Book List: Playful – Toys and Crafts Made by Hand


My bloggy friend Merrilee Liddiard (Mermag is her fabulous blog) is one of the most brilliantly creative people I’ve ever met. She’s also incredibly kind and humble in person which makes her a triple threat (in the best of ways). I’d love to possess even one ounce of her seemingly limitless creative ingenuity. Luckily for us, Merrilee has packaged up some of her best and brightest craft ideas to share within the pages of her (just announced) first book, Playful: Toys and Crafts Made by Hand (coming this Fall 2014)! So exciting!


I’m positively giddy to get my hands on a copy! Doesn’t it look like it’s going to be a gem! Read more of Merrilee’s story about her journey of writing her book over on her blog. And keep your eyes peeled for signs of Playful in bookstores this Fall!

Playful was created with a dream team: Published by Melanie Falick of STC Craft |  Photography by Nicole Gerulat | Styling by Meta from One More Mushroom | Wardrobe by Brittany Watson Jepsen from The House that Lars Built. All images from Mermag

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  1. Josie / / Reply

    Your friend sounds too good to be true and that book looks positively wonderful.

  2. mer / / Reply

    and you might see some darling art in there from a very talented lady name EZ! Thanks dear for this gorgeous mention. (p.s. ALT wasn’t the same without seeing you there! ).

  3. Summer / / Reply

    I have to agree with one of the other comments, this book looks positively wonderful. Will it publish outside of the US? I’d love to share it’s crafty goodness with my son

  4. Barbara / / Reply

    wow, this really looks wonderful, it would be nice to have that book. love her blog, I’m browsing it just now, very nice things you can find. Thanx for sharing ^.^

  5. Pure Ella / / Reply

    Oh this is so great! I have a 6 year old who would love to make this cute stuff with me ;)
    We already have a day set aside for making fox masks after school today – thank you for sharing this pretty book! This is so perfect for us!! ;)

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