Color Crush: Pineapple and Mint


I snapped this photo of a baby pineapple last week and became instantly obsessed with the colors in the shot…that golden yellow, that minty green! I even had to purchase a jumbo version of it to hang in my home. With my newfound obsession, it seemed only natural that I should use my photo as inspiration for a new color crush post filled with pineapple-y minty goodness. I hope you agree! xo Ez



1. Latte Bowls Set - $20  | 2. Mint Journal – $14  | 3. Canvas Cushion Cover - $5 | 4. Linen Cushion Cover - $18 | 5. Swan Throw Pillow an original Creature Comforts design – $20+ | 6. Turquoise Star Bracelet – $31 | 7. India & Marigold Stationery Set - $18 | 8. Faux Mason Jar Container – $23 | 9. Mint Sandals – $16

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  1. Lily / / Reply

    Ohh! I just love this colour combo! I’m especially loving mint green at the mo. I always love your colour crush posts :) xo

  2. Gwen Gyldenege / / Reply

    As soon as I saw that photo I too was drawn to the colors. How vivid the yellow/gold and soft the green. It’s like 1/2 of the best tropical colors. I love that you started matching objects to your new color palette. Such fun!

  3. Julie Kuberski / / Reply

    This post is lovely! Those two colors are beautiful together, and I’ll admit, I never would have thought of it myself. Genius color combination + finds!

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