The Honey Bear – New Art Print


I’ve been wanting to try my hand at a different technique of illustrating in photoshop for a while now, and over the weekend I finally had the chance. My usual process always starts with a pencil sketch that is first scanned into my computer, and then colored using photoshop…basically a fancy version of coloring inside the lines. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this method, but I wanted to see what I could create with no preconceived ideas or sketched outlines to follow. So I just opened up a blank canvas and drew my illustration directly in photoshop, allowing the shapes to dictate what the design would become: a honey bear surrounded by flowers! I have to say that while different from my usual style, I’m really loving the sweet little character that I ended up with and am excited to try my hand at creating more with this method soon.

You can find “The Honey Bear” in several different colorways in my Society6 shop. It’s available on everything from Art Prints and Wall Clocks, to Throw Pillows and Shower Curtains! I hope you’ll pop over and check it out! xo Ez