Wish List: Pretty Kitchen Goods


I spend a lot of time in our kitchen and often find myself mentally composing wish lists of pretty things that I’d love to surround myself with (usually while my hands are immersed in a sink full of dirty dishes. Ahh…escapism). Here are just a few picks from one of my recent daydreaming sessions. They range from the practical (we really do need a new colander) to the purely aesthetically pleasing (although that brass vase would always be filled with flowers from our yard), but all would make happy additions to our home. Maybe one day they will be! xo Ez

1. Brass Hexagon Vase | 2. hand-woven Kitchen Towel | 3. Leather and Brass Cabinet Pulls | 4. Enamel Storage Boxes | 5. White Dipped Spoons | 6. Steel Kitchen Snips | 7. Enamel Colander | 8. Madewell Stool | 9. 10″ Cake Stand