My Bedroom Makeover Mood Boards + A Paint Giveaway

bedroom-makeover-mood-board2Click on the image for a closer look

I’m pretty sure that I’ve previously mentioned that in any home that my daughter and I have lived in, my bedroom has always been the last room to get any decor love. In fact I’ve never really done much more than hang curtains or throw a new pillow or two on the bed…but that just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

After our move back here to California last Spring I determined that I would finally treat myself to a space that makes me happy. It is the first thing I see when I wake up every day, and the last thing I see every night after all. So when Sherwin-Williams reached out to share its HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams Interior Paint launch, I was immediately inspired to finally tackle my dream project.


Here’s a little reminder of what my room looked like before. You can see that it really needed some love!

sherwin-williams-room-makeoverClick on the image for a closer look

I shared the big reveal with you last week (you saw it, right?!), and today I want to share the mood boards and my color choices from the HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams Softer Side color palette that I used to inspire the final room makeover.

My vision for my bedroom was a to create a space that feels intentional. I love white paint as much as anyone, but with all my mismatched furniture and our horrendously textured walls (neither of which I can afford to change at the moment) I knew that I would have to do something major with paint to transform the space. After perusing the HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams Softer Side color palette, I finally decided on Peppercorn; a dark moody grey for the main bedroom walls…and for my mini walk-in closet I fell in love with the soft feminine Charming Pink. I love the juxtaposition of the delicate pink closet with the sultry grey walls of my room!

If you didn’t catch it already, be sure to hop over to last week’s post to see how I pulled all the details together that were inspired by the paint colors and mood boards here.


So now that I have a few painting projects under my belt, I feel like I can say two things for sure. The first is that the right prepping steps and  tools will make all the difference in the world between a successful painting job and a not-so-great one. AND that when you have finish edging your space in a dark paint color you are going to question your sanity. It will look scary (every time) but trust me…keep going with it, and it will be well worth it!

Mood board one: Pillow Stack | Bedroom | Shoe Boxes | Pink Room // Mood board two: Hat | Watercolor | Polka Dots | Leaves | Typography | Clothing Rack | Shells

Now what do you say about winning 5 gallons of HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams Interior Paint?!


Congratulations to the lucky winner Julie Kuberski


This post was kindly sponsored by Sherwin-Williams. Images and opinions are my own. Find more from Sherwin-Williams: Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | YouTube | Google+

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  1. Georgia / / Reply

    Oh wow! I saw your original post last week and fell in love with Peppercorn! My husband and I have a similar loft bedroom that’s still soft lime green and yellow from the previous owners…not our thing. I’m thinking that and pure white. Keeping it simple and adding accent colors with stuff, not paint

  2. Karina / / Reply

    Love your makeover! I really like the following colors: restful, radiant lilac, and overjoy.

  3. Kylee / / Reply

    I know this is sooo boring, but I really love the pure white color. :) That is also the only color I can paint my apartment. Haha! Your bedroom makeover is so wonderful! You are such an inspiration. :)

    • Mickey@EuroAmerican Home / / Reply

      I keep thinking that the older I get, the more I am inclined to choose white.

      White seemed so boring when I was a teen, then I jumped to strong block colors.

      Now I’m almost 30 (so yeah, “old”) and I am inclining more and more towards white.

      But from their collection, I would choose Hearts of Palm.

  4. Heather J / / Reply

    So many colors to love! I like Bittersweet Stem, Olive Grove, and Smokey Topaz.

  5. Kelsi / / Reply

    Id love to paint my garage door comfort gray–its needs upgraded!

  6. tback / / Reply

    I love gray and I fell in love with the “peppercorn” shade when I saw your room makeover. I’m not a “pink” girl, so I think I would pair it with the lovely shade of “aloe” for the interior of my closet…I have also been longing to paint my kitchen and dining room area red….I like “antique red.” Thanks for the chance to win….

  7. Kathy in Michigan / / Reply

    I’m thinking Balanced Beige for my bedroom with one focal wall in either Thistle or Memorable Rose.

  8. Ashley C / / Reply

    I’d love the Snowbound or Charming Pink for my daughter’s room! There are so many beautiful choices!


  9. Jenn H. / / Reply

    My husband and I just bought our first home and painting is on the top of the list! I’m imagining the cabinets in Special Gray with Brass colored knobs and the kitchen walls in a light tone like White Duck. Then Natural Choice for the guest bedroom that also doubles as my creative art space. And I’d love Silvermist for our bedroom. I love the peppercorn in your room Ez!

  10. Aimee / / Reply

    2 gallons Patient White (bedroom), 2 gallons Glittery Yellow (office), 1 gallon White truffle (bathroom). This is a well timed giveaway! I’m currently picking paint colors for my upstairs. Thanks, EZ!

  11. Lisa / / Reply

    That closet inspiration is so pretty! Enjoy. :). Thank you lots for this giveaway! We are moving into a new home and I’m excited to paint. I really like the color muslin and their site.

  12. Aja / / Reply

    Love that bit of pink peeking out of the closet…so pretty!

    We’re in the middle of sprucing things up at our new house and I would love to get Requisite Gray for our kitchen cabinets and maybe Greening for the bathroom.

  13. Shavavian / / Reply

    I LOVE the shade of gray you chose for your bedroom!! Pink and gray are my two favorite colors. That’s what I wanted, but my Hubbersband is not a fan.
    I love the Honeycomb (for my kitchen) and the Souful Blue (For my bathroom[s]). :)

  14. Christine / / Reply

    dover white looks like the calm I need in my life right now!

  15. Tiffany / / Reply

    Ez, your room is divine! I love everything in Liveable Luxe! But especially Distance, Softened Green, and Serious Gray!

  16. Jyll / / Reply

    Inkwell and Olympus White to create a bedroom cocoon! Thanks for the opportunity!

  17. Margaret / / Reply

    Your bedroom colors are wonderful! :) I like Honeycomb for my kitchen. My husband wants yellow and I don’t so we compromised on more of Tuscan yellow. Honeycomb seems very warm and inviting which is what I wanted.

  18. Claire / / Reply

    So hard to choose! I LOVE the peppercorn, porcelain and requisite gray.

  19. Sarah Kate / / Reply

    The SW 7674 Peppercorn would provide great atmosphere to multiple rooms in my apartment – moody but not emo! And after seeing your transformation, can’t resist giving it a paint face lift! Thank you!

  20. Roxanne Thompson / / Reply

    I am really loving the Peppercorn that you chose for your bedroom! Looking through all 8 color books, the Softer Side collection stole my heart! I’d have to say that Peppercorn, Realist Beige, and Porcelain are my favorite shades!

  21. Julie Kuberski / / Reply

    You seriously have such a lovely aesthetic! I swoon over everything you do. Anyway, this giveaway is totally awesome + coming just in time for our new house that totally needs some love! If I won, I would choose the colors Opera Glass + Tricorn Black!

  22. Karly K / / Reply

    Hmmm let’s see…. Indigo Batik (3), Eider White, Honest blue

  23. Ruth / / Reply

    Your room looks amazing. I’m really drawn to the blue called Copen

  24. Hope / / Reply

    I would choose the softer side color combinations for the exterior of my home, and the traditional twist color combinations for my interior color choices.

  25. chelsea hayes / / Reply

    SW 6458

    simply amazing. Im redoing my room in a ocean beach theme and the color would be PERFECT on my walls. I love this giveaway and thank you for having it!

  26. Noel / / Reply

    I love the light blues from the softer side collection like Watery or Honest Blue. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  27. Emily / / Reply

    Sea Salt and Coastal Plain to paint my dining room :)
    Your makeover is fantastic!

  28. Whitney / / Reply

    I am loving the softer side palettes! Honest blue, peppercorn and haven are my favs!

  29. Alice C. / / Reply

    My fave is #6464 Aloe… I can visualize porches and potting sheds in this lovely green!

  30. Mrs. Higgs / / Reply

    I can’t get over gray right now! I like Conservative Gray and Escape Gray!

  31. Barbara / / Reply

    I like the simplicity of your room. Very inspirational. I would like to repaint my bedroom which as been a soft white to a green. I’m leaning towards something like Citrine, a soft green. Thanks!

  32. Mary / / Reply

    I’m digging the Thistle in the Softer Side collection.

  33. Laura / / Reply

    I want Opera Glass for my livingroom, which is probably about 3 gallons of paint. It will keep things fresh and reflect what little natural light we get. Then I want Biscay as an accent wall in my studio, perfect backdrop for filming videos! That’s another gallon. And then the last gallon I’m thinking Arcade White in the kitchen – open and airy but a touch of red to promote appetite.

  34. Sarah Clark / / Reply

    I just moved into an 1880 farmhouse that needs a ton of work! We always buy Sherwin Williams paint, it’s really great. I’d love Ethereal Mood for my daughter’s room, and Indigo Batik for my son’s room. I’ve used Jogging Path in my previous house and LOVED IT…maybe I should bring that back to this place…hmmm…

  35. Shannon Y. / / Reply

    Loved the room makeover and color choice! I, too, would have to pick peppercorn. I would love to paint the floor of my studio that color.

  36. Shannon / / Reply

    I didn’t know SW had this line! Pewter Tankard is a lovely color.

  37. aubry b. / / Reply

    getaway gray for me! i’ve got my heart set on repainting my very mid-2000s kitchen cabinets (they’re even washed with a final coat of stain that antiqued them in the corner…. i’m ashamed! i chose that!). it’s most definitely a project much bigger than i can chew, but 5 gallons of paint would help!

  38. Manette Gutterman / / Reply

    Triclinic Black for my interior doors, Incredible White for my living room, and Gateway Gray for my bedroom! I just adore their paint! It’s the best quality of any I’ve tried!

  39. Andrea / / Reply

    I love, love, love Sherwin-Williams paint! I’m just wrapping up painting the exterior of my house with their paint and I cannot say enough about the incredible colors and quality of the paint!
    For interior I’d pick Icicle, Naval and Tinsmith for my bedroom and Holiday Turquoise and Lazy Gray for my office. Both rooms are in serious need of paint. Thanks for the opportunity!

  40. Lisa / / Reply

    Stumbled onto your blog and love it! Love your new bedroom colors. So many colors to choose but I love the neutrals. Dover white, joggers path, river walk and a grey/brown. Would love to win 5 gallons of SW paint. It’s the best and I definately need to update our home. Thanks for offering the chance to win.

  41. Wehaf / / Reply

    Your new bedroom is gorgeous!

    It is hard to pick colors online, since I can’t see exactly how they’ll look in my space, but I really love 6478 (watery) and 7014 (eider white). They seem so peaceful and quiet.

  42. Morgan / / Reply

    A fresh white paint color is calling my name! I am loving Alabaster, Dover, or Arcade white.

  43. Emily / / Reply

    Love, love Sedate Gray. I would paint my living room and office!

  44. Michael Woods / / Reply

    SW 6309
    Charming Pink would look great for our daughters’ bedrooms.

  45. ivelisse woods / / Reply

    I definitely think that the SW 0053 Porcelain would work for us!

  46. Christine / / Reply

    Beautiful! I’d love to mix something like the Peppery and the Dovetail!

  47. theresa J / / Reply

    I like the colors in the neutral nuance. I think Ecru would work in my house

  48. Jaclyn Reynolds / / Reply

    Homestead Brown and Outer Banks look really nice! Also love the grey shades!

  49. dervla @ the curator / / Reply

    oh i hope it’s not too late to enter! i need to paint my apartment so badly! I loved Stunning Shade, Watery, Sea Salt, and Dover White. Can we talk about how much i love paint names too? Who gets to name them? Can i have that job???

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