DIY Latte Bowl Floral Arrangement Gift


There are few things that I enjoy having in my home quite as much as fresh flowers and my collection of colorful latte bowls from Anthropologie. So last Spring when I was showered with a bounty of gorgeous blooms from Flower Muse to practice with for my sister’s wedding, I decided that it only made sense to combine those two loves together to create a sweet floral arrangement using some of the extra roses that I had lying around. I snapped a few photos of the arrangement and then completely forgot about them until this past weekend while cleaning out some old files. What providential timing! This arrangement is simple to create, and not only looks great in your own home, but also happens to make a lovely gift! Maybe it will be just the thing to spoil your mom with this Mother’s Day!

Latte Bowl Floral Arrangementlatte-bowl-arrangement

All you need to create this arrangement is:

  • an assortment of flowers | I used Garden Roses and Spray Roses
  • wet floral foam (Oasis)
  • assorted latte bowls | I stacked a couple together for my arrangement so they would make a more complete gift presentation, but you can easily use just one if you prefer
  • pruning shears
  • sharp knife
  • water

latte-bowl-arrangement-12Click on image for a larger view

Use just one or a stack of 2-3 latte bowls. Ignore the tape I used in my photos (it did not support the rose stems well enough for this arrangement)…you will be using wet floral foam instead. Use your knife to carefully cut your floral foam into a half-circle that fits the shape of your latte bowl. Submerge foam in water following manufacturer instructions. Once foam has absorbed water, transfer it to your latte bowl and add additional water as needed. Begin by placing two garden roses on opposite sides from one another (inserting the ends into the foam), taking care to place the blooms so that they are angled outward and supported by the rim of the bowl.

TIP: for longer-lasting blooms, be sure to use sharp clean shears to cut stems at a 45 degree angle.

latte-bowl-arrangement-34Click on image for a larger view

Place two more garden roses in the same fashion so that all four roses are evenly spaced around the bowl. Take your spray roses and fill in the open spaces along the rim of the bowl between each garden rose. Make sure your spray roses also angle outward (not up) and drape over the bowl slightly.

latte-bowl-arrangement-56Click on image for a larger view

Once you’ve filled in the outer rim with garden and spray roses, place five new garden roses in a circle, slightly overlapping the first roses. Place spray roses in between the five new roses until you achieve a look that you like.

latte-bowl-arrangement-78Click on image for a larger view

Add one perfect garden rose into the center of your arrangement and add additional spray roses as needed to fill in any gaps.

TIP: Keep your arrangement out of direct sunlight and make sure that the floral foam stays moist so that your flowers will continue to stay hydrated and fresh for as long as possible.


Give your arrangement to your lucky gift recipient or enjoy it in your own home (it’s okay to spoil yourself sometimes too)! xo Ez