Snapshots from a 15th Birthday Party


Hi friends! Over the past couple weeks on Instagram you might have caught glimpses of the party decor that I was working on for my daughter’s 15th birthday. Well yesterday her big day finally arrived and I was able to surprise her when she got home from school, with a room decorated with sweet things inspired by everything she’s into these days (namely: “Doge,” anything cute (aka kawaii), animals, and unique sweets (she wants to own a candy shop company some day) .


Since our finances have been stretched to the max lately, I knew that I’d have to come up with a creative way to make the day feel special without spending an arm and a leg. The large animal paintings (glued to recycled cardboard for stability) were the solution that I came up with (cost $0). The only thing that I did ended up spending money on decoration-wise, was for the purchase of a few sheets of colorful cardstock ($4) that I used to make the confetti garlands with.


My daughter is really into trying out unique candies and sodas, so I also set up a soda tasting station for her (with tasting note cards for added fun). All the sodas were purchased at Rocket Fizz and World Market.


Affordable blooms from Trader Joe’s are the best, and a great way to add an extra fresh burst of color to the room!


My daughter loved everything (including the hand-me-down Instax Mini Camera that was her “big” gift). Hooray!


I feel so incredibly lucky to be the mom of such a wonderfully kind, fun-spirited, and beautiful (inside and out) daughter. Fifteen years have flashed by in the blink of an eye! I can’t wait for all the adventures to come over the next fifteen! xo Ez

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  1. lesley / / Reply

    I am CRAZY about those paintings Ez!! Totally mad about them. You’re such a sweet and fun mama. Happy birthday to your pretty daughter!

  2. Mollie / / Reply

    Was this a party for a 15 year old or a 29 year old because I really love it! I really like how happy everything feels together and not too “matchy-matchy.” Homemade decorations are better than store bought no matter if you can/want to spend the money. I know your daughter has to feel loved.

  3. Ann Louise / / Reply

    How wonderful, fun, and creative! I hope that your daughter had a great birthday!

  4. Becca / / Reply

    This is fantastic Ez! I love it all- the colours, candies, critters and quirky quotes! Your daughter must have loved it, and it’s amazing what you can achieve on a minimal budget! Happy birthday to your lovely daughter!

  5. Elizabeth @ hobbylobbyist / / Reply

    This is fantastic, I love the design! While we would all like to have more money, it’s great to see an example of the ingenuity that results when you can’t just go out a buy decorations.

  6. tara / / Reply

    What a fantastic way to celebrate! Love your paintings and that Hello Kitty soda :) Happy birthday to your daughter!

  7. Suz / / Reply

    What a great mother you are EZ! Everything is kawaii and speaks volumes of love for your daughter.

  8. Barbara / / Reply

    So cute, love it :) And she is pretty happy to have such a fun and supportive mom. Cheers for you two **

  9. Val / / Reply

    I love the illustrations, especially the panda. Great idea about the soda station too. I’ve heard of candy stations (at wedding & parties) but not a soda one. Would be fun to create your own custom mix. Birthday wishes to your daughter!

  10. Susy / / Reply

    Happy birthday, birthday girl K! And wow, Mom… Such amazing party art!! Xoxo

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  12. Chelsea Foy / / Reply

    Ez, this is all so cool! What a sweet celebration, and so thoughtful. I would have been pumped about this when I was 15! Congrats on being a truly awesome mom.

  13. Belinda / / Reply

    Happy birthday to your beautiful girl! What an amazing mum you are…it’s obvious how much love went into creating such a gorgeous, personalised party for your daughter. I hope all her wishes come true!


  14. Kay / / Reply

    It,s not about money that is the easy way for those that have it,your daughters birthday was about love and all the things you created for her were from your heart (and also your brilliant ideas)

  15. Cato / / Reply

    much awesome
    very Ez
    so lucky

    (I wish I was 15 again)

  16. Brenda / / Reply

    i love the decorations for your daughter’s birthday. You are a beautiful mom with a beautiful daughter !

  17. Mickey@EuroAmerican Home / / Reply

    Happy birthday to your daughter! What you did for her is so beautiful. She must be very proud of you too. Home-crafted decorations are so much nicer than the tacky plastic one they sell in all the stores.

  18. zhi / / Reply

    Love these! You can tell how lovingly crafted all the decorations are – it certainly looks so much classier and more creative then the average teenage birthday decorations in stores. Happy birthday to your daughter :)

  19. Ann Martin / / Reply

    So many great ideas and it all came together perfectly. I like simple celebrations like this so much more than over the top parties that scream excess. Happy birthday to your daughter and I like the way she thinks (owning a candy store, I mean. :))

  20. Abigail / / Reply

    I LOVE it! And as someone who’s also on a tight budget, I really appreciate your showing a party that’s both wonderfully creative AND affordable. Kudos and a very happy birthday to your daughter!

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  22. Holly / / Reply

    I spotted this on Pinterest and had to comment – I doubt an endless budget could have improved upon what you did here. So adorable and creative. Mind blown. Thanks for sharing!!

  23. Rachel / / Reply

    Aw, what a great party! I love your decorations, and the theme is adorable. Your daughter is lucky to have such a sweet and creative mom.

  24. Anouk / / Reply

    This all look so nice and inspiring ! You are so talented Ez and happy birthday to your daughter !

  25. Amie / / Reply

    What a gorgeous party!!! Gosh I would have loved something like this for my 15th birthday once upon a time! The soda tasting stating is such a cute idea! Happy Birthday to your daughter!
    xox Amie Spoonful of Vintage

  26. Tristan B. / / Reply

    You are the bestest mommy, really! This is so wildly creative and thoughtful. Your baby girl looks gorgeous and has changed so much in a year (a young woman!) I agree, your daughter is pretty special and so is her Mom. Happiest Birthday wishes to her!

  27. Melissa @ Bubby & Bean / / Reply

    What a beautiful, unique, creative party (for a beautiful, unique, and creative girl!). I love that your ideas were frugal but didn’t look like they were. Super inspiring. xo

  28. Sarah / / Reply

    So cute EZ I love it! Where did you get your Cuckoo Clock from?

  29. Katie / / Reply

    Ez! What a fun, beautiful and brilliant 15th birthday! Everything is so perfect, from the flowers to decor to soda. Happy birthday to your lovely daugher!

  30. Ros / / Reply

    My kids birthdays’ also give me that opportunity to be creative! In fact I sometimes take over a little (oops!). I didn’t realize you had a teenager! I love your large scale drawings too, and the hand me down camera is priceless. What a cool mum you are. Just shows when money is tight, creativity goes LARGE!

  31. Barbara / / Reply

    What great fun it must have been! Happy belated birthday to your daughter.

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