Indie Shop Finds: Here Comes the Bride


I have a little sister who will be getting married in just a couple of months, and my brain has officially become preoccupied will all things wedding. And while I won’t be turning Creature Comforts into a wedding blog, I didn’t think that it could hurt to share just a few of the pretty finds that I found in some great indie shops over the weekend. You don’t mind, right?! Hooray! xo Ez

1. Lace and Cotton Wedding Dress / Leanimal | 2. 14k Gold Ring / Nested Yellow | 3. Porcelain Arrows Wedding Cake Topper / Red Raven Studios | 4. Mini Birdcage Veil / Twigs & Honey | 5. Save the Date Custom Wedding Stamp / Hunter & Co. Designs

More Indie Shop Finds right this way!

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  1. Amy / / Reply

    This is such a lovely collection, thank you so much for including our cake topper! Best of luck with the planning of your little sister’s wedding!

  2. Catherine Ami / / Reply

    That dress is just lovely! I’ve been looking for something that I don’t feel so exposed in…just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing, Ez!

  3. Grey / / Reply

    I looked at that dress so many times when I was dress shopping. It’s so lovely! That ring is gorgeous, too!

  4. Grey / / Reply

    Wow, I just noticed the ring is moissanite (my absolute favourite stone!). I’ve never seen it cut like that before. Great pick!

  5. Liana / / Reply

    Oh my gosh, so lovely! Wedding planning is so much fun. I hope your little sister has an awesome wedding. :) Has she picked a theme yet?

  6. Fashion Mom / / Reply

    Hi Ez! I love these finds (they bring me back to ten years ago, when I was the one getting married…), but I love even more your photo collage. How did you do it? I’d love to do a similar collage for my fashion posts. Thanks!!!

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