographed a few years ago (three years ago to be more accurate)! I’m not really sure how the project photos got stuck in a dark corner of my computer to be forgotten about for this long, but you know what they say…better late than never, right?!

Quick DIY Fabric-covered Magnetsdiy-fabric-magnet-supplies

This project is a great way to use up fabric scraps that you’ve been saving up until you find a suitable use for them. I’m not the only one who does that, right?

Supplies Needed:

  • Scrap fabric | light to medium-weight cotton fabrics work best
  • Dritz Cover Button Kit | Be sure to buy the full kit that includes the two plastic tools (shown in the photo). The button size in the kit I used was 1 1/8″.
  • Strong round magnets | found at craft stores
  • Super Glue Gel
  • Scissors
  • Pliers
  • 2″ Circular template (optional)

1. Cut circles from scrap fabric that are approximately 2″ diameter or a bit larger. I made myself a 2″ paper template using a craft punch to make life easier, but you can eyeball it if you’d like. If you are working with prints, consider cutting the fabric strategically to display your favorite portion of the fabric design. | 2. Use your pliers to carefully remove the metal shank (the looped portion) from the back of each metal button backing piece in your kit.

3. Place one button front on top of the wrong side of a pre-cut fabric circle. | 4. Press both the fabric and the button front into the larger piece of your button maker. Make sure that your fabric is sticking out evenly all around the edge. If it isn’t, just pop the button out and adjust the fabric before continuing on.


5. Use your finger to press the fabric excess inward. A little bit of fabric excess is important, but if there is too much you can trim a bit off. Take the metal backing portion (the piece you removed the shank from earlier) and place in on top of the back of your button front, sandwiching the fabric beneath. Make sure all the fabric excess gets tucked underneath. | 6. Use the smaller portion of the button making tool to press firmly down on the back of the button until you hear the two portions snap together.


7. All the fabric should now be neatly secured by the backing piece. | 8. The front side of your button should look nice and smooth.


9. Add a dab of Super Glue Gel onto the back of each fabric-covered button. | 10. Hold the magnet firmly in place for a few moments until the glue has set (be careful not to get super glue on your fingers). Allow glue to dry fully…and you’re done!

I hope you will enjoy making your own set of fabric-covered magnets soon! xo Ez