Three Things I’m Loving Right Now


With the New Year underway I’ve begun to noticed a resurgence of my love of color. While my crush on black and neutral hues is still going strong, these Three Things I’m Loving Right Now take a cue from the brighter palettes I’m currently craving. I hope you’ll love them too! xo Ez

1. I fell in love with Bkr reusable water bottles a few months ago, and can’t help but dream of owning at least one in every gorgeous color they offer. Their Heart bottles would make the sweetest Valentine’s gifts.

2. I love the whimsy of the custom heraldry by Happy Menocal. You can find a selection of her work made into prints and notecards in her shop.

3. I’m excited to take time this year to really make our house into a home. Personalized details like these DIY Color Blocked Pillowcases are exactly the sort of project that will get us there. I’m thinking of a mint, teal, and grey palette for my bedroom…what colors would you want to use for yours?

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Three Things I’m Loving Right Now


  1. leigh / / Reply

    i look forward to see your style being established in your new home! i love your taste… i’ve just been wondering all these months when we’ll get the “back-story” on the “missing-for-too-long” delivery truck that caused so much anguish! that was just so terrible & i know i’m not alone looking forward to having that __blank__ filled in… :)

  2. Francine / / Reply

    We have so much decorating to do in our new house. We both like black and white with some sort of accent color. Maybe light blue. Those pillows are cute!

  3. Jessica (Coco/Mingo) / / Reply

    I’m really really really obsessed with those water bottles lately. I need to just buy one for myself, but I think I’m stuck on which color I love the most! :)

  4. Stacey Messina / / Reply

    Personalize! I love your outlook this year. Clean, fresh and lovely and meaningful! Thanks for your inspiration. 2014 is going to be a good one. I just discovered your blog and I can’t wait to see where you take me!

    Thank you

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