My Two Easy Room Makeovers with Valspar Paint (After)


Hello lovelies! Well it’s finally time to share the finished results of my two recent room makeovers with you. I have a list a mile-long for all the other home projects I have yet to tackle (all the beams and railings will eventually be painted white, and the carpet on the stairs is getting pulled sometime soon), but for today I’m just excited to share the results of the two projects I finally did check off my list, thanks to a little help from Valspar Paint! Here’s a reminder of what my main living room wall looked like before (as well as the inspiration for the finished project).

living-room-wall-after3living-room-wall-after2(click on the images for a larger view)

I love the way the flat “Tomcat” black color makes our artwork collection pop (while simultaneous camouflaging our television). The dark hue really grounds the space (not easy to do in a round house), and I couldn’t be happier with the results!


I’m also thrilled with the mini makeover I gave to the interior of our kitchen cupboards (here’s what they looked like before). The soft minty “Alpine Peak” interior makes me want to spend a lot more time in our kitchen…and now I don’t even mind it when my daughter leaves the cupboard doors open (an old pet peeve of mine).

kitchen-cupboard-after-2(click on the image for a larger view)

I was even inspired to give my spice collection a quick facelift because of the new paint job!


I’m so happy with the results of my two easy makeover projects!

Do you have any home painting projects that you’ve been dreaming of accomplishing in 2014? Well lucky for two of you, Valspar Paint wants to generously give away four gallons of both the “Tomcat” and “Alpine Peak” paint colors that I used for my projects, so that you can get a head start on checking to-dos off your list in this new year!

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Congratulations to the two lucky winners: Becca Cahan and jonelle!


This post was kindly sponsored by Valspar Paint. Find more from Valspar on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Pinterest. Valspar is newly available at Ace Hardware stores and Valspar is currently rolling out their Ace paint collection nationwide. For a retailer nearest you, please visit the Find A Retailer tool on

Valspar is confident that you’ll find the right paint color for you, but if you don’t like the first color you choose, you can have another on them. It’s all part of the Valspar Color Guarantee.

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  1. Megan / / Reply

    I’d love the Alpine Peak!! I’d use it in our living room!! I’ve been dying to take down wall paper that was put up in the eighties, just waiting for more funds until I can start!

  2. Renee / / Reply

    I didn’t even see this giveaway, after seeing your beautiful results I immediately sent a link to my Mr. telling him we need to paint Tomcat behind our TV in our den. I love the results! Great job Ez!!

  3. Shannon Y. / / Reply

    Tomcat for our bedroom. It would feel so sumptuous in a deep color.

  4. Mollie / / Reply

    Where did you get your containers for the spices? My spice cabinet is insane and it pushes me a little closer to the edge everyday! ha!

  5. LauraAnn / / Reply

    I would love the Alpine Peak…have a couple bedrooms that need to be painted and this would be the perfect color…maybe that would get me to get that job done!!!

  6. Gwendolyn / / Reply

    Both look really beautiful! I am hoping to do some updating to our master bath soon…Alpine Peak would be perfect! Thanks for the chance!

    • Ez
      Ez / / Reply

      Thanks April! The tv unit is a vintage piece my grandparent’s gave me. I believe it is by Drexel.

  7. Deby / / Reply

    Your home looks so light and bright and I adore your kitchen — so darn cute. Very interesting place you have there, Ez. Looks as though you are settling in and enjoying it.

    I, too, would love to know where you got the spice jars, please.

    @Mollie: My *entire* kitchen is insane and pushes me to the edge every day! It’s like a closet! ACK.

  8. Agnes V. / / Reply

    I love Alpine Peak! Green is my favorite color. Actually, when I saw your three green choices together, I went right for the Alpine Peak, so I’m happy you chose that color too. I would paint my kids’ rooms with this color!

  9. Tam / / Reply

    living room wall turned out better than your inspiration!

  10. Ez
    Ez / / Reply

    Thanks so much for your sweet comments everyone!
    For those of you who asked…the spice jars are from World Market and I created the labels in photoshop, printed them onto adhesive label paper, and punched them out with a craft punch.
    xo Ez

  11. Heather / / Reply

    I would not have been brave enough to try black paint on a wall, but after seeing what you did I’d ♥ ♥ ♥ to try Tomcat on a home office.

  12. Megan S / / Reply

    Ooooh! Alpine peak is lovely. Our guest room/office is in desperate need of style – it’s just boxes since we moved in. This color would be pretty inspiring!

  13. Nicole / / Reply

    I would love to use both! I’ve been falling in love with black walls lately. But, I would choose the Alpine. We just bought a new house and the four seasons room would look gorgeous in that color! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  14. Julie / / Reply

    Oooo i’ve been wanting to use black on a wall – I’m going for Tomcat!!! I’d put it on the fireplace wall, great contrast with my white marble fireplace. The rest of the room will be a light gray, I think the Tomcat will add just the right amount of interest!

  15. Dewey / / Reply

    Your kitchen makes me drool. I would love to mimic your Alpine Peak cabinet interiors. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  16. Koseli / / Reply

    The alpine peak is amazingggg. I’d totally paint our room that minty shade. Thank you!

  17. Jaime Lopez / / Reply

    I think the apline peak would be the perfect face lift for my bedroom… it is serene just like I want my sleeping place to be.

    - Jaime

  18. Kelsi / / Reply

    I’ve been wanting to go dark in my bedroom–Tomcat would be perfect!

  19. Joanne / / Reply

    It all turned out so great, Ez!!
    I’m loving the Alpine Peak color. I’d finally paint by builder grade oak kitchen cabinets… This color is a breath of fresh air.

  20. Amy Z. / / Reply

    I love that light and fresh Alpine Peak color! It would be perfect for our living room.

  21. Sydney / / Reply

    I would love the Tomcat for a couple of walls in my office! It is exactly what I have been searching for!

  22. Alyssa S / / Reply

    I would love alpine peak for my kitchen! So clean and fresh.

  23. becca cahan / / Reply

    My boyfriend and self are finally getting our own no roommate apartment and I would LOVE to paint my new kitchen with Alpine-all my kitchen goodies are mint and teal and turquoise or pale greens so it’d look wonderful! I LOVE how your new spaces turned out!

  24. Celia / / Reply

    TOMCAT! My oh my! love it for the art wall! Love it for hiding the TV! Great inspiration! If I win, I’ll be convincing my husband that we need to paint the media wall in our new house (to be finished hopefully by this summer) with TOMCAT black! :D

  25. Suzanne / / Reply

    Love the Alpine Peak! I would do my kitchen cabinets and walls. Thank you for all the inspiration you give. It is snowing here in New Jersey and I really needed it today!

  26. Tiffany L. / / Reply

    TOMCAT is the perfect color for my bedroom! You did an amazing job Ez, I actually gasped in awe! now your living room is my inspiration!

  27. krissy / / Reply

    i love the alpine peak! it would look perfect in our attic master bedroom or powder room.

  28. Meckenzie / / Reply

    Love the dark wall and how the color camouflages the TV! Great inspiration! Also, what type of houseplant is on your console? Thanks!

  29. Liv McMillan / / Reply

    Tomcat! I’m dying to paint our master bedroom, living room windows, and front door this exact black. 4 gallons would be perfect!! Great job on your paint projects Ez!

  30. Sarah / / Reply

    I love Alpine Peak. I’d love to try it in my little girl’s room!

  31. Julien / / Reply

    Alpine peak! And either the same idea- inside cupboards or the bathroom

  32. Kylie @ All Things Lovely / / Reply

    That black wall looks incredible! Thanks Ez, you’ve inspired me. I love how the colour, plus the frames totally camoflauge the TV – which honestly is always such an eye sore. Very tempted to tak the plunge and do the wall in my lounge with the TV black as well. :)

  33. Stephanie / / Reply

    Wow. Way to go bold with Tomcat! When we moved into our house I chose a boring beige for our living room. Now we have a purple couch and the focal point is a wonderful 4′ by 4′ quilt from my grandma. The beige is boring but Alpine Mist would really bring out some of the colors in it! I may try it regardless! Thanks Ez!

  34. Christine / / Reply

    Wow, the wall looks incredible! I’d love to try something similar with the Tomcat in out big living area. It’s a combined living/dining room/kitchen space, called Carolina and a skylight, so I think it’ll do well with a little dark to cut the space!

  35. Kimberly / / Reply

    Wow! It took me a few moments to even notice the tv. Love both makeovers! I think Tomcat is going to be my new master bedroom color!!! The alpine is beautiful too and is making me second guess all white in the rest of the house. Maybe a guest room? I’m going to make my first trip to world market for those spice jars.

  36. PinkPanthress / / Reply

    I like the new look of your main living room wall after the painting!
    The TV kind of blends into the BG now & that looks beautiful.

  37. Heather / / Reply

    I love the Tomcat but Alpine Peak would definitely get used for our guest room (future nursery??)!! It would blend perfectly with the rest of our house! If there was any left over I love the inside of your cabinets and I would totally copy :)

  38. Caris / / Reply

    Oh this is awesome! Black + white + hints of many colors are pure win. That corner looks immaculately fresh; wish I have a bigger desk space like that!

  39. Courtney B. / / Reply

    I’d love the Alpine for my hallway and staircase! I love how soft and bright it the color is.

  40. Kelsie / / Reply

    I love the alpine peak! I would use it on my living room wall as an accent wall. We want the other walls to be white and would like to hang pictures in a gallery style, similar to what you have! Thanks! p.s. I have a chameleon and people ask me if I have seen the Valspar commercials constantly! He is bright blue and changes colors :-)

  41. Lily / / Reply

    It looks fantastic! I’d use the Alpine Peak to repaint our bathrooms.

  42. Amy R. / / Reply

    I love the apline peak. What a cool, fresh, bright, soothing color. I love how you used it in your kitchen. I think I would opt to repaint my bedroom, it’s one of the few rooms in our house that has not been given any updates since we moved in. What a fun giveaway.

  43. Tammy Mc / / Reply

    Alpine Peak is lovely–I think it would be great in my living room and dining room. Both areas need a redo, and since they are connected I want to coordinate them. Also, I love your picture wall!

  44. Tammy Mc / / Reply

    Alpine Peak is lovely–I think it would be great in my living room and dining room. Both areas need a redo, and since they are connected I want to coordinate them. Also, I love your picture wall! I had to go back and look for the tv after I saw the statement about how it was camouflaged! I totally missed it before!

  45. Michelle / / Reply

    We’re moving at the end of the month into a pre-war apartment that has lots of beautiful but slightly quirky small rooms. The kitchen, especially, is TINY! But I’ve seen so many gorgeous images of dark kitchens with white cabinets that I’d love to win the Tomcat & give it a whirl.

  46. ribbon / / Reply

    I love the Alpine Peak color- I need it to paint my kitchen-cabinets and walls before I get back into the garden. What a great inspiration to get it done!

  47. melinda ke / / Reply

    Ooh, I love the way the Tomcat color turned out! I would probably use it as an accent wall in either the living room or dining room. Those cupboards turned out pretty snazzy, too!

  48. bianca / / Reply

    I love that the TV doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.
    Love both of those colors…great job!

  49. amanda / / Reply

    Tomcat , since my bathroom is black and white- I believe the darker color would add some drama.

  50. Roseanna / / Reply

    Wow! That turned out so fantastic…I am have to paint a black wall somewhere in my home. I have several walls of my studio in dark charcoal and love it. The flat black is amazing, though. You must be thrilled, you have made this house a home.

  51. Terry Kessinger / / Reply

    While I love ‘TomCat’, I would love to get the ‘Alpine Peak’! I’m getting ready to paint my sewing room (which my husband says looks like ‘NASCAR’ *gasp*) because of the black and white flooring and the pumpkin walls. The Alpine Peak would bounce the light back instead of sucking it all in :) and it’d be more pleasant and easier to sew and craft after dark. Plus, I’ll need extra coats to cover that orange!! With any leftover paint, I have lots of other areas that could use a facelift. Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. Laura / / Reply

    Oh Tomcat is gorgeous! I love how you used it and actually, I would do similarly. I currently have a chocolate hue on my TV wall that I just don’t love. The drama of the flat black is so lovely and then I would hang a long mirror across this ginormous wall to reflect back the puny window light of our living room. I think that would provide both light and drama in our little apartment space.

  53. Debbie M. / / Reply

    Love what you did to both rooms. I’ve been wanting to update the master bedroom and the Tomcat black color would look amazing as an accent wall.

  54. gaia / / Reply

    Love what you did!!!

    You are so amazing!!!

    I love to follow you!

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  56. Erin / / Reply

    I love the way the Tomcat hides the TV while showing off the artwork AND the cool staircase. I choose Tomcat! :)

  57. gina / / Reply

    fab-you-lous! adore the ‘tomcat’/gallery wall. I may have 2 follow ur lead. ur kitchen? calm, cool & collected in a place that can get quite hectic at, oh, say around 7 in the morning :) nice work.

  58. Nicole / / Reply

    I love Alpine Peak! It would be perfect for our dining room. It can be so gloomy in there and this color would brighten it up nicely!

  59. Wendy / / Reply

    Both your paint makeovers look great! I think Alpine Peak is just the shade I’ve been searching for to use in my master bedroom!

  60. Meg H. / / Reply

    My bedroom could really use a new coat of paint . The Alpine Peak would look quite nice.

  61. Cassie / / Reply

    I love the Alpine Peak! And you did an amazing job styling that wall, love!!

  62. Alice / / Reply

    My little sun porch would sparkle with Alpine Peak! Thanks for a great makeover post and chance to do my own makeover with Valspar!

  63. Katie / / Reply

    DREAMING of owning the Alpine Peak – it would look perfect on my kitchen walls. They’re currently the same paperbag tan they were when I moved in in July – boo!

  64. Jean / / Reply

    I love the alpine peak. Such a soft soothing color. I would paint our kids playroom. Thanks for the giveaway

  65. geraldine / / Reply

    My Kitchen – no doubt about it!! Alpine Peak would be PERFECT!!!!

  66. Abby / / Reply

    i would love to win the Alpine Peak! our dining room has these vintage washboards as decoration, but they don’t look to great on a yucky green wall:( I feel like the decor would POP much more with the white! it would also look much cleaner and be the center focus of the room!
    love your blog and your works, very inspiring to me as an artist. :) follow me on instagram @twinumber1 i love following yours! <3

  67. Katie / / Reply

    I just love Tomcat, I’ve been looking to repaint my desk and this is the perfect color to offset my light grey walls!

  68. Jenni / / Reply

    I love Alpine Peak! It’s the perfect color for the gender-neutral nursery I want to start designing as my husband and I wait for a baby in the adoption process! I love how soft and dreamy it will look with graphic black and white furniture and accessories and pops of color TBD based on whether it’s a girl or boy! :)

  69. Julie Kuberski / / Reply

    I have always loved the idea of having a room painted black in my house, and my fiancé and I agreed we’d love that room to be our bedroom. We love having dark walls when we are sleeping! So if I won, I would adore the Tomcat color for our bedroom. :) Such a neat giveaway. I love how your mini makeovers turned out!

  70. Denise / / Reply

    Alpine peak would look great in my outdated master bath. If I had any psi t left I’d also give my laundry room an update with new painted walls and two toned cabinets. We love our Ace!

  71. jonelle - Design Thrift / / Reply

    i would love the tomcat color. it is the exact color that i’ve been looking for to use in my bathroom update. I have a 1928 house and the bathroom has all of the original fixtures and details including a clawfoot tub and white penny round tiles on the floor and a black and white bathroom is the look i have planned for it. the tomcat color is just right. not too dark and with a bit of a charcoal touch to it. i love!

  72. Renee Harris / / Reply

    I would definitely use the Tomcat for our master bedroom and dual baths. Yes we each have our own bath, it was really only adding one toilet/ makes me happy!!

  73. Jen / / Reply

    “Alpine Peak”. My fiance and I are getting a house, so I need this for sure for our kitchen.

  74. Tammy / / Reply

    Alpine Peak that is the color i am doing my craft room in…..LOVE IT! such a calming color and i just love it in your kitchen. Thank you so much. Tammy

  75. Kevin | Thou Swell / / Reply

    I’m loving the Alpine Peak color! I would love to do something similar as what you have done with your kitchen cabinets… Or use it to accent a room’s paneling! It’s a really lovely subtle color.

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