Free Printable: 2013 Holiday Gift Tags


Well friends, this is goodbye for a little bit. My daughter and I will be visiting family out of state for the holidays, and I’ll be back here again sometime shortly after Christmas…although I’m not yet sure about the exact date. I have loads of family memory-making to cram into just a few short days! I hope I can get it all in!


Of course I couldn’t leave without first giving you all a wee holiday prezzie, could I?! These free printable holiday gift tags that I watercolored the other day are just a small gesture of gratitude for all the ways you inspire me and make this online space a better brighter place every day of the year. I hope they’ll bring smiles and cheer to your loved ones as they open your gifts this holiday!


Tip: Attach a little pom pom to the top of each animal’s hat (using a dab of craft glue) for an extra festive touch!


Warmest wishes for a happy holiday and the most joyful of new years to you all! xo Ez

P.S. You can find last year’s Free Holiday Tags here…and a 2012 holiday tag roundup here.