Giveaway: Win A Fotostrap from Mako Haus


It’s time for a great giveaway from the lovely folks at Mako Haus! Booyah! One lucky winner will score this fantastic Fotostrap – black canvas + leather photo strap with brass hardware (an $85 value). Lucky duck!

mako-haus-foto-camera-strapClick on the images for a closer look

I had the opportunity to try out the black canvas + leather Fotostrap and love how easy it is to use. The brass buckle functionality makes it a breeze to adjust, and the ergonomic shoulder pad with non slip padding offers a level of comfort that my old standby strap definitely does not. The Fotostrap is thoughtfully packaged, beautifully made, and since it’s available in an array of colors it would also make the perfect gift for any photographer (novice or professional)! You can see more in the Mako Haus shop…and then enter to win the black canvas + leather strap below.

This giveaway is open to entrants worldwide.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Congratulation Sami D…You’re the lucky winner!

Big thanks to Mako Haus for sponsoring such a lovely giveaway! Find more from Mako Haus: SHOP | BLOG | PINTEREST | FACEBOOKINSTAGRAM | TWITTER

Special thanks to my daughter for snapping the photos of me and my Fotostrap!

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  1. Mary H. / / Reply

    My favorite photo is one of my sister, my brothers and me when we were kids. We’re all wearing Villanova Wildcats sweatshirts and I am in the middle–mouth wide open and crying. We joke about it to this day. I keep saying my sister and brother were squeezing my hands. They say they were squeezing my hands because I was crying. Too funny!

  2. Sarah @ 702 Park Project / / Reply

    The photo that my wedding photographer captured of my dad’s face when he saw me for the first time that day still gives me goosebumps! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  3. Nicolle Evans / / Reply

    Thank you for this giveaway…I love it!
    The pictures from my 6th birthday (which was a bot of time ago). The pure joy on my face is priceless.

  4. Blessing / / Reply

    A Polaroid I shot in Venice, Italy on a trip with my sister. We made friends with a local: a little 80-year-old man named Mario who owned a house on Lido and cruised around the canals on his boat, sweet-talking the ladies and loving life. The photo is of Mario sitting at the helm of his little boat, white-hair ablaze in the sunshine, in an old-man yellow sweater and brown corduroy pants, with electric blue Ray-bans and a big grin on.

  5. Sara / / Reply

    We had an amazing engagement session photographer, who managed to capture out connection like I never thought possible. There is one of us laying on a picnic blanket at a national park, me with a book in hand and my husband with guitar in hand. It is such a calming picture to me.

  6. Kaitlyn / / Reply

    it’s hard for me to pick a favorite all time photograph…but the first thing that pops in my mind as one of my favorites is this photo i took of one of my friend’s at dauphin island when we were helping with habitat for humanity last year.

  7. Kristy / / Reply

    My favorite photograph would have to be a picture my mom has of me and my granddad. I am sitting on his lap at the kitchen table with my little 70′s shorts on and my knee high socks, no front teeth just smiling away. I spent a lot of time with him fishing and such as a kid. He’s gone now and seeing that image always makes me smile.

  8. Sheila Leal / / Reply

    Last weekend I was aunt again. So my favorite photograph is with my little newborn nephew. He is perfect.

  9. maria menjivar / / Reply

    My favorite photograph is of me standing on top of a brick wall while laughing. It was snowing. It has a beautiful sunset In the background. I love it because I was caught in the moment and I look happy, and happines is really important to me. I remember I was laughing because a random stranger asked my friend was she would do if he were to push me off the wall. It makes me happy to see strangers who are friendly.

  10. Bebe / / Reply

    Definitely a picture I took of my dad in Rockport Mass…I smile every time I look at it!

  11. Emily / / Reply

    My all time favorite photograph is the one of my entire family. All of my cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, parents and siblings all managed to look at the camera at the same time without blinking, and all of us were smiling. I absolutely cherish it!

  12. Jessie / / Reply

    My favorite photograph is of my brother and I when we were little, hugging :)

  13. youngmi / / Reply

    there is this ridiculous photo from when i was little. i guess i liked to run around and my mom was trying to hold me and she’s barely able to keep a grip on me. my face is pretty neutral even though i’m dangling by my pants and one arm. the best part of the photo is that my mom is laughing hysterically. it’s like she was trying to grasp a giant wriggling, slippery fish.

  14. Christine / / Reply

    Possibly my favorite photo: I was snapping pictures out of the house I was staying in during a visit to Vietnam. There was a group of kids playing in the alley outside and when they noticed my little camera, they all rushed to the window and smiled the biggest, sweetest smiles you’ve ever seen. I love that shot.

  15. Pearl / / Reply

    My favourite photo I’ve captured was on vacation recently. I clicked a picture of the beach complete with chairs with the colourful umbrellas in the foreground & a para-sail in the background. The colour of the ocean was so blue it looked almost unreal. Every time I look at that picture I’m reminded of the amazing time I spent with my family there.

  16. Jessie / / Reply

    Hey guys, I’m new to the photography world. I recently got a camera and have been capturing every move that my three year old makes. Some people love to photograph the world, my favorite things to photograph are people. I love that you can capture a feeling to have forever. Like I said I’m new at all of this but I want to photograph newborn hospital secissions. I want to capture the new life and the love. Thanks for a chance to win this beautiful strap.

  17. Shannon / / Reply

    My all time favorite photograph is of my siblings and I running out of the ocean at on Topsail Island, NC towards my dad, who was taking the photos. It’s a black and white photo, but it perfectly captures the look of joy on all our faces! We were about shin deep in the water and running full speed ahead towards dad. We were soaked from head to toe after playing in the water all day! Back in the day, we did nothing but sit on the beach all day long, every day of our vacation, heading back to the campsite for lunch, naps, and then dinner! Not only do I love the photograph, but I love the memories it brings back to me. Not a Summer went by that we didn’t load up the tent and sleeping bags into dad’s station wagon and head to Topsail Island for a weeklong camping adventure! Now that I am starting a family of my own, I look forward to going back to Topsail for endless summers to come!

  18. Lieke / / Reply

    Beautiful Fotostrap ! The leather and the black are such a lovely combination. It’s beautiful for my new camera. My favorite picture until now, is a picture that is take when I was three years. I was standing next to my pregnant mother, with my stomach in the same pose as she did, haha. I can’t remember it myself very good, but it is a very funny picture that exactly describes my childhood and my personality. I hope I still get and would take a lot of beautiful pictures when I become older (I am 16 years now haha) !

  19. Aleksandra / / Reply

    My favorite photo is a photo of me in a age of 6 or 7. I was wearing all kinds of goofy and colorful clothes and I looked like a rainbow. It’s my favorite photo because it captures the joy and laughter we had that summer in our summercottage :)

  20. Rocelia / / Reply

    It’s so hard to pic just one picture to be my favorite but I would pic a picture of my mom when she went to Tijuana back in her youth- back in the 60′s -she looked STUNNING! Her lipstick matched her dress perfectly then I asked her about this and she told me she was actually wearing a white dress and they altered the picture. I was surprised they did stuff like that back in those days. Then I asked her if that was her real hair, lol since those up-dos were do popular and so were wigs… It was her beautiful hair. :)

  21. Sarah Collier / / Reply

    My favorite series of photos this year was my attempt to capture the moon. It was hanging over the water and I hadn’t practiced yet how to handle the tripod I got as a gift and I was still very green at learning the settings of my new camera that I had received for Christmas. You can tell, while flipping through each picture, what I was adjusting for: the tripod wasn’t adjusted right for the terrain, the vibrations between my shivering in the cold and the occasional train that passed by, and the different settings I was trying out that, now looking back, didn’t make sense for the environment. One thing I did notice, was the improvement and I feel good about them.

  22. Jenn / / Reply

    The first photograph I am truly proud of was taken when I was about 13 or 14. Taken on my older borther’s old but delightful film camera. It was early spring, still a bit of snow around. We were visiting a friend who lived remotely, essentially surrounded by open countryside. I was wandering around outside near sunset, with the camera and turned, noticing how nice the sun looked shining through the branches of a lone, tall and twisting tree. I was probably lucky in that the settings were perfect, I actually framed by the rule of thirds, and the horizon was (mostly) straight. I now consider it the first proper photograph I took and recently rediscovered it in a box of photos. I intend to frame it now, to remember how my little passion started.

  23. Kendall / / Reply

    My favorite photo is of my grandmother and me. She died young, when I was very young, and I felt like I only ever knew her in the selfish, childish way that I was capable of at the time.She always brought me gifts when she would visit, things that would inspire me to investigate and explore the world. In this photo, I’m wearing bright red shorts and her curly, thick, black and silver hair is bent over showing me how to use my new bug trap so I could see how bugs live and move. I believe that was my last visit with her before she passed, and it stands out in my head as one of my brightest memories.

  24. Gretchen Alice / / Reply

    There’s a photo of me and my brother playing on the playground from when we were young that I absolutely love. We were so carefree!

  25. Meghan / / Reply

    There is a photograph of me and my two older siblings, stacked on my Grandparent’s steps on their back deck… I can’t be more than four or five years old, but I have the ultimate cheddarhead grin on my face. We remake the photography every time all three of us are there together, which isn’t too often any more – but it’s worth the thirty seconds every time we are.

  26. Yvonne / / Reply

    My favorite photo is of me with my pappaw. He’s holding me, and I’m wearing my Grandpa’s Sunshine t-shirt. We’re both all smiles and really excited about something.

  27. LuluA / / Reply

    A photo close to my heart was a shot my husband and I planned for a long time. It’s to be used for a business we’d like to launch together. We bought 2 white balloons and headed to the coast with his camera and tripod. My favourite shot was of our backs facing the camera, me holding the balloons on my left hand and him on my right at the edge of the beach facing the coast. The water was so blue and skies were clear with a slight breeze to blow the balloon in the right direction. It’s a reminder of a great partnership in love and life.

  28. Ashley / / Reply

    My favorite photo lately is one of my Abuelita and my dad on his wedding day to my mom. They’re both leaning in and he’s laughing and she tells him something sternly but still smiling. I always like to think she’s instructing him on how to be the absolute best to my mom. She passed away in 2009 and I miss her every day.

  29. Emily / / Reply

    My dad and I when I was about four years old. We’re walking on a gravel road, he’s carrying two fishing poles in one hand and holding my hand in the other and I’m just beaming up at him.

  30. sarah / / Reply

    One of my favorite photos was taken in Paris, of a man playing piano at the Shakespeare & Co book store. I was studying there in the Summer of 2011 and I had promised myself I would visit the place as soon as possible. When I finally got there, I could hear a string of jazz chords playing from upstairs. I sat behind the man listening, and just before he ended, I stole this shot: Whenever I look at the picture, it reminds me of Paris and the magic of that tiny room spilling over with books.

  31. María Eugenia Medina / / Reply

    My favorite photograph is one where I am with my mom and behind us there is a garden of poppies. I was 6 years old and she is not with me now that I’m about to turn 40. I miss my mom!

  32. christine / / Reply

    my favourite photo of me is a photo from my very first time at disney world when i was only two years old. i met mickey for the first time and the photo my dad captured of me was adorable and full of life. i wish i could go back to that time and experience it all over again.

  33. deborah / / Reply

    i have a print of this photograph i love: deer at a natural history museum exhibit, in silhouette. they look curiously alive. in the foreground, a doe reaches up toward a tree’s thin branches, while a stag waits in the background. you can tell it’s fall, because the leaves are dry and orange and red, and there are other brilliant trees behind the deer, and a vast lake, and mountains… but there’s also a flatness to the backdrop that makes you realize it’s painted.

  34. Autumn Williamson / / Reply

    I took a picture of my baby girl the day after she was born. She was sleeping on my bed, and the morning light was shining through the hospital window just right. I snapped it with my cellphone. She looked so sweet and gentle. She’s a year old now, and of all the (literally, thousands) pictures I have of her, it’s still my favorite.

  35. Kayti Clayton / / Reply

    This is so easy for me, my favorite photograph is one I took with a disposable camera when I was about twelve or thirteen of my baby sister. She was around two at the time and she was in her carseat. The sun was setting and it was pretty dark out and the sunlight was hitting just half of her face and the other half was completely dark and she was just looking at me and laughing. I love that picture.

  36. Jenna Roebke / / Reply

    I always like the pictures with the all-white backgrounds where the subject really pops! Ez always has great pics like this on her Instagram…they just look so fresh!

  37. Sami / / Reply

    My all-time favorite photograph is of me and my Dad when I was one year old. He’s sitting on a green velvet couch shirtless with a handlebar mustache (including Farrah Fawcett hair), and he has me in his arms with his huge baseball cap on backwards. We’re looking at each other and laughing, but the look on his face is something I’ll always remember. He’s my best friend and that picture is raw evidence!

  38. Mindy / / Reply

    My favorite photo is one of my boyfriend and I climbing a tree. I left my camera on the ground and a nice pair of strangers picked it up and snapped the photo for us :)

  39. bdaiss / / Reply

    One of my favorite photos isn’t one I took, it’s one of my grandparents I never met. It is one of my most cherished possessions. It’s simple, shows so much emotion, and is a reflection of (or inspiration for) the “style” I aim for in my photography. Thanks for the chance!

  40. barb / / Reply

    My all time favorite photograph is one of my parents when they were dating and posing on a boat in the middle of the Hudson River with the Statue of Liberty in the background.

  41. Jenni O / / Reply

    My favorite photo (so far) is one I snapped of my newborn twins snuggling together in the bassinet for a nap. It makes me tear up every time.

  42. Alyssa Stiglets / / Reply

    My favorite photograph is one of me as a young girl, maybe 4 or 5, looking at my great grandfather. He passed away shortly after, so I’m thankful to have the photograph that captures our relationship.

  43. Leah C / / Reply

    One of my favorite photos I have ever taken was of a little girl playing in the fountains at The Louvre Museum in Paris. She was wearing this adorable matching white hat and dress and it was the cutest thing!

  44. Kylee / / Reply

    this past summer, my husband i lived in a van and traveled Europe. There is a picture we snapped just as we started our journey sitting on top of our turquoise VW van, our new home for the next four months. Its definitely my favorite picture right now.

    Great Giveaway, thanks!

  45. Kristin / / Reply

    There is a picture of me as a toddler with Snow White at Disney. It’s an old polaroid and I recreated the just several years ago with my look alike little girl.

  46. Alina Avanesyan / / Reply

    My favorite photo is of my father when he was in his twenties, standing next to his classic VW Beetle on an open road. Makes me smile every time I look at it.

  47. Caitlin H. / / Reply

    My favorite photo is of my baby sister and I when I was 5 and she was 1. We are wearing the most adorable hand made watermelon dresses, and are standing with a wagon full of flowers in a grassy field. We were sweet and young and innocent and have these hilarious looks on our faces! Fingers crossed!

  48. Cassie Holcomb / / Reply

    My favorite photograph was taken when I was less than a year old and my mother was taking a course in photography at a local college. She snapped a photo of my dad with his eighties hair holding me over his shoulder with a huge grin on both of our faces and developed the photo herself in black and white. It’s the perfect summation of what a daddy’s girl I was and am!

  49. nora / / Reply

    My favorite photo has to be one of my husband and I in Havana, Cuba, taken and developed right on the street.

  50. torrie / / Reply

    i’m still on the hunt for a great camera strap and would love to get a good shot of the moon some day!

  51. Jenny / / Reply

    Favorite photo is me and my siblings at the top of the Grand Canyon right after we hiked up from the basin. The looks on our faces are pure joy and relief!

  52. Celine / / Reply

    A picture taken by my dad of me standing in front of me on a cloudy day, but in the distance, there’s a clear rainbow streaming through the clouds.

  53. Jane Y. / / Reply

    beautiful camera strap! my all time favorite photo is a very old one. it’s one of my mom and her niece (!! my mom’s oldest brother was old enough to be her father..!) anyway in the picture they are playing paper, rock and scissors. the photo is black and white and it’s in korea in the fifties. they are wearing traditional hanbok which adds such a nice touch. in the picture my mom, who is just a little girl, has this look on her face that she is going to lose. she always told me how bad she was at it. i’m terrible at that game as well and i used to say that i got from my mom. that picture reminds me of our conversation :)

  54. Eva / / Reply

    My favourite picture is captured in Italy during the preperatin of a Wedding in the rooom where the bride and the flowergirls were getting ready. One of the fliwer girls wasn’t ready yet, she was in her white underclothing snatching the VOGUE on the sofa :) you can find it on my webpage too

  55. Megan / / Reply

    My favorite photograph is of my husband and myself on our wedding day. The pastor accidentally introduced us as “Megan and Karen” instead of “Megan and Kevin” and we looked at each other and started laughing uncontrollably. It lightened the tension and nerves from the big day, and reminded us that our humor and ability to laugh at everything is the reason we love each other so much. There is a photograph of us holding hands, staring into each other’s eyes, and cracking up. I love it.

  56. Erin S / / Reply

    My favorite photo is from my wedding, taken by my brother in law. We had a very homegrown affair, our friends made the beer, food, cupcakes, did the photography. Our friend even married us. I didn’t think we would have any good professional shots of us together. But Drew got a great one of our first dance, and we were in a garage dancing to an iPod, surrounded by our friends and family. We are only looking at each other in this cement room, filled with people, and the way my husband looks at me in the photo just makes my heart stop. It’s the only wedding photo I display, and it’s a 5×8, black and white, on my mantle.

  57. Lucy Smith / / Reply

    My favorite photo is one of my mom at the beach picking up seashells. The sky was reflecting off the sand so it looked like she was walking on cloud. So beautiful.
    Thanks for this giveaway!

  58. Jaime Lopez / / Reply

    My favorite photo is of my husband and I at a friends wedding when we first started dating 12 years ago. Someone snapped a candid-shot of us laughing together; they developed it in black + white and sent it to us after the wedding. We are now married and every time I see the photo, it instantly takes me back and puts a smile on my face.

  59. Shobitha S / / Reply

    My favorite photo is one I took of one of the toddlers in my church. Two friends and I were babysitting her, one of them was her uncle. The picture was taken from behind as we walked into Giggleberry Fair in Peddler’s Village, PA. In the picture she’s looking up at her uncle who was holding her hand and is extremely excited about getting on the merry-go-round. The picture captures the joy in her eyes and the smile on her face. I live for these shots.

  60. Amanda / / Reply

    My favorite photo changes quite a bit – but my recent pic is a shot of my two year old standing on a make-shift African ladder watching our guard cut down bananas from the tree in our back yard.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  61. Grey / / Reply

    When I was 11 or 12, I stood at the ledge of a swimming pool and took a photo of my little brother about to surface from the emerald water. The big black flippers I was wearing can be seen in the frame. I still have this photo, and it’s my very favorite.

  62. Amanda / / Reply

    My favorite photo is of my husband and two kids after a day of riding. It reminds me how simply life was back in our college years. We would pack the kids, our laundry and his bike and head out to my parents house. Always puts a smile to my face.

  63. Mary / / Reply

    My favorite photograph was taken at one of the most vulnerable moments in my life. I had been training to be a professional ballerina my entire life. I sacrificed friends, a “normal” high school experience, and physical comfort for the sake of my dream. It was something that was completely driven by me – my parents lovingly supported my dance career while making it clear that they would be just as proud if I quit at any moment. Fast-forward to the summer before my junior year of high school: I was training at the Houston Ballet Summer Intensive. I was one of the five students selected for their year-round training school. I believed this was the beginning of the rest of my life, that all my hard work and sacrifice had finally amounted to something. My parents flew to Texas for our final performance, having yet to decide whether or not they’d let me stay. Staying would mean me living on my own at 16, growing up quickly, sacrificing the last the thing I had – the freedom of childhood. After the performance, my parents approached me with tears and told me they didn’t feel right about letting me stay there. I began to cry in utter disbelief. A friend came by to hug me. It was at that moment a photo was snapped.

    I used to hate this picture: it’s not particularly flattering. But when I see it now, all I see is my parents’ brave choice in an impossible scenario. It’s a tangible reminder of how much my parents love me – that they took their job of raising me seriously. I’m forever grateful.

    Thanks for the question! And I love the camera strap :)

  64. fany ares / / Reply

    My favourite photo is one of my mother, my brother and I looking each to one different angle with a soft sun-light filtered by the trees leaves in a late summer day. It is not the usual portrait looking to the camera, we are very independant items in the picture and at the same time the feeling of the unit is just there. It is the best family portrait ever ;)

    Thank you for the give away and the nice blog. I would really like to thank also the rare oportunity of participate in a give away if you are not a facebook user (as it is my case). Thanks.


  65. Jill / / Reply

    There’s a photograph that was a partial accident that I’ve always loved. I took it at a music festival, it’s of my friends looking so thrilled and joyous while listening to music, I wasn’t focused on faming and it came out perfectly carefree. That and the photos I have of my grandparents I also treasure just because of the subject matter. What a beautiful piece! It would be a relief to have something that actually easily adjusted!

  66. MeaganS / / Reply

    My favorite photo is of my two little boys actually sitting next to each other on the couch (2 yrs old and 6 months old). I’d love to take more pictures of them!

  67. drue / / Reply

    The one I took of my three urchins, summer-tanned faces smooshed against a screen door – happy, young, and free.

  68. Anne Marie / / Reply

    My favorite photo is one of my aunt and I, where she is running after me on the beach trying to catch me. I was four years old, and unstopable.

  69. Eloquence / / Reply

    I have a photo from my trip to New Zealand on my wall – love the bright colors of the scenery!

  70. Bridget P. / / Reply

    my favorite photo is of my husband and I on our wedding day. We looked so young and happy!

  71. Sarah Ellefson / / Reply

    My favorite photo is one that I captured at a wedding shoot recently. The bride and groom are standing up on the bluffs over the ocean, gazing out to sea with their arms wrapped around one another. It’s tender, timeless, and I am so happy with the way it worked out!

  72. Dale / / Reply

    My favorite photo is one of my then-fiance, now husband, and I kisssing in the middle of a field in Scotland. We set up a timer and the picture is just gorgeous, and always makes me happy when I look at it.

  73. Chia Tan / / Reply

    One of my favourite photos: My camping tent amongst the Big Sur redwood trees one misty New Year’s morning.. Although I’ve been to many gorgeous mountain tops here in Switzerland, I felt a really deep peace in that forest on the other side of the ocean.
    That photo was taken with just my iPhone, but just last week I bought a Sony NEX-6 so that I will be able to better document my post-PhD graduation road trip in Iceland this summer. Hope to win this gorgeous fotostrap for it :) Thanks for the chance!

  74. Victoria / / Reply

    My favourite photo is one I took while working in the Australian outback. We were building a new cattle yard out in the bush and I picked up my camera around sunset and snapped a few shots in the beautiful orange light. One particular photo of one of the farm workers; a grizzled old cowboy type (the kinda guy that lives in levi’s, drives a truck and always has a roll-up hanging from his lip) summed up my outback experience perfectly.

  75. Catherine / / Reply

    My favorite photo is a black and white circa 1950s photo of my grandma looking super cute and talking on the phone. She looks happy, young, healthy, and beautiful. She is now 92 years old and unfortunately took a fall recently and is in the hospital, we also recently learnt she has skin cancer. Keeping my fingers crossed that she makes it through this so that I can have my vibrant and lively Nan back.

  76. Kate M. / / Reply

    My favorite photograph is one I shot with a disposable travel camera years ago. It’s of my best friend sitting on the rocks at Morro Bay looking out at the ocean. The light was just right to make it look like a professionally staged shot with just her shadowed silhouette in front of the vast Pacific.

  77. Emily / / Reply

    Actually it is a series of three photos- they are shots of each of my three children caught in mid-yawn. I love them and have displayed them in my bedroom for years (to remind me children do eventually sleep through the night :) ).

  78. Ellee Peterson / / Reply

    My all time favorite photograph? That is so hard to narrow down! My favorite one of my husband and I is one from our wedding day. We were supposed to be doing a serious pose, with him standing behind me, and me leaning back into his chest. But he tried to quickly sneak a kiss on my neck and we both burst up laughing because after his goofy attempt we couldn’t be straight faced again. My photographer captured the moment perfectly – we are both giggling with our beautiful background and it’s one of my favorite pictures of us!

  79. Elizabeth @ hobbylobbyist / / Reply

    My favorite photograph ever is one my mom took in the 80s in our backyard. My brother was floating on a raft in the pool and my dad is about to cannon-ball right next to him. My mom caught it at the exact moment right before my dad hits the water and splashes my brother.

  80. Amy S. / / Reply

    I recently got married and there is a black and white photograph of me right after I put my dress on with my mom straightening the train and my sister-in-law and best friend are all helping me out, and everyone looks so in the moment, I really feel like it captures the true feeling of the day, happiness, anticipation and excitement all rolled into one.

  81. Amy Montgomery / / Reply

    My favorite picture is my 2-year old son’s reaction to meeting his younger brother for the first time after he was born. He has one hand on my shoulder, another hand on his baby brother’s head and a huge smile on his face. Priceless!

  82. Deby / / Reply

    My all time favorite photograph was one (one of the few ever taken of him as a child) of my Dad as a little boy. He was wearing a little tweed cap and coat and it tugged at my heartstrings. I had it on my dresser and when I left to work elsewhere for a summer, I returned only to find it had vanished. I know my older sister absconded w/ it, but if course I had no proof. :(

    Thank you for the giveaway! The strap looks so rugged and wonderful and is exactly what I need!

  83. Rosanna / / Reply

    My favorite picture that I own is the one of my boyfriend and I after he had just gotten baptized in the frigid waters of Morro Bay, CA. Our friend snapped this photo of us huddled close together, him, his whole body shivering and me, wearing his warm snow jacket with the fierce wind blowing my then red-dyed hair all around my face. Though the weather conditions were not quite inviting, we were both smiling madly from the joy of the day. Makes me smile like a cheeseball every time I see it. :)

  84. Tiffany / / Reply

    I have an old polaroid of my brother and I when I was 6 with 2 giant Care Bear characters at our local drug store. I remember taking this picture because I just got a Care Bear as a gift (Cheer Bear!) and Cheer Bear was there to take a picture with. I was so happy.

  85. Hannah / / Reply

    My all time fave photo is from 1976. It was of me and my two cousins, as babies, sitting on the most awesome 70′s couch, posed, by a parent—probably my dad, as the classic monkeys, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil… The photo itself has a wonderful aged fade to it, and looking at it brings back memories of such a simpler time. I miss those days sometimes.

  86. Danelle / / Reply

    My favourite photo is pretty much any one that has my grandparents in it. They both loathe having their photo taken (which is frustrating when my full time job is a photographer) but when I manage to capture one without them knowing, and they’re smiling away… that’s all I ever wanted. They’ll be gone from this world far too soon and I want to be able to remember these moments as best as I can and having photographs of them as they are now is all I could ask for.

  87. Cassie / / Reply

    There is one of my grandmother from the 1960′s wearing a headscarf and a plaid shirt- she just looks so glamorous!

  88. Jenny / / Reply

    Great giveaway! I love my camera(s), but the most memorable pics are those in my mind – without any technic, just taken by my heart ;-)

  89. Kristi M / / Reply

    My favorite picture is of me and my siblings in high school. It wasn’t at a special event, but it is of all of us laughing and captured us perfectly.

  90. KZ / / Reply

    My all time favorite photo is one of my parents looking at each other. It’s black and white and small, but the hues of white and black have great contrast. There is really no background. They look so in love and it really captures a moment when they were just starting out. I have always wondered what kind of camera it was because it is so rich in contrast.

  91. Honey Denne / / Reply

    My favourite photo was of me, age 2. My brother was trying out a box brownie camera he had saved coupons from a Kellogg’s Corn Flakes box to get! We were in a local park in London, I, holding a blousy, red rose in front of some rose bushes (pretty sure my rose was purloined from one!) and looking uncomfortable about it! The photograph is faded, a definite 1970s feel to it. But my memory is all I have of it – my eldest sister stole it from me when I was a teenager & I’ve never seen it since :(

  92. Leigh / / Reply

    A photo of my grandmother: she was in her 50s but already had white hair, which she kept short. She is steering a sailboat, very seriously, with great sunglasses and a scarf in her hair.

  93. Paige / / Reply

    There’s a photo of me and my papa riding on the tractor at the family farm. I was probably about 9 months old and I’m on his lap. We are both beaming. Fast forward three decades and I’m expecting my first baby. I’m looking forward to snapping a shot of him or her on great-papa’s lap on the family tractor. Time marches on!

  94. deb / / Reply

    gorgeous camera strap! thank you for the giveaway .
    one of my favourite photos is of our newly born 1st grandchild gripping my husbands finger ~ a beautiful moment I was so grateful to have not only witnessed but captured.

  95. Sarah / / Reply

    My favorite photo is of me and my sister sitting in a red playschool wagon at about 3 (me) and 1 (her) years old. I’m kissing the side of her head with my arms wrapped around her as she makes a funny face. After she passed away I put it up prominently in my apartment. It never fails to bring a smile to my face.

  96. Claudia / / Reply

    My favourite photo was taken by my boyfriend when we were in Machu Picchu. It had been my dream to go there for years, and finally last year, we both decided to just go. I had been waiting to see it for so long, and the photo on my mantle is a reminder that yes, dreams come true. It also reminds me to keep travelling, because life is too short to just stay in our own little corner.

  97. karen / / Reply

    my favorite photo is one of my mom in the 70s. she looked so stylish and happy!

  98. Liz / / Reply

    A bright sunny picture of my dad up on the boat when he was scuba diving. It’s the perfect memory of him.

  99. tiff / / Reply

    My favourite picture is of my boyfriend during a tour of the desert outside las vegas a few years ago. We were having an amazing adventure and the scenery was magical. He passed away a short time ago and I miss him terrible…but every time I look at that photo it brings a smile to my face

  100. Kathy @ The Salvaged Boutique / / Reply

    My ALL TIME favorite is actually a series of black and white photos of my mom, aunt, uncles and grandmother from their childhood in Puerto Rico. I created a photo book of the twenty or so images for Christmas one year. I did this to preserve our family history and heritage. It’s a gift that we’ll be able to pass along to the younger generations in our family.

    LOVE this strap! Thank you for offering the giveaway.

  101. Kathy / / Reply

    My all time favorite is a childhood photo of my parents and myself at a dinner party, the photo captured was of me looking completely shocked and in pain as I had just eaten something very hot (both spice and temperature wise) whilst my parents posed very nicely not realising what had just happened to me.

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  103. Magdalena F / / Reply

    My favourite photo is of 6-year-old me looking super happy next to my mom on her hospital bed. My mom had promised to come back in time for my birthday but instead, she gave birth to my sister on the very day!

  104. Julie Kuberski / / Reply

    What a beautiful strap! I’d have to say my favorite photograph is one of me + my fiancé’s engagement photos. It’s actually both of our favorite out of the bunch. It’s nice too, because we really don’t take that many pictures together regularly, and our photographer captured one of the most beautiful photos of us, and I just love it. I’ll treasure it forever. :)

  105. Agnes V. / / Reply

    This looks so much better than my DSLR Nikon strap! My favorite photograph was a pic I took of me and my daughter when she was one; we both happened to be wearing yellow and I am kissing her on her cheek. She was in a yellow tank top so you can see the lovely and yummy rolls on her arms.

  106. Jenna / / Reply

    My favorite photograph is an old Polaroid of me (at four months old) and my family with Santa Claus. It was my first Christmas and I was sitting on Santa’s lap, with my eyes and mouth hanging wide open for the camera. My parents looked so young and happy, my older sister grinning from ear to ear. The photograph captured a moment that I was too young to remember and is precious to me because it is one of the very few and rare photos that caught my parents smiling together…a sight that I have never been familiar with as far as my actual memories go.

  107. Aida / / Reply

    One of my wedding photos that is full of flower petals and rice and friends in the background and our very happy selves :)

  108. Janie B / / Reply

    My favorite photo is of my family and I standing in front of a huge glacier during the summer holiday. It reminds me of all the happy times my childhood was, and now since everyone is spread all over the world, it’s quite bittersweet knowing that I’ll never be able to experience that family warmth again. The photo does make me smile as I am quite proud of every ones accomplishments and grateful to have that special connection.

  109. Kat / / Reply

    A total gaffe photo of my smiling face after graduation hugging my mom

  110. Carla / / Reply

    My mom and her two sisters. In a row, late teens, black and white. Photo perfection!

  111. Yvonne Yam / / Reply

    I just took my fave photo last weekend. I came back from a trip with sunglasses for my 3 nephews and niece. It was so fun watching the kids gather together for a group shot and nailing it with their sweet smiles. :)

  112. Julia / / Reply

    Growing up around photographers, I was always in front of the camera. In 2006 I had the opportunity to go to Vienna, Austria. While I was there I went to one of the last concentration camps to be liberated. While somberly wondering around the grounds and snapping photos, I took a photo of a brick holding cell. You can faintly see the outline of a person with their head hung low. This photo, while sad, has always had an impact on my perspective of the world.

  113. Anna Wilkerson / / Reply

    My fiance and I just had our engagement photos done. After five years together, and both being photographers, how could I possibly choose one photo? But there are a few in this new set that have really left an impression on me. In particular, one taken on the banks of the Willamette River. Our photographer had us stand out in the water a little bit, on top of a large rock, but you can’t see the rock in the photo. She framed us just above the knees, Sean’s hand in his pocket and mine absentmindedly holding the open edge of his coat, up near the hood. The river is our background, and you can see Portland’s skyline far off behind us, blurry and blue. It’s one of our favorite places. We both looked off to the side, at this dock that we had gone out on last time we were there, forgetting about the camera. Sean’s mouth is open a little; he was saying something about it, and I was listening. The wind blew my hair a little, and you can tell by the way that Sean is standing that he is cold, but comfortable. His red shirt matches my tights exactly, which was actually an accident. I love this picture because it’s real. This. This is what we look like together, every day, when we’re out by ourselves. I always knew that it felt beautiful. Now I know that it also looks beautiful.

  114. Pratya / / Reply

    My favorite photograph is an old Polaroid of my sister and me at the zoo with a duck clown at 1992. That photo was taken by an itinerant photographer when I was 3 and my sister was 5.

  115. T.N. / / Reply

    I love a great old studio photograph of my father in fishing waders with a fishing pole in hand, standing between two women I never met. One was in a ballerina outfit and the other in a disco-roller skate get-up. Super awesome.

  116. Beth K / / Reply

    My all-time favorite photograph is of the Nubble Lighthouse in Maine — reminds me of a great family reunion! Thanks for the giveaway!

  117. Shelby B / / Reply

    My favorite photograph is a photo of my papaw when he was about 4 years old. He is standing on a crowded street barefoot with newspaper in hand, selling copies to passer buyers. It’s just a really beautiful shot evoking a seemingly simpler time.

  118. Anna Kämper / / Reply

    I took my favorite photo, when I was seven years old, in our kitchen. I asked my parents to take the film with them to the shop in the city, but there was still one photo on it. So I asked my mother to kiss my dad. It became a great photo of them!

  119. Danielle H / / Reply

    My favorite photograph is one that I took in Fukuoka, Japan, from the top of the radio tower. I could see the whole city. It was an amazing experience and one I’ll never forget. It was just at sunset, and the light reflecting off the buildings was beautiful

  120. Kimbercrafts / / Reply

    My all-time favorite photo is of my daughter when she was 2.5 weeks old. She has a wide, toothless smile, and it melts my heart whenever I see it!

  121. Charmaine / / Reply

    What a lovely giveaway!
    My all time favourite photo would have to be a fisheye photo I took of my dad on a tram in Hong Kong – his hands were full and he had a piece of bread in his mouth. The picture was so warped- he looked so funny!

  122. Patrick / / Reply

    My fav. photo would be the one with my wife at the Gabba antique centre – we went there for our engagement shoot last year – we had heaps of fun playing with the props, I even put on rollerskates (which I haven’t done in many, many years!)

  123. Anna Kristensen / / Reply

    My all time favorite is a photo of my twin girls seing each other for the first time after beeing away from each other for a while and then hugging with such intesene and sister/twinlove. I think this picture glow!

  124. sarah kwon / / Reply

    My favorite photograph has got to be a photo I took in high school in Photography class. We were given an assignment to take any picture we wanted and then process that image in the dark room. The photo I took was on a pier on the beach. It was of two children, a boy and a girl who were dirty, and their clothing was shabby. It was apparent that they were poor. The reason why I took this photo was because my heart went out to them and I wanted to capture what poverty looked like on a child’s face. Their father was fishing to make sure they had food to eat, while others were there to get a tan, or visit boutique shops, or eat to their hearts content at nice restaurants. I didn’t have much money then, but I thought if I could capture this, I could help them by letting the world know, that they are not unseen.

  125. Angie Hoggett / / Reply

    my fave is one of me and my mum on holiday, the backdrop just doesn’t look real as the scenery is stunning. It brings back lots of happy memories.

  126. Patricia / / Reply

    So I don’t know if it’s my favorite of all times, but the first I recall is a picture my dad took me being around two years old. Standing up, wearing (of course) my favorite tote and lots of bracelets (where has that primped girl gone?), and playing with a tall tower of cubes I had built. And he happened to shoot in the precise moment the tower started to fall down, and you can see the surprise in my face and all those cubes hanging in the air.

  127. Doro / / Reply

    What a great Giveaway! My favourite photo of all times is one of my grandparents. It’s taken after worl war 2 in my hometown in Germany in front of my great-grandfather’s pub. You can still see bullet holes in the building but my grandparents are perfectly smiling at each other – that’s been true love…
    xo, Doro (with greetings from germany!)

  128. Janis McCarty / / Reply

    My favorite photo is a shot I took of two of my granddaughters in the kitchen helping me make a cake. They both have on chef hats and aprons. One is seriously helping and the other is just standing on the chair being her goofball self. Adorable.

  129. Kristina / / Reply

    my mom and my grandma sitting in a large yellow field of dandelions on a sunny spring day. my mom is very young and so is my grandma, they are both smiling and look happy. a picture that my dad has taken with his film camera.

  130. Manja / / Reply

    My favorite picture is one of my wedding pictures. It is black and white. My husband and me are standing on a bridge. He is facing the water and I am kissing him on the cheek. I just love that picture and the moment captured.

  131. Sabrina F. / / Reply

    My all-time fav photograph is hard to choose…but the one, that first gets in my mind ist one of my goddaughter, when she do her first little steps right in front of me – smiling like a Cheshire cat. Big L-O-V-E!

  132. Ana / / Reply

    My favourite photo is one of New York, Flatiron building

  133. Joycelyn / / Reply

    My all time favourite photo is one where I had laid on my back on the lawn at Kings Park in Perth and captured a shot of the fluffy clouds intermingling with the far reaching branches of the tall trees.

  134. Chiara / / Reply

    My favorite photo is a shot of Tina Modotti 1929: Hands of the puppeteer. However, I love all the shots of the Modotti.
    Anyway… thanks for this giveaway! <3

  135. dianne a / / Reply

    My favorite photo is a picture of my three grandchildren on the lawn, just having fun together, that turned out to be one of the best ever.

  136. Suzanne / / Reply

    My favorite photo is one of my dad, grandfather and myself sitting on a picnic table. I was four and sitting between them with each of my elbows resting on each of my “boys’” shoulders.

  137. Monica / / Reply

    One of my favorite photos is that of my son when he was about 9 months old. He is dressed in denim overalls, sitting in the grass at my mother’s house. He is serioulsly studying a blade of grass and his little toes are showing through the lawn just so. I just love his look of concentration and focus.

  138. Margie Visnick / / Reply

    My favorite photo (that immediately springs to mind, anyway) is one of my twin daughters at my sister’s wedding. They were the flower girls, and one of them spilled their petals, so they were picking them up-cutest photo ever!

  139. Zita / / Reply

    My favourite photo was the taken in a huge park in Budapest (Hungary) where we played badminton with my then boyfriend (now fiancé). Being exhausted we lied down on the grass when I hold up my old Russian made analogue camera and took a photo of us. That picture is still on our shelf preserving a very beautiful moment.

  140. Anne / / Reply

    The photo I prefer is the one with my father and me at the seaside
    playing on the beach when I was 2 years old. Many, many time ago … My mother took this photo.

  141. Marion Christine Haßold / / Reply

    My favourite picture… is still a photo that still only exists in my mind. I am in love with the ocean and i dream of a picture of wild stormy waves, different shades of blue and gray and all that photographed in an abstract way. I would hang it in my living room and love all about it. It would be an reflection of myself, my soul and all i am dreaming of, being free, living by the sea and sleeping on my own ship, listening to the waves and watching the stars. A reflection of the universe and eternity…one day, i will take this picture. I recently tried, but our journey was to short. And yeah, i would love to win :)

  142. Mia / / Reply

    I have a photo where I’m standing in the middle of a field with my three siblings and we are all making ridiculous faces. I love it so much because to my mothers dismay that sums up all photos of us.

  143. Lora DelPonte / / Reply

    My Uncle Dana got married late in his life, when I was in college. My entire family had a blast dancing that night. Someone, I don’t know who, snapped a picture of my grandfather and me dancing mid-spin. There are huge smiles on both of our faces. My grandfather was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer not long afterwards and passed away quickly, within six months. Seven years later, I’m now engaged to be married. I’m so sad that my fiancé never met my grandfather, who was an incredible man, and I’m heartbroken that I won’t be able to tear up the dance floor with Bup (that’s his nickname ). Looking at the picture reminds me to be grateful that I had that dance with him so long ago.

  144. Kim / / Reply

    My all time favorite photo is a candid one that I took of my husband and my dog. Just the way they are looking at each other in the closeup is so sweet. Candids are always my favorite as they show the personality that may not come through when posed.

  145. Annalissa / / Reply

    My all-time favorite photograph is one that I took several years ago when vacationing in canada with my family. It is a black & white of my grandfather sitting in a boat on the lake just as the sun it starting to rise behind the trees and everything is still shrouded in whisps of fog.

  146. angela / / Reply

    Such a great giveaway! My favorite photo is an old one of 3 year old me with my best dog Brandy standing near by. But I also love my wedding photos so much!

  147. Stephanie / / Reply

    My all time favourite photo is of my husband and I, taken at the photo booth at our wedding. Me with big fake red lips and him with mad scientist glasses on. It truly represents our fun loving relationship.

  148. Sarah D. / / Reply

    My favorite photo is one with my husband and me on our wedding day. We loved the photo so much, we sent this picture to all our guests with the thank you card!

  149. Nettie L. / / Reply

    There’s a photo of me and my 3 older siblings as children on my sisters fridge that makes me smile every time I look at it. It was a summer in the mid 80′s and we were sitting on Grandma and Grandpa’s trampoline.

  150. Terry Kessinger / / Reply

    I think my favorite picture is one my mother took of me when I was around 3 years old. I had gotten an almost life-size doll and a high chair for her for Christmas. In the photo I was reaching up to ‘feed’ my baby doll. Of course, my mouth was wide open like I was taking the bite, too. Very serious business. :)

  151. Crystal / / Reply

    My favorite picture is a photo of me when I was 5 (I think.) It’s at the park and I’m sitting in a miniature lawn chair, holding a hot dog in one hand and chomping on a piece of fried chicken with the other hand. I remember that day too, I remember being asked if I wanted a hot dog or chicken, I said both. :) Photography is such a great tool to preserve special moments, especially the little ones. Thanks for the giveaway!

  152. Debbie Fechter / / Reply

    My favorite photo is me at 4 years old asleep on my father’s lap with my thumb in my mouth and my father is asleep too. We are sitting on my parents old red, white and blue couch. Hey it was the 70′s!!!

  153. Elise / / Reply

    This is gorgeous! One of my favorite photographs is one of my dad, brothers and me in Yellowstone when I was probably 4. I am one my dad’s shoulders with my head leaning on his. I just love it cause you can see all of our personalities shine through.

  154. Chelsea / / Reply

    My current favorite photo is one of my (almost) 12 month old son and the face he makes when we tell him “no.” He gets this sly little grin on his face, I hate to admit it, but it’s pretty sweet. :)

  155. Love, Carrie / / Reply

    My all time favorite photograph is a black and white close-up pic of my husband and I at the zoo. It’s sweet and endearing and makes my heart skip a beat ♥

  156. Jodie Hurt / / Reply

    Any photo I took of my sweet boxer girl Gracie is my favorite. She was the sweetest dog I ever met, and now that she’s gone, every picture I have of her is precious.

  157. Jessie Beck / / Reply

    My all time favorite photo is of two little kids on a beach in Madagascar. I was with some friends under an open grass hut when they came over and started staring. I pretended to take a photo so they began giggling and making funny faces. The lighting was great and they didn’t seem shy, so I went ahead and took the photo. When I turned the camera around to show them, they began laughing even harder and trying to make even funnier faces — and I ended up with a series of these two kids playfully posing for the camera. I love this photo not just because it came out well, but because it represents one of my favorite aspects of living in Madagascar — the kids :)

  158. Lauren P / / Reply

    Oh man, a favorite photograph is hard to pin down! I think if I had to choose, I would go with this image I captured of my boyfriend while we were in Chicago for the first time together. We were on the rooftop of a friend’s shop, he was laughing at something our friend said and I ninja-ed his picture. It’s perfect. Skyline in the background, genuinely happy boyfriend. Swoon. Gives me butterflies to this day whenever I see it. Such happy!

  159. Kathy T. / / Reply

    My favorite photograph is of me backstage at my first ballet performance when I was 5 years old. I am dressed in a pink Wizard of Oz munchkin costume, dolled up in stage makeup. It was my birthday and I was smiles from ear to ear. The beat part is I have this awesome little kid pot belly…but I didn’t care cause I was a star that night!

  160. Jill / / Reply

    My favorite picture is a picture of my 5 year old nephew at Disney World for the first time. While there all I saw were the massive crowds & lines for each rides, but the picture shows how amazing the experience was for him. He was in awe the entire day, and the picture captures that.

  161. Melissa / / Reply

    I didn’t even have to think about my favorite picture as it came instantly to mind! My favorite picture is of my childhood dog (and as an only child he could probably considered my best “friend”) but it was taken on a summer afternoon where I was blowing bubbles into the wind and watching Dusty leap into the air to bite them. With perfect timing, my father was able to capture Dusty, mid-air, with his big cocker spaniel ears strait out as if he were flying! It is without doubt that I consider my current-day love for animal photography to these early childhood memories.

  162. Linda / / Reply

    My favorite photo is of myself and my husband with our 3 boys. On vacation a resort photographer had my husband lay face down on the beach. We all piled on top of him, one at a time. We were all laughing so hard because my husband was getting smushed by the weight of all of us on top of him. The photo captured everyone laughing. My favorite family photo!!!

  163. Sarah / / Reply

    Taken from the back at ground level, my two daughters, at ages ~9 mo and 4 yo. Baby naked but diaper, older sister in undies and tshirt with her arm around baby, looking at clover in the yard next door.

  164. Kimberly Conner / / Reply

    My favorite photo is a tjny, grainy shot of a little boy staring at the camera, mouth slightly agape. My dad used to wear this photo in a locket around his neck – the little boy was his son from a previous marriage who he had lost touch with. I remember asking my dad who that little boy was and watching the sadness enter his eyes. I vowed then that I would find my long lost brother – and thanks to the wonders of the internet I eventually succeeded. My brother (now a grown man) and I hung out and went to a concert together not two weeks ago. And it has all been possible because instead of seeing a ghost from the past in that little photo I saw a dream for tomorrow.

  165. erin g / / Reply

    My favorite photograph is of my sister and I.We is making funny faces and passsing the camera back and forth taking funny pictures of ourselves. I love this picture because it reminds me of her while she is gone on her mission. It also reminds me sometimes you have to let it all go and just make funny faces and laugh a little.

  166. Novella G. / / Reply

    Fun to read about everyone’s favorite photo. My favorite photo is a portrait of my granddaughter in her special Christmas dress. Best I ever missed- a grandfather and grandson sharing a bicycle as they rode down a city street. Their faces were pure joy and I had no camera!

  167. Joana / / Reply

    It’s hard to pick just one photo, but there is a memorable one of my sister and I on the beach some years ago. I picked my camera and took a selfie of us, facing the sunset. And when we had the film developed we were amazed. The sunlight was perfect, the colors were beautiful, we looked good and happy (and well framed), and it turned out to be the favorite photo of the two of us for the entire family. I think it is so important because of the memories I have of that moment.

  168. Athena Roth / / Reply

    My favorite photo is of my father as a little boy sitting next to my great grandmother. He is holding his Howdy Doody Doll and looks so happy. We don’t have many pictures of my great grandmother and I love looking at her face and seeing so much of our family in it. Best, Athena.

  169. Kelsie / / Reply

    One of the best pictures I’ve ever taken was with my SX-70 Polaroid film camera. It’s a picture I took while on a trip with my husband. He took me on a surprise trip to Maine and we camped for around 2 weeks. I took wild flowers and made it look as if they were flowing out of a water spout at the camp ground. The lighting is superb! Another favorite is one I took of my friend Ashley who lives in South Africa. She had recently come out of a terrible divorce and I wanted to capture a Polaroid photo of her that showed her walk into true freedom with God. In the background of the Polaroid photo is a picture on her wall of a woman (Aung San Suu Kyi) who was recently released from being a prisoner in Burma for standing up to the Burmese government. I felt this woman, and my friend Ashley, had something real in common.

  170. Elizabeth / / Reply

    My husband recorded his proposal on his iPhone from the railing of our deck, and we were able to take screen shots of the moment he dropped to his knee with the ring in-hand, and my ecstatic surprise as my hands covered my face right as I began to cry! The photo is blurry, far from professional, but a memory caught for all eternity for us! I am a fledgling photographer, and would enjoy having this beautiful strap as an accessory! Thanks!

  171. Laura / / Reply

    My favorite photo is one of me and my grandaddy a few Christmases ago. He had been diagnosed with brain cancer, but he didn’t yet look sick or feel too sick. It was our last Christmas together before he passed away.

  172. Pie / / Reply

    My favourite photograph is one of me and my partner at my best friend’s wedding. We were on the dance floor, hamming it up when the photographer caught us, just as my love was dipping me back and I was roaring with laughter. It is one of my absolute favourite captures of sheer happiness.

  173. Shannon Y. / / Reply

    It’s one of my brother, my sister, and me in black and white and we’re laughing. So perfect.

  174. Julie / / Reply

    There is a small wooden foot bridge over a creek behind a cute little coffee shop that my roommates and I used to frequent in college. I adored going there on my own too- sipping a chai latte, watching the leaves fall into the creek, bundled up from the cold, and thinking of all that was ahead of me.

    I visited that spot after graduation and took some photos. The photos snap me right back there every time. I feel the cold, I hear the creek, I smell the chai. It’s absolute perfection.

  175. Tammy Tudor / / Reply

    My favourite photograph is from our Disneyland Paris holiday it beings back so many great memories and one we will cherish as a family forever

  176. Giuli / / Reply

    I have no fav photos but a collection of photos with moments I spent with my family. Photos are too important for me, I guard them jealously and thanks to the photos I remember the value of every moment that I live.
    Wonderful prize! Thank you so much!

  177. Holland / / Reply

    My favorite photo these days is one I took in the hospital of our newborn son. It is full of light and love and the yawn we captured is truly perfect.

  178. Clint Howat / / Reply

    One of my wedding photos that is full of flowers.

  179. SS / / Reply

    My favorite is one of my mom and my uncle in matching outfits when they were one and two years old

  180. Eilidh / / Reply

    Our most recent family portrait taken on a windy day in Edinburgh by our lovely friend. Thanks Ez. x

  181. tamara / / Reply

    My favourite photo is of my grandmother & her brother, taken in 1911 or 1912. They were between 6 & 8 yrs old, are both naked in their garden, backs to the camera. Because of the era, he had hair as long and curly as his sister’s. You can, none the less see pretty clearly which is the boy & which the girl due to their body shapes. It is a sweet b&w soft & fading shot of another era that I none-the-less feel a great connection to.

  182. JenS / / Reply

    Photo of my dad and two favorite men in the world. It captures raw emotion (my dad hates it :).

  183. Jocelyn / / Reply

    Hmm, favorite photo. That’s of course so hard, but definitely at the top is a picture of me when I was about 2 or 3 because all of our belongings were burned in a fire when I was 4 and so the only childhood pictures I have are ones that family members gave us-which isn’t many.

  184. susan b. / / Reply

    A picture of my sister and me on the beach when we were little…so special to me.

  185. Crystal F / / Reply

    This past Thanksgiving, I got several pictures of all 7 of my nieces & nephews. I say several because the youngest 2 are under 5 years old, so getting them to stand still & in the picture was a real challenge!

  186. robyn / / Reply

    My favorite photo is one of my parents before they had us kids. Long flowing hair, leather jackets, staring at each other in love… it has perfectly captured their feelings for each other. I stare at it every day.

  187. Alejandra Pérez / / Reply

    My favorite photo is one I took of my parents laughing; it’s special for me because my dad never smile for photos, he just pose with a serious face on, but in this one he smiled and laughed, and it looks so natural and beautiful. I love this photo because it transmit me a lot of happiness :)

  188. Zac / / Reply

    My favourite photo is one of me and my sister when we were young, sitting on my dad’s lap in matching shirts. I just think it is really cute and I love the memories behind it.

  189. Katie / / Reply

    Wow this is a great prize! This strap looks like the one my sister wants. She’s been wanting to buy a sturdy strap for her SLR, especially when we went traveling around Japan 2 years ago (I’m an English teacher in Japan and my family was visiting me from the US). It was September and VERY hot! We took turns carrying around her SLR because it got so heavy especially in the humid heat! Anyway, my favorite family photos were taken on that trip! My siblings and I are all adults and we haven’t had a family trip in years and it was our first family trip abroad. While the trip was chaotic at times, we really bonded as a family and had so many special memories (even the bad parts!). We still crack up when we talk about the crazy stories from that trip (like my dad telling me he wanted to check out a fancy chic restaurant and it was actually a dog salon, lol only in Japan!). Since we all took turns carrying my sister’s camera, we ended up having almost a 1000 photos! Someday…someday I’ll make a scrapbook!

  190. Egle / / Reply

    my all time favorite – me and my mom cuddling each other. I was almost 3 than, mom – 28 years old, like I am now exactly. I see a lot of myself in her now. the best thing about this photo is that we still cuddle sometimes and laugh at each other :)

  191. Caroline H / / Reply

    My favourite photo is of rooftops over the city at sunset. It’s not technically terribly great but it reminds me of really happy times.

  192. Mhm / / Reply

    At about 7 my parents took me to Yosemite. My dad was behind me and snapped a photo of me staring off at the large rocks and beauty of the park. I looked so little compared to the vastness of nature. Even though I was 7 and you can’t see my face, anyone would know its a picture of me. My stance, the pony tail, body language, etc. the whole thing is a reminder that the more things change the more they stay the same.

  193. Pauline M / / Reply

    I have a photo in a small black frame on my fireplace at home. It is of my sister on the beach with my nephew in a baby carrier. She is looking so happy! I dont get to see either of them very often because they live on the other side of the world. My nephew is now at uni!

  194. Alexandra Yarborough / / Reply

    My Dad passed away about 6 six years ago. One of my very favorite photos is from when I was little growing up in Brooklyn, my dad is leaning against a fence smoking a cigarette, and I am leaning against him. I’m wearing roller skates. It was 1978. I also love the b&w photo of Gwyneth Paltrow and Blythe Danner…I would have loved to have taken that!

  195. Chloe of beyond blessed blog / / Reply

    My absolute favorite photo in the world was taken by my friend Ashley Monogue. She was on a mission trip in Uganda and took the most beautiful, humbling photos precious Uganda children praising the Lord. They were filled with such joy and wonder despite being so impoverished and dirty. Truly a beautiful sight.

  196. Ashley Parks / / Reply

    My favorite photo is of my parents. They’re in Key West on a boat at sunset and they’re both laughing in a closeup because they’ve just been photobombed by an extremely drunk and hilarious man. I love it so much because my dad rarely laughs in pictures and there are too few pictures of my mom, laughing or otherwise. It’s really special to me.

  197. Helena de Guide / / Reply

    My favorite photo is one I take of a newborn baby and he just give me the biggest smile a baby could give! It just melts my heart!

  198. Lindsay Eryn / / Reply

    My favorite photo is from my wedding picture collection. My husband and I are sitting on some curving steps in an old, old, house smiling at each other and sharing secrets. The black and white makes the photograph feel more like a fixed moment.

  199. Nicole / / Reply

    I love one particular photograph of me and my two older brothers camping when we were very young. My two brothers are smiling and happy but you can tell by my face that even at 5 or 6 years old I was developing a severe aversion to camping :)

  200. April / / Reply

    A photo of my boys, playing wildly, not care in the world!

  201. nan / / Reply

    Every morning I have a new and favorite photo… One that is taken daily when a new day is breaking and the sun slowly stars to rise..Can’t beat nature! Each day a priceless present!
    Thank you for the giveaway! Beautiful camera strap:)

  202. Mike Anderson / / Reply

    There’s a picture of me when I was about 3 covered in mud holding two largemouth bass. This picture hung at my father’s desk at work for as long as I can remember. Now 30 years later I can’t wait to make similar memories with my boys and hang pictures of them at my desk.

  203. dylcia / / Reply

    My favorite photograph is one from the day of our wedding. It captures us walking down the aisle and leaving the church. We just look so happy and you can see our guests behind us cheering us on. Such a magical day.

  204. Kimberly O / / Reply

    I have an old photo of my grandpa and myself as a child standing on an ice skating rink – we’re crystal clear in the middle of the photo, but there are blurs of people skating all around us. I never really got to know my grandpa, but always wish I had asked him more questions while he was around (with the help of a translator…we don’t have a common language). When I see this photo I am assured that we shared some good moments, even if I can’t remember them all.

  205. Britney / / Reply

    my favourite ALL TIME photo?? Thats such a biggie. I’d say I really liked the photos I took as a part of an assignment. The girls where wearing ball gowns in the supermarket. It was super fun to shoot as well and I’d love to take that idea again and take it further.

  206. brenda heads / / Reply

    My favourite photo was taken a couple of weeks ago and I have had it made into a canvas to hang on my sitting room wall. It is of me and my four grown up sons it took alot of organising to get them all together (and alot of food) but was certainly worth it.

  207. Nicole K / / Reply

    There is this old photo of my sister and I in the early nineties. I was around 3 years old and she was about a year old. I’m grabbing her face with both my hands and kissing her cheek very exaggeratedly like a toddler does. The photo is funny and sweet and every time I look at it, I am reminded of the wonderful, blossoming relationship my sister and I have and continue to have after all these years.

  208. Katie / / Reply

    What a beautiful strap! My favorite photo at the moment is of me holding my minutes-old baby boy, still wrapped in hospital blankets, and holding on to my finger.

  209. allison / / Reply

    My mom has this great photo of my sister and me dressed up for Halloween. We were a cat and a movie star, respectively, and we have that sparkly-eyed look of happiness. I was five and my sister was less than a year at the time. It was a time of such simplicity and innocence, and my mom always has loved the photo so much, so it’s my favorite too.

  210. Kristina M / / Reply

    my favorite photo is an adorable picture of my brother and i taking a walk in the wagon with our dog, bandit when we were little. you can feel the love just looking at the photo!

  211. Lydia / / Reply

    My favorite picture is a picture of my mom holding my daughter for the first time… My mom is so happy… :-)

  212. vintagej9 / / Reply

    my favorite painting of my mothers was a detailed portrait of a gnarled, sepia toned print of her parents honeymoon trip taken in the early 1920′s. Grandfather was a logger from the US, guiding logs downstream deep in the bushes of northern ontario at the top of the great lakes. Naturally their honeymoon was spent in a logging cabin alongside the lake. The young couple looks perfectly happy settled back in a row boat and casual Sunday dress.

  213. Georgina Wilkins / / Reply

    It’s hard to pick a favorite! I loved reading everyone’s comments. It really shows how much emotion photography can evoke in us. I’ll cheat a little bit. My favorite photo ever of me is one of my grandma and me when I was about 1 year old. I was sitting on her lap looking up at her in such awe. She has since passed away but she was my best friend and in that photo her love for me and mine for her is so apparent. I feel like I’m connecting with her each time I look at it. My favorite picture I ever took myself was at my parents farm on a summer night at dusk- it turned out amazing and it was the first time I felt like I had skill and could take photography seriously.

    Thanks for a fun contest!

  214. share a bit of love / / Reply

    All time favorite photo is a mysterious photo of my grandfather as a child on a bucking horse. He was a man who appreciated animals, but never wanted to ride horses. The photo is him, maybe 7 years old, in full rodeo garb complete with one arm free waving a cowboy hat on the back of the horse as it reared up. He’s been gone for many years now, and no one can explain the context of the photo- I loved the mystery so much I had it mounted and it now lives prominently in my living room. I smile every time I walk by it.

  215. dondi tiples / / Reply

    it was hot and sweltering, and the noonday sun beat a harsh staccato on my heavily hair-sprayed head. i was 28 and pregnant. it was my wedding day. i wanted this over and done with, to spirit my groom off to into the arctic air of the hotel room, to stand with him under the cool spray of the shower, to lie with him on fresh sheets. but the eager parents and guests were waiting by the sidelines. it was de riguer to have the wedding pictorial. despite the rivulets of sweat running freely underneath the heavily lined lace of what used to be my mother’s wedding gown, my love tilted me playfully backward and leaned down for a kiss, and the photographer snapped a beautiful memento of our sunlit silhouettes framed in a soft halo of heat. an even dozen years have gone by since then, but here is that photo i will never forget:

  216. Caleb / / Reply

    My favorite photo was taken of my wife and myself praying on our wedding day. I’m thankful to have that memory captured in time.

  217. Victoria K / / Reply

    My all time favourite photo is of my new born daughter wrapped up and looking at me.

  218. monica / / Reply

    My favorite photo is from my childhood, that has my parents and siblings in it.

  219. Annette / / Reply

    My favorite photo is one of me with my daughter when she was one year old, my niece who was four years old and my nephew at the age of two. We stand on an island outside our hometown in southern Sweden, in the summer sunshine. I have never seen myself look so happy, and the reason for my happy face is the photographer. The photo was taken by my son at the age of three – his first photo shooting. I love that all the children look really suspicious while I look as happy as ever. I keep the photo on my bed stand so that I can see it first thing every morning. It makes me happy every day.

  220. Laura / / Reply

    It’s so hard to choose! I would say that my favorites are usually ones of my husband and our boys. I love the LOVE in the pictures…how much my husband loves him/them and how much they love being in his arms or lap.

  221. Tip S / / Reply

    My favorite photos are a set of pictures my fiance and I took of ourselves early in our relationship. Without consulting or looking at each other, we ended up making the same goofy faces in each photo. It made me feel so in sync with him, in a silly way.

  222. Courtney K / / Reply

    There is a photo of my husband and I standing on a bridge just after we were married. By far one of my favorite photos!

  223. Irina Sanchez / / Reply

    I have to say my favorite photo of all times is one my mom took of me and my first dog when I was little. I was chubby and had messy hair, and the lighting is not very good (kinda overexposed) but I adore it; in it, my eyes are full with happiness and innocence. It reminds me of the times when I was so happy and carefree. And my dog, Ludwig, was one of the most important aspects of my life. I love that picture.

  224. Marina Wilson / / Reply

    When my middle daughter was 2 in 1987, we lived in Cyprus. One day by the pool, she’d nearly fallen in and I’d told her off for running on a wet surface. She went to stand next to the sign Changing Rooms. I took a photo of her sulking and it was only when the photo was developed, I saw that she was standing covering up the C of changing…so it read hanging the look on her sulking face, it looked so funny? My fav picture of all time.

  225. Divya Asha / / Reply

    When I was 5 years old, we took a family photo. In that photo my dad was carrying me. I was looking so cute in that picture. That is my all-time favorite photo.

  226. Amy McLellan / / Reply

    My favourite photo would probably be of me as a toddler sat on my Mum’s knee. It’s just such a perfect moment captured.

  227. Richard S / / Reply

    My favorite photograph is one that I took of the scroll caves at Qumran. You can see such definition of the rocks and the caves. And, there is a bonus hidden feature in the shot. It has a lot of good memories and was a wonderful capture on …. actual film! Oh my!

  228. Chicca Tamburrino / / Reply

    Thank you for this giveaway, enter me!
    The pictures from birthday’s daughter:)

  229. Heather M / / Reply

    Favorite photo? Oh that is so difficult to choose. I love the old ones of our family. . .simple time, happy times. Most recent fav photo def our wedding night under the fireworks! Surreal.

  230. Katie / / Reply

    My all time favorite photograph was one I took in high school for my favorite class – photography, naturally. :-) It is a photo of my little brother, who was four at the time (now nearly 16) – a close up portrait where he is looking down. All the emphasis is on his long lashes, VERY chubby cheeks and bowl cut hair cut. It is the cutest photo ever and is one that is framed prominently in both my parent’s and my homes.

  231. Lesley Bain / / Reply

    My son as a toddler, in full Scottish dress for a wedding :) x

  232. Stephanie / / Reply

    A little boy and girl in silhouette going through a leafy clearing I forget the name

  233. Vicky P / / Reply

    My favourite photo is of me, my two sisters and our mum and dad. I was only a baby at the time and my oldest sister is holding me, because of the age difference between us (20 years) she was often mistaken as my mum! My middle sister (5 years old at the time) is sat right in the middle with a massive grin on her face and wearing a lovely cardigan that was later passed down to me. My parents are then sat either side, my mum with her 80s perm and my dad with his long hair! It is the first photograph of all five of us together, but was the first of many!

  234. Janine Atkin / / Reply

    I have a photo of me and my mum sat side by side on a pair of swings when i was about 3. I now have a son and by pure chance my mum took a photo of us also sat side by side on swings. It wasnt planned but when you put the photos together they are amazing

  235. Michelle Clarke / / Reply

    photo of my cocker spaniel sat on my father’s lap by the sea. It was quite windy and his fur had blown up in a big puff and my father had laughed. It was taken not long before my dad passed away but it left us with lots of happy memories.

  236. Megan Roth / / Reply

    My favorite photograph is from years ago when my sisters and I played dress up at my grandmother’s house. We’re all wearing my mom’s high heels, the ones with the sparkles of course and we threw on scarves and jewels. We felt like princesses. I still have it hanging in my house.

  237. tess / / Reply

    so hard to pick only one! but i think i would say a photo i took of my brother jumping in front of some coast in the pacific northwest. we’re both older “grown ups” now but his goofy grin reminds me of the boy playing karate kid in our backyard.

  238. whitney / / Reply

    My favorite photograph is one of my mom tenderly holding me wrapped in a towel as a toddler, on the rocks, after a dip in the Pacific Ocean off Carmel. It melts me every time. There is a similar one on the same beach of my grandmother holding my mom when she was my age as well….

  239. T-La Matthews / / Reply

    My sister & I have a photo together eating ice-cream cones at about 6 & 8 years old. Not a minute after the photo was captured, I dropped mine on the ground & so my sister gave me hers instead.

  240. Noel / / Reply

    One of my very favorite photos was taken by my dad of me on my 11th birthday. My parents had just surprised me by buying me my very first puppy, a little long haired chihuahua. In the photo, I just have the most ridicuously gigantic smile on my face while cradling my new puppy in my arms like a little baby. I remember thinking to myself, “You’re mine now and I’ll always take care of you.” Even today whenever I look at the photo I still feel the pure joy and incredible excitement I felt back then. Since then 15 years have passed and my dog and I are the very best of friends; she’ll be turning 16 at the end of this month! Overall, this photo is just a lovely little reminder of how far we’ve grown up together and it also reminds me of one of my very favorite quotes, “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” I’m glad my dad was able to capture this moment. :)

  241. Kirsty Mackay / / Reply

    My favourite photograph is of my daughter on her 5th birthday, with her cake, she is so happy and excited; it really shines through.

  242. Erica Price / / Reply

    My favourite pic is of me and my sis in front of the hotel my uncle used to run in typical 70s kids gear.

  243. Phil Bowell / / Reply

    A photo of my very happy grandson on his new slide in the garden last year

  244. Skye / / Reply

    My fave photo is a picture of my brother his dog and my husband myself and our dog at our wedding. It was my big loves – and have since been lucky enough to add a son x thanks for comp – fotostrap looks rad x

  245. Gail Bennett / / Reply

    My favourite photo is one I took a few years back in East Yorkshire (UK) at a bird sanctuary called Bempton Cliffs … it was meant to be a photo of the view looking down the chalk cliffs to the sea, but the sun was behind us casting our shadows, so I captured 4 shadows – mine, my other half’s, his mum’s and his dad’s. It’s a poignant image as my other half’s dad passed away about 12 months later, and although I’m a keen photographer this is the only photo I ever took of him … x

  246. Kimberly Camille Tiu / / Reply

    The photo of me and family in Hong Kong and having fun in Disneyland. All smiles and no worries about the problems back home. Simply enjoying the cool breeze and sceneries

  247. Andy Dip / / Reply

    my all time favorite photo would have to be a picture of my smiling grandma becuase it brings back so many memories

  248. Natalie Crossan / / Reply

    I have a lovely photo of me on my mum’s lap when I was 1 – I was so excited and giggly that my eyes aren’t even open but you can see the glee written all over my face :) It’s a lovely photo, my favourite x

  249. Gwenni B / / Reply

    My fave photo (currently) is my eighth grade last-day-of-class pic. Every kid in it was trying way too hard to convey a sense of cool you know they didn’t really feel.

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