Freebie Roundup: 14 Printable 2014 Calendars

free-2014-calendar-roundup1. Oh the Lovely Things | 2. Coco / Mingo | 3. Jessica Nielsen | 4. Minireyve

We might be midway through January, but I’m thinking that it’s not too late for a roundup of some awesome Free Printable 2014 Calendars shared by some of my favorite makers and bloggers online. With 14 designs to choose from, you could display one in every room of your home (and then some)! Enjoy! xo Ez

free-2014-calendar-roundup15. Oh My Superfly | 6. Jas + Mine

free-2014-calendar-roundup27. Paper Snaps Blog | 8. Maeve Parker

free-2014-calendar-roundup39. Weekday Carnival | 10. Life as a Moodboard

free-2014-calendar-roundup411. Observant Nomad | 12. Jillianastasia

free-2014-calendar-roundup513. Kaitlin Sheaffer | 14. The Elli Blog