You’ve Got This: Free Printable Goal Chart


I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of things with a renewed fitness routine over the past month, but am disappointed to admit that I didn’t do well at all. It’s a new month (and a new day) tomorrow, and I’m ready to really dig in a do this thang!

My ultimate motivation (besides just wanting to feel healthy again) is that my third sister just recently got engaged and her wedding is only a few months away. Wearing a bridesmaids dress comfortably in front of a bunch of people will serve just fine as my current goal. I do best with visual reminders of progress, regardless of what the goal is. So I made up a chart for myself and thought I’d share it with you too. Maybe it will help you achieve a personal goal of your own!

In the past when I’ve used goal charts like this I like to pick two colored pencils; one in my favorite color, and one that I don’t like all that well. Then for each successful day I get to color in a square using my favorite color (it’s so very kindergarten…but eh, whatever works, right). The goal is to have the majority of the chart filled with my fave color by the end of the month. Of course you can feel free to just check the box…or if you really want a grade school throwback, use stickers!


Download your goal chart using the link button above. There are two version available…one with the days of the week listed and one without (just print the one you prefer). While you’re at it, you might also like these Printable Action Plan Sheets that I shared a few years ago. Oldies but goodies! Here’s to achieving our goals one day at a time! xo Ez