Easy DIY Polka Dot Stamped Pillowcases


I created these super simple DIY Polka Dot Stamped Pillowcases when I was working on my bedroom makeover a while back, and today I thought I’d share a quick how-to with you, just in case you’re ever looking for a speedy way to makeover a pair of boring pillowcases.

Supplies Needed:

  • Cotton pillowcase(s)
  • Acrylic paints | Any colors you’d like
  • Textile Paint Medium | When using acrylic paint you will need to use a fabric paint medium to convert the paint into a fabric paint. I purchased mine from the craft store.
  • Dish(es) for mixing paint
  • Flat paint palette or plate
  • Paintbrush or stir stick | For mixing the paint
  • Standard eraser-topped pencil(s)
  • Scrap cardboard | sized to fit snuggly inside the pillowcase
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Cotton cloth | for ironing


Make sure your pillowcase has been washed and ironed. Insert your scrap cardboard inside. Now you’re ready to choose your paint colors and mix up your paint solution. Refer to manufacturer directions on the textile medium bottle when adding it to your acrylic paint. You can go with just one single paint color like I did here, or use as many colors as you’d like.


Pour a bit of your paint onto a flat surface (I used an old plate) and dip the eraser end of your pencil into the paint. Press eraser straight down onto your pillowcase and then lift straight up to stamp your first dot. Continue stamping dots until you have achieved a look that you are happy with!


Allow stamped design to air-dry for the length of time recommended on the textile paint medium bottle (usually around 24 hours). Iron the stamped design on medium heat to set the paint (cover the painted area with a thin cotton cloth to protect it while ironing). Wash and dry as usual…and you’re done!


You now have a custom pillowcase that will perk up even the drabbest of beds! xo Ez