It’s My Birthday + A Print Giveaway


Hello friends! Today is my birthday, and since giving gifts is one of my most favorite things to do (I much prefer giving to receiving them in fact) I thought it would be fun to offer a giveaway for one of my new (unframed) 11″x14″ Rise and Shine prints!

You might remember that this print is the piece that I created when I took Brad Woodard’s awesome Digital Illustration Class on Skillshare earlier this year. I am so happy that I was finally able to have it printed out. It brings to mind so many happy memories…


While growing up, my little sister and I were woken by my Mom on most mornings with the cheerful greeting: “rise and shine!” It was so comforting to start each day with those familiar words, and I just love the thought of this print making its way into somebody’s bedroom somewhere, where a little bugle playing bear and jaunty singing rooster will greet them with the same cheery words each morning. Rise and Shine!


Congratulations Jessica H.!

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  1. Sonia Otero / / Reply

    Felicidades!!!!!!!! Levántate y brilla!!!! Es una frase genial no solo para el día del cumpleaños sino para todos los días del año.
    Yo recuerdo que mi madre ese día, a veces alguno más, me llevaba el desayuno a la cama y como mi cumpleaños también es en invierno lo disfrutaba mucho, si además no tenía colegio ese día, luego me quedaba en la cama leyendo hasta media mañana, era estupendo!!!!

    Muchas gracias por ofrecer este estupendo regalo.


  2. Tiffany / / Reply

    Happy Birthday!

    My sister and I would occasionally help out our dad wash the car and I secretly always thought it would be great if we washed my sister’s Little Tyke push car. If you don’t remember, these classic yellow and red cars were completely open to all the elements. Well, my sister would ride around in her car and I would “wash” her car, and she was usually fully clothed. She never saw the funny side but I always thought it was hilarious.

  3. MeaganS / / Reply

    The print is so cute! I remember attending Brownie’s meetings with my friends. mgleber [at] gmail [dot] com

  4. Sarah C / / Reply

    My grandmother lived with us growing up and whenever we were in an especially grumpy mood she would sing this song, “Smile awhile and give your face a rest.” I always imagined there was more to the song but that was the only phrase we ever heard from her.

  5. Beth / / Reply

    This print is so cute!! My grandparents lived right across the street my entire childhood so I spent a lot of time there! Some of my favorite things were hanging laundry with my grandma and going for walks to the nature conservancy on our street with my grandpa!

  6. Ana Arsénio / / Reply

    I have a fabulous memory of the summer hollidays. We used to go to my granfather’s house with all the cousins, oncles and aunts and spent the whole summer going to the beach, playing in the street with all the kids. They are no longer with us, the house has been sold but I still remember every corner of that house and I regret that I was to young to buy it…

  7. Kelsey / / Reply

    My sisters and I have always had a good rapport but when we were little girls, there was one night at the table where we absolutely could not stop laughing. Eventually my little sister was sent away from the table to compose herself. When she came back, we both tried to be very serious, not making eye contact so as not to start laughing. As she took a giant spoonful of corn, she looked up and our eyes met, me bursting into laughter, her spraying corn everywhere. We were very, very grounded but years later my parents confessed that they could barely keep from laughing too!

  8. Clara / / Reply

    Hi! Thanks for this giveaway and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    I remember when I was a kid, my father used to wake me up every morning. When he was traveling and was not at home, he would phone call me in the morning in order to wake me up… he was the only one who could do it! I would sleep with the telephone under my pillow haha

  9. Alyssa S / / Reply

    Love the print!

    I remember when I first got my glasses in 4th grade! I was so blind before that I made my dad drive me around the city so I could SEE things for the first time! The biggest shock to me was that I was able to see the leaves on trees – before they had all been big blobs of green…

  10. Lauren S. / / Reply

    Happy Birthday!! A memory of mine that is funny and nostalgic (and perhaps embarrassing!) is our bathtime routine when I was a kid. My dad would give my sister and me baths as kids and when taking us out of the tub, he would briefly touch our bottoms to the tile floor next to the tub…at which point he’d yell, “Cold butt treatment!” My sister and I would scream wildly…but we secretly thought it was hilarious.

  11. Jen / / Reply

    Happy Birthday! One of my best childhood memories was being woken up on my 10th birthday by my mom, telling me that we were “running away” for the weekend. We went up to Vancouver BC and had an amazing weekend – riding bicycles built for 2, exploring the city … back before I turned in to a teen and wanted to stay as far as possible away from my parents. ;)

  12. Jenny / / Reply

    My best childhood memory would be pretending to be horses with my sister. We would set up jumps in our backyard and practice our “routine” all afternoon. When we got tired, we retired to the “barn” where our mother would set out bowls of oats and a “watering trough” for us horses to refresh ourselves.

  13. Jenny Bailey / / Reply

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday! How sweet of your mom to wake you so lovingly. Mine just snapped on the light because that was the only thing that would actually get me out of bed. When I was in third grade I wrote a very dramatic poem about her technique and how blinding and confusing my mornings were as a result and, much to my poor mother’s embarrassment, my teacher sent it to be published in a national newsletter for educators. Oops! ;)

  14. Mary Emerson / / Reply

    Happy birthday! :)

    My favorite childhood Christmas memory is when my grandmother would come stay with us for a while and she would help my brother and I decorate our very own Christmas tree cake. We had so much fun and then got to enjoy a peice afterwards. It was great.

  15. barb chotiner / / Reply

    i just found your site. adorable! the print would look SO sweet my my 2.5 yo daughters bedroom. a memory from being a kid is that we took a family trip to Cleveland to visit our older cousins and they introduced me to making gum wrapper chains. (like this: i was obsessed with this for awhile and had a huge garbage bag full of an enormously long chain. i have NO idea what happened to it. I also remember in the 80s i also made chain earrings too! happy birthday.

  16. Amanda C. / / Reply

    My mom too would wake my brother and I with a morning jingle…”Time to get up, time to get up, school bells are ringing, school bells are ringing, ding-dong-ding”. At the time, being a tween and wanting nothing more than to sleep the day away, I loathed that chime. But now an adult and looking back… what I wouldn’t give for my mom to wake me each morning as opposed to my phone. The beauty of childhood.

  17. Ruth / / Reply

    Happy birthday! I just had mine, party this weekend :)
    I remember putting on shows with my cousins in my garandma’s garden, using microphones made of garden canes with a potato stabbed on top, our grandparents were always much more appreciative than our parents, as a parent myself now, I totally get it.

  18. Heather / / Reply

    Happy Birthday!

    As a child I climbed everything! I grew up on some acreage that was mostly trees and am sure I climbed every one. Apparently it started even before I could get to the trees; I figured out how to open the fridge and would climb up the shelves to eat the butter! Needless to say, I was a chubby kid ;)

  19. Krista {This Is Our Jam} / / Reply

    I have such fond memories of my mom waking me up every morning as a kid seeing the Winnie the Pooh theme song. “Gotta get up, gotta get going….” always makes me smile.

  20. Leonhardt Lisa / / Reply

    Happy Birthday dear Ez. I’ve been reading your Blog for month and it’s a little highlight every day. Thank you!
    As a child I didn’t like to eat vegetables but I dreamt of long, thick and wavy hair. (Mine was short an thin) So my dad used to say: Eat your vegetables, and your hair will grow thick and long. So I ate and ate and ate, nothing happened. Now his hair is getting quite thin and less every day. So now we laugh when I tell him to eat lots of vegetables, so his hair will grow thick and long and wavy. Well he’ll be bold soon…
    Wish you all the best. Warm regards from Switzerland Lisa
    PS: You might like to print out my “Take what you need”. Go to “Pischtuka” on my homepage and you can find it in English. A little fun “helper” for the days coming before X-mas…

  21. Iris L / / Reply

    Happy Happy Birthday!

    My fondest memory as a child was visiting these man-made ponds at Caltech (in Pasadena) to catch tadpoles and crayfish. My dad introduced us to it and my brother and I would crouch above the water ever so slowly to swipe our nets into the shallow water. I sometimes took some tadpoles home to raise into frogs.

    Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating.

  22. Bonnie / / Reply

    What a cute print! I need to see this in the morning because I DO NOT like getting up in the mornings.

    As a kid my mother would wake me up for school, I would shower and then while she thought I was getting ready I would crawl back under the covers and fall back asleep. I was very sneaky.

  23. Debbie Byrd / / Reply

    I keep going back and forth looking at this print. The picture itself makes me think of my childhood. Most days my dad was gone for work before my brother and I woke up, but on Saturdays and Sundays he’d come to wake us up (to tell us he’d made pancakes or waffles) by singing, “Rise and shine, and give God the glory, glory! I’d love to be reminded of that every day. I hope you have a fantastic birthday! Thanks for sharing your talents with us!

  24. Jessica Thiessen / / Reply

    My mom used to threaten my sister and I that she would dump water on our heads if we didn’t wake up in the morning. We never believed her until one day we were awoken with a nice cold glass of water on the face. HA! We always got up when she told us to after that :)

  25. Gladys h / / Reply

    Happy birthday! Today is also my daughter’s birthday, she was born 23 years ago, the best Christmas present ever! We had tried for years to have a child and finally she arrived, cute as can be, blowing bubbles from her cherub lips, 6 months before our 10 th wedding anniversary! Enjoy your day. I love your print, if I won it I would give it to my daughter.

  26. Sarah / / Reply

    Happy birthday! I’m currently taking a Skillshare class by Brad Woodard too (Ins & Outs of Illustrator) and it’s been a treat. A challenge for sure, but a joy nonetheless. A childhood memory I have is of a late night sick in bed with my mom patting me gently on the back as I was falling asleep. I was a very small girl (still am actually) and she told me how she used to be too. But that if you compare a nickel and a dime, though the nickel is larger, the dime is worth more. Of course this logic doesn’t pan out when comparing a dime to a quarter, but it made me feel nice as I fell asleep.

  27. Nicole H. / / Reply

    Love this print! I’d love to hang it in the nursery of our baby coming in April :)

    With Christmas coming, I always think about the shenanigans my brothers and I would get into. One time we were having a snowball fight and my youngest brother got hit square in the face with a snowball. He got so angry and didn’t know how to retaliate that he picked up our wiener dog and chucked it at my oldest brother. We about died laughing that day and love to tell that story whenever it snows :)

  28. Shannon Y. / / Reply

    What a cute print! My parents would always tell my sister, my brother, and me what our chores were on Saturday mornings. One morning (not unlike others), my job was to clean the toilet. I feigned that I didn’t know how to do it so my sister would have to show me. In the process of teaching me what to do, she essentially cleaned it and I got out of my work!

  29. Anna / / Reply

    When my little brother first did up his new red Duffle Coat and said ‘I do like my new coat but it has one too many button holes and not enough buttons’

  30. Tracy Nixon / / Reply

    Gorgeous print! Thank you! I remember turning my mums sheepskin rug upside down and using it as a ‘sleigh’ to slide down our varnished wooden staircase! Me and my brother would only ever do it when our parents were out and our uncle was babysitting us. Our uncle would fall asleep on the couch leaving us to run riot! My brother would dress up as batman and I would dress and robin and down the stairs we would go bumpety bumpety bump!

  31. Meg / / Reply

    Third grade, fell through the chair on stage at the band concert, was totally wearing granny-panties, and a skirt. YIKES!

  32. Jessica R / / Reply

    One of my favorite childhood memories is gathering around my grandma’s long dinner table with all of my family for Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts! Her cooking is the best!

  33. Kelsi G / / Reply

    My dad would also come into my room early on a school morning and flip on my light and say “rise and shine!” I remembered being annoyed that the light was on haha.

  34. McKelle / / Reply

    I was a tough one to wake up when I was young (still hate waking up in the morning actually). After multiply attempts, my mom would finally bring a spray bottle and spray me until I got out of bed. Now I threaten to do it to my daughters. ha!

  35. Brooke Barnhurst / / Reply

    Happy Birthday!
    Some of my favorite memories were spent outside in our back woods growing up. We had three acres of trees for me to wonder and explore. I created quite the imagination, sang to the trees and animals, and formed a close friendship with nature. I haven’t been to my childhood home in years, but I still see those woods in my dreams from time to time. It makes my heart happy and is something I hope to sure with my kids one day!

  36. Rebecca / / Reply

    Happy happy birthday!

    When I was really little, I had a hard time sleeping. My aunt lived with us at the time, and she was pretty much the coolest lady I could have imagined. I used to wake up in the middle of the night all the time because of nightmares – i thought I was covered in spiders! One day, she brought me a tiny onion and told me that it was the most special onion. That it would ward off all of the spiders and the nightmares… And because I loved her so much and thought that she was the most wise, it worked!

  37. Karene / / Reply

    I adore this print. It makes me think of my 13 year-old daughter who is not the easiest riser, takes after her mother :).

    I remember as a child loving to crawl into bed early in the morning with my parents. They would wake up and find me there and we would sometimes lay there for a few hours talking, reading, watching cartoons. The tradition has continued with my children. Many happy memories snuggling.

  38. Dale / / Reply

    When I was little, I got stung by a bee and apparently kept yelling “bad bad bee” for the rest of the day!

  39. Rebecca C / / Reply

    When my sister was just 4 years old, she would play in the garden with a dolls pram. On one occasion, she ran into the house heartbroken, because (in her words) she’d ‘run over a baby kangaroo.’ Given that we lived in the cold north west of England, my brothers and I found this hilarious, but afterwards we discovered a birds chick had fallen out of it’s nest, and she had indeed run over it!

  40. Jeanette / / Reply

    A family memory that has been shared with me so many times I feel like I remember it myself is that when I was very young (3 or so), my father was watching me and fell asleep on the couch (he worked the midnight shift). While he napped, I poured black pepper all over the entire kitchen table, completely coating it perfectly all the way to the edges with no finger prints and no pepper on the floor. When my mom came home she immediately began sneezing, as did my dad. I never sneezed at all.

    I would love to give this print to my BFF’s baby girl for Christmas.

  41. Lauren / / Reply

    Happy Birthday! What a fun print!
    Once of my favorite memories from when I was little was every Sunday, the local college radio station would play polka music, which my father and I would dance around the kitchen to while we baked a pie for dessert. It was a yummy and fun tradition!

  42. Jocelyn / / Reply

    Happy Birthday!!! I was in that same class with you and it was great. It was fun to see you develop your thoughts on the picture too. A fun memory along the same lines as yours is my dad coming in every morning singing a song to wake us up. I am no morning person so I usually just hid under the covers but it is a nice memory now.

  43. C.D. Beatrice Clay / / Reply

    First HAPPY BORN DAY my beautiful fellow SAG! My b-day is next week 12/11 and SAG’s pretty much ROCK everyday of the year!

    My favorite childhood memories are summers in Orangeburg, South Carolina at my grandmother’s house. Her house was along a red clay dirt road and when it rained she would let my siblings, cousins and I suit up in our bathing suits and run around in the rain and slip and slide in the red clay mud. I chuckle now when I think about these glorious summer evenings being my introduction to “spa clay masks” and such. HA! **fingers crossed may the random selection gods be with me**

  44. Emily K. / / Reply

    My sister and I adored playing dress up as children. We’d go through my Mom and Nana’s closets, digging around and trying on nighties, high heels, and costume jewelry. My mom took a ton of pictures of us a few times, like we were in a photo shoot! No wonder my sister and I are such girly girls today!

  45. Jessica / / Reply

    awww, he’s adorable!
    My favorite childhood memory is of my mom meeting us at the end of our (fairly long) laneway when we were kids. As we got older and she went back to work, our dogs carried on the tradition and would meet us at the end of the laneway instead. So sweet!

    • Ez
      Ez / / Reply

      Congratulations Jessica! You’re the Rise and Shine print winner! I’ll be emailing you in just a few moments to confirm your win! xo Ez

  46. lorraine stone / / Reply

    When I was a little girl of about 6 or 7 I remember one Christmas Eve going into my Parents bedroom asking if we could get up yet. I heard my Nan coughing in the room next door, but I thought it was Father Christmas on his way! I ran back to my room really quickly and hide my head under the blankets in case Father Christmas knew I was awake and didn’t give me any presents! It was okay though because when I was finally allowed to go downstairs I could see that he had been!

  47. Katie / / Reply

    Happy birthday, and what a lovely idea to give something away! My dad used to burst into my room singing “oh what a beautiful morning” from Oklahoma, which I hated at the time and now think of very fondly.

  48. Jenna O / / Reply

    I was very jealous for my friend cause she had circus legos :D That print reminded of them :)

  49. kelli / / Reply

    my dad would always sing “dont worry, be happy…” whenever i was nervous or scared. still think about it when i hear that song.

  50. Silvia / / Reply

    Those words are really special! I remember my grandma living with us, every morning helping my mother preparing the breakfast …she always prepared the “fake” coffee using barley, because it’s child-friendly…. if she knew how much i’m now addicted to real coffee, she would instantly prepare an entire barrel!

  51. Carmen K / / Reply

    happy birthday! Your post has reminded me that on mornings when it was still dark, and we had to be up and about extra early, my Dad would walk up and down the old farmhouse passage bellowing “rise and shine girls, its time to get up, rise and shine”. This is a significant memory as my Dad was normally the last one out of bed… never the first – so whenever Dad was up early it meant something special or different was happening that day!

  52. Stephanie / / Reply

    Happy birthday!!!

    My two older brothers used to run into my room while I was sleeping and wake me up by sitting on me. One time, I decided to hide under their covers and scare them when they came in, but I fell asleep. They woke me up…by sitting on me.

  53. Rachael / / Reply

    There are a…few pictures of me and my cousins who are close to the same age “washing our clothes” in the wheelbarrow at my grandparent’s. In other words, we were butt naked. It’s a good thing G&G live out in the country.

  54. Robyn / / Reply

    My favorite memory is saying “goodnight, love you, see you in the morning, sweet dreams!” every night before bed. We are all grown up and moved out… and we STILL say it! :)

  55. Jen / / Reply

    I love the print! My favorite childhood memories were of playing in our big (or what seemed really big at the time) backyard — playing on the swings and in the sandbox, and biking.

  56. Pilbara Pink / / Reply

    Happy Birthday :) That print is just adorable and how sweet are you to give gifts on your birthday! When I was little my dad would start work very early, before I woke up, and sometime finish very late. He would write me letters and when I woke up I would find one waiting for me each day. Such a wonderful man. I’m off to write hime a letter telling how much those notes meant to me. Thank you for the reminder

  57. Aida / / Reply

    Happy birthday! One of my better childhood memories is the voice of my mom coming through the trees to call me back home for dinner or lunch as I was playing free with my cousins in the woods nearby… Those were good days!

  58. Kari / / Reply

    Happy birthday!

    I remember making many a mud pie in the back yard and my mom always happily pretending to eat them.

  59. Nanda / / Reply

    When I was a little girl, and actually well into high school, my father would wake me up in the morning by sitting on the edge of my bed holding three ties. Asking me to pick which tie fits best with his suit. I loved the small simple powerful decision he gave me. :-)

  60. Tiffany L. / / Reply

    If one of the siblings was in a bad mood, the other two of us would play the cymbals with pot covers and sing, “Here to cheer you up!!!” It was so annoying but funny at the same time, and inevitably, cheers you up.

    Its beautiful illustration! Thank you Ez!

  61. Beth C / / Reply

    I was three, my sister was seven. We were with my mom at a florist shop and while my mom was buying something, I tore a fake bird off a plant and said to my sister, “if you don’t tell mommy, I’ll steal one for you.” And I did… Then we played with them in the back seat! My mom saw obviously. So she took us back to the florist and made my sister apologize!

    It’s one if my all-time favorite stories

  62. Joanne Kang / / Reply

    Every year, twice a year, my family and I would take a roadtrip to Yosemite National Park – once in the summer, and once in the winter. The Bay Area (where I’m from) doesn’t get any snow in the winter, so it was wonderful to see the white snowfields in the park with wild moose tracks and sometimes even bears. In the summer, we would go rafting down the river (sunburns and all) and usually camp outdoors. Although my brother and I would grumble all the time about the trip, I find that I really miss the place and would go back in a second with my whole family.

  63. Emily G. / / Reply

    Love this print! My mother used to say this to us in the mornings when we were little… “Rise and shine! Wake up your behind!” My sister and I are trying to plan getting pregnant at the same time, so this would be an awesome gift for her when that happens.

  64. Jill P / / Reply

    Happy Birthday Ez!!!! I hope you’re having a fantastic day!

    One of my favorite childhood memories is when my dad would take me and my two sisters for a drive at night, after a rainfall to catch creatures. Salamanders, turtles, and any type of frog or toad you could imagine. We would bring them home and my mother would just about have a heart attack every time. Of course we would let them go the next day back where we found them. But man, the look on my mother’s face each time was priceless!

    PS – Thanks for the giveaway.

  65. Stacia / / Reply

    This print is so lovely!
    One of my favorite childhood memories from this time of year is unwrapping different Christmas books every evening with my family. My mom would take all our Christmas books, which had been in storage all year, and wrap them up, then us kids would take turns unwrapping a different one each evening. It was so fun to try and guess our favorites and see if we could get it right!

  66. Julie / / Reply

    I grew up right around the corner from my grandparents and they had the most amazing playground in their backyard. I have some of the happiest memories of spending afternoons playing with my cousins at their house.

  67. Atik / / Reply

    The Illustration is so adorable! One of my best childhood memories is my mum baking the most wonderful and delicious cakes and pies. I was always in the kitchen helping her. My mum pretended that she didn’t see anything while my sister and I secretly ate the cookie dough. There in the kitchen baking pies she told me the most wonderful stories. The best lesson I’ve learned from her is: “If you want to make a delicious cake, always bake it with lots of love and undivided attention. With these ingredients, you’ll experience that your cake will never fail.”

    This secret is true to every activity you do in your whole life.

  68. Gwendolyn / / Reply

    Happiest of birthdays! I hope you had the most lovely day.

    I always remember waking to the sound of my crazy little sister acting out scenes or talking to our dog like she was human. Annoying at the time, funny and cute now. :) Thank you for the chance!

  69. merium / / Reply

    Happy Birthday Ez!
    One year, before Christmas, my older brother and I practiced sneaking out to the living room for weeks. Christmas morning came and he overslept, so I snuck out without him to see what Santa’d brought. as soon as he got up, he snuck out, only to be yelled at to get back to bed! we still laugh about it!

  70. popi balouri / / Reply

    my grandfather use to say.. to me and my sister when we came back from school….”MMMM you smell school !!!!” and i always wondering why I ‘m not smelling anything???!!!!

  71. Chiara / / Reply

    Happy Birthday Ez! I wish you to have a wonderful b-day!

    Your Illustration, as usally, is sooooooo lovely!
    When I was little I loved spending afternoons in my family vegetable garden with my granfather, growing tomatoes and cooking delicious dainties, chopping the leaves of the hedge, which had a delicious smell of almonds. It was so amusing, and I loved to stay with my grandpa! <3

  72. ebygale / / Reply

    Happy Birthday:))
    When i was little i liked spending weekends with my father in the park, its name Gülhane, in İstanbul, Turkey. It’s lovely, adorable park with various animals in it (aproximately 25 years ago). Unfortunately my father is ill now, and this childhood memory is very nostalgic and important for me…

  73. Kathrin U. / / Reply

    great idea, to give someone a present on your own birthday.
    here’s my nostalgic memory: whenever my brother and i had to tidy up our room i pretended to be ill or miserable so he had to do it on his own. had and have a really nice and kind brother and feel a little bit bad when i think about my behavior in the past!

  74. Carla / / Reply

    Happy Birthday Ez!

    What a stunning and creative illustration. Funnily enough, my mother’s way of waking us up was “out of bed sleepy head”. She used to say it daily as well, as she was moving down the hallway past the bedroom’s of my sister and I. My dad on the other hand had a more unusual way of waking us up, he decided that flicking the bedroom lights on and off was far more entertaining!!

    Oh parents, what would we do without them!?!

  75. dawnb / / Reply

    What a lovely print! :)
    Now, don’t get me wrong, I was a very good kid on the whole, not sneaky, but when I was about 12 I would sneak into my brother’s room to play on his amiga whenever he was out. If my mum asked if I’d asked him I’d always say yes, but the truth was I hadn’t, and he would actually lock all his disks with games on in one of those little lidded plastic box things… but I used to unlock it with a hairgrip. Turns out I couldn’t lock it back up again when I had finished, so I just didn’t do it often enough for my brother to twig that it was me that had opened it, and that he hadn’t just forgotten to lock it himself. Shhh don’t tell him!

  76. Kathy H / / Reply

    Happy Birthday!! So very cute! I remember when I was a small child trying very hard to get to sleep, at my mother’s encouraging I looked out my bedroom window to see Santa walking across the snow covered yard with a big sack of toys on his back. I can vividly see this some 50+ years later. However, my mother told me that they were having trouble getting me to sleep on Christmas Eve so my father filled a pillow case with odds and ends and it was him…no red suit, no white beard, no big black belt… who pulled off a child’s dream come true…. seeing the real Santa!!

  77. Helen H / / Reply

    My prevailing bed memory is from the other end of the day. My mum and dad (either of them) used to read us Sandra Boynton’s ‘The Going to Bed Book’ and then sing us the nursery rhyme Bobby Shaftoe, as a good night routine. I seem to have forgotten about this all the way through my teens and early twenties, but then remembered in the last few years. To this day, if i’m feeling frazzled and in need of soothing, imagining my mum’s voice singing Bobby Shaftoe brings solace.

  78. Ang / / Reply

    Bedtime was one of my favorite times as a child. Each of my parents would come in to tuck me in separately and tell me a story, usually very elaborate ones in which I was able to make fun choices for the characters. I still remember some of my favorite ones! Thanks for the giveaway.

  79. Claire / / Reply

    I was four years old, and lost my first ever tooth during Christmas dinner. Now every year when I hear the song lyrics ‘all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth’, it never fails to make me smile!

  80. Jess / / Reply

    When I was a kid, I would wake up bright and early before everyone else in the house on Saturday mornings. I know you’re probably thinking I got up to watch cartoons, right? Nope. Bob Ross. Yep. I’d grab my colored pencils and draw happy trees with him for hours! It was awesome. (:

  81. Christy Keyton / / Reply

    Happy Birthday, Ez! Hope your day is wonderful! Love this print. It reminds me of my sister and I playing on our beds which we covered in “The Three Bears” bedspreads. I have often wished I still had those bedspreads!

  82. Jill R / / Reply

    I love when my dad would read bedtime stories and make up songs. My siblings and I always looked forward to that.

  83. Angela Mullis / / Reply

    I’m the only girl with 5 big brothers. Mom would wake us up by singing a very annoying little song – “Wake up, wake up, wake up you sleepy head, Get up, get up, get up, get out of bed, Don’t be, don’t be, don’t be a lazy head, Get up, get up, get up, get out of bed!!!”. The longer it took us to get out of bed, the louder she would sing! My brothers were notorious for staying in bed so long the neighbors could hear mom singing!!! I don’t have any children, but I find myself singing this song to my hubby to wake him up in the mornings. He just loves it! Not!!! :-)

  84. Amy R. / / Reply

    Happy Birthday! I’m a December baby as well. Your prints are beautiful…I was almost waiting for you to say that your mom woke you and your sister up by playing the bugle :). My nostalgic memory, getting the scratch and sniff book The Smells of Christmas for my birthday…a book I just bought for my own daughter and get to experience now through her eyes and her own excitement about Christmas.

  85. jeni / / Reply

    I so enjoyed your process through creation of this print! I hope to take this class one day, too. You are such an inspiration! And yes, I never had an alarm clock growing up. My Mom stood at the end of the hall and yelled out RISE AND SHINE every morning! It is a terrific memory since I lost her when I was 13 and your blog post made me smile to remember, thank you! xo-jeni

  86. Kathy in Michigan / / Reply

    Happy Happy Birthday. Each year as a child (and as an adult) my mom would tell me the story of where and when I was born and how she felt that day and what her memories are. It was and is very special to me and I still look forward to hearing it every morning on my birthday. Make good memories, Ez!! xo Kathy

  87. Mariana / / Reply

    When I was little, there was one “church song” that used the melody from “Hey Jude”. When I heard the Beatles´ song, I went to my mother and told her: “hey, the Beatles plagiarized that song from church!” My mother went LOL saying “No, it was the other way around”

  88. Niki / / Reply

    Happy Birthday Ez!

    My precious Nana would always sing “Rise and Shine and Give God the Glory”, when she’d wake my brother, sister and me! But my mom had a different approach. She would sing in the highest, shrillest voice she could create, “It’s time to get uuuuuuuuppppp” over and over until we just couldn’t stand it anymore. Haha it was terrible, but it worked and made us laugh a lot.

  89. Jane Y. / / Reply

    happy birthday! my birthday is in 2 weeks! and i just wrote about a childhood christmas memory when my mama told me and my brother that santa would be coming at the stroke of midnight. she thought we would fall asleep but me and my brother were determined. she then tricked us to play in the bedroom and not in the living room and we lost track of time! we ran out past midnight and our mama said that we just missed santa. he had to go quickly because he had other homes to visit. and there was a pile of gifts in the living room. we asked her where he parked his sleigh and she said on our balcony! oh we believed her every word. we really thought santa came that night :)

  90. Heather / / Reply

    Awww! My mom used to sing my sisters and I a song to wake us up in the morning. It mentioned our “bright shiny faces” and starting the day in the right way. We thought it was annoying at the time, but in hindsight, it’s pure gold.

  91. EurJean Chung / / Reply

    Happy Happy Birthday!!!
    My nostalgic memory is of making s’mores and roasting marshmallows with my family when we went camping. We each had our own “roasting stick” my dad made for us. As we made our s’mores we’d share stories and jokes. The smell of fire in the air in the winter always brings me back to those times.

  92. AngieD in Ohio / / Reply

    When we were little and went to Grandma’s house on Christmas eve we would sing “oh it snowed last night, snowed last night, the sky bears had a pillow fight and tore up every cloud in sight and tossed them down so feathery white, oh it snowed last night”. It was a 30 minute tripped to Grandmas… and we sang that song, over and over and over again. I think it drove my Dad crazy. :)

  93. Cyndee / / Reply

    A fond childhood memory I have is about turning in for the night. In the cold
    winter months, my sister and I would often take our quilts off the bed and hold them in front of an old coal burning stove and race back to the bed while they were yet still warm.

  94. Carrie w / / Reply

    My birthday I this week too! My mom planned such creative parties for me when I was young. One year she surprised me with an early morning wake up wherein she drove me and a friend in our decorated car an woke up and surprised about 5 more friends at their homes. Then we all went out to breakfast in our pjs! It was so fun!!!

  95. Naomi / / Reply

    So cute!

    Since it’s winter I’ve been reflecting on fun winter activities. When I was younger my dad, brother, and myself made a dragon out of snow, instead of a snowman. The dragon was HUGE! Spikes down the spine and everything. It was amazing and a great memory.

  96. Audrey - This Little Street / / Reply

    Happy birthday, Ez! Awww I love this print, I remember when you were still working on it during Brad’s class :) My nostalgic memory is about playing with my cousins every where. My grand-ma would take care of all of us (there were 10 of us!), and she would take us from one cousin’s house to the other – very often pilling us up in her car. I have such fond memories of these car rides with my cousins :)

  97. Allison C / / Reply

    This is a cheesy story, but something I always remember when I get into the backseat of a car. I have two older brothers and when I was younger I would always get stuck riding in the middle of the back seat on the “hump” whenever we went somewhere. It was never comfortable and I would complain about it. My brothers would tell me that when I was older than them I could sit in the bigger seats. For some reason it took me a REALLY long time to get the joke…too long. Finally one day the light bulb went off and they thought it was sooo funny that I finally understood I would never be older than them and I would always get the crappy seat in the car.

  98. Eryn H. / / Reply

    Bringing my kitten home and watching her dive into the computer paper (which was all on a connected roll back then) and peek out for hours before deciding to come out. I just couldn’t wait for her!

  99. Tammy / / Reply

    Happy birthday!

    Funny or nostalgic moment! That would be my mother quietly woke me up at the weekend. I have two sisters but my mother would only wanted to wake me so that I could go and have breakfast with her only. Not sure why!

  100. Laura / / Reply

    When I was a kid, my mom would have me pick out my clothes the night before so each morning I could roll out of bed and get dressed without even thinking. I was so-not-a-morning-person and this little trick, coupled with her making me breakfast so I could be out the door in about 20 minutes, really made mornings easier. I had a smart mom. Would love to give this darling print to my nephew for his bedroom. He would think it was very funny with the rooster on the elephant’s head. And I think it’s adorable!

  101. cindy barriga / / Reply

    Happy birthday! And since it’s holiday time my childhood memory is from a christmas morning. It was from when I was 8 and that year I asked Santa for Barbie anything and I mean anything. We spent the holiday evening at Grandma’s with the whole family enjoying the magical night. I stayed up until midnight waiting with baited breath for Santa’s arrival. Naturally I feel asleep and was woken by my Mama “after” his arrival. When the presents started piling in front of me and I tore into them to reveal Barbie pieces and accessories and clothing and friends my little self went nuts. I could not contain myself and I kept repeating ” I knew I was a good girl” to anyone listening. It was the most memorable holiday of my childhood. Again, Happy birthday.

  102. Janet Choi / / Reply

    Coming from an immigrant family, we didn’t have a lot of luxuries growing up but we did take family vacations. I remember going to Pismo beach, collecting sand dollars and digging for clams with my feet.

  103. CC / / Reply

    Happy Birthday! When I was four and my sister eight, we thought it would be a great idea to melt marbles on the brand new carpeting my parents had installed. We used a lamp and, as you can imagine it ended badly. We burned a hole in the rug and learned that glass does not melt with the amount of heat emitted from a 60 watt light bulb :). Cheers, EZ!

  104. Lorana / / Reply

    When I was growing up, my large family had a summer house on the island of Korcula in Croatia. That was back in the 70s, and each summer all of my father’s sibblings and their children would come, alonh with some distand relatives and friends. Every year there was a big bunch, lots of fun and happy times. But there was also some hardship. Back then there was no water system on the island, so water was delivered by huge ships and then stored in tankers. Needless to say, water was considered one of the biggest treasures, and we had to be very careful with it. I remember my grandparents telling us over and over again, every single day, not to waste water. They even went so far as to wash our hair in the sea:) One night, my auntie and her husband were goofing around and sudenly she grabbed a bucket of water that was being recycled for the garden. Shocked as my uncle was, he grabbed another one and then another one … which lead to a water splashing extavaganza where all of the kids and adults were spraying eachother with precious water and laughing like crazy, while my grandparents were running around screaming at all of us to stop. It was one of those moments were adults became free and playful and even a bit naughty.

  105. April Edwards / / Reply

    Happy birthday! What a lovely giveaway. One of my favourite childhood memories is of my dad pushing down a big hill in our backyard in a wheelbarrow! It hurts just thinking about it now.

    Hope I win! xo

  106. youngmi / / Reply

    happy birthday! i loved “helping” my mom in the kitchen when i was little. she made me a little apron and i would stand on a chair and roll out dough for hand cut noodles :)

  107. Rilla / / Reply

    Happy Birthday!

    My brother and I had a routine where we said the exact same thing to each other, every night. Yelling it from my room to his and vice versa. The funny part about it….every word had “-ski” added to the end. I can still recite the exact exchange…”goodnightski! Seeski youski inski theski mornski…..” And on and on….

  108. Katy / / Reply

    Happy happy birthday, Ez!! I have so many fond childhood memories but the one that came to mind first is from Christmastime and our premade advent calendar. I just couldn’t stand only getting to open one day at a time so I peeked the next day’s when no one was around and tried to slyly put it back but I got caught. That was the only year we had an advent! Guess my parents didn’t want to torture my curious and impatient mind :)

  109. Gretchen Price / / Reply

    Ez, I hope you had a fabulous birthday!!!

    You share a birthday with my grandpa, Tucky!! He holds such a special place in my heart. I grew up in St. Louis and as a child we would often visit my grandparent’s farm in Kentucky. When my parents said we were going to Kentucky for the weekend, I thought they were saying my grandpa’s name…so, I started calling him, Tucky. The name stuck and all of the grandkids still refer to him as this. My favorite memory of him is sitting on top of his shoulders as he sat in his lazy boy chair smoking his pipe. He had a buzz cut and I would sit up there rubbing the top of his head for as long as he would let me. Tucky passed away when I was 7 but those memories are still so vivid and bring a smile to my face and a warmth to my heart every time I am reminded of him! Thank you of the reminder today!!!

  110. Em S / / Reply

    Playing hairdresser with my sister, I cut her fringe but way too short!

  111. Robyn Logan Clarke / / Reply

    I come from a family of 3 kids, I’m the oldest, when I was about 8, middle brother was 7, our youngest brother(age 3) would always insist he had a headache in his tummy, it didn’t matter how hard we tried to explain he couldn’t he just didn’t understand, we thought it was hilarious!

  112. Iquo / / Reply

    When I was little I was obsessed with The Little Mermaid! I used to watch it every single day! My friend and I had just got finished watching the movie at my house and we decided we wanted to be just like Ariel and swim wild and free and be mermaids. So we got lots and lots of water and poured water on the floor, the couch and the tv (eep) and proceeded to “swim” like mermaids under the sea. When my parents found us, more so found the tv ruined, lets just say “they weren’t pleased” was an understatement. I got in so much trouble that day but now when we all look back on that time, the story is quite hilarious! Funny thing, years later, the tv miraculously started working again!

  113. Zoe / / Reply

    Thank you for conducting this giveaway! Happy Birthday!
    A funny childhood story would be when i got bitten by a dog on my nose when i was 5. I was bored while the adults were eating so i tried to get a family friend’s dog attention by poking it constantly. I did get its attention when it suddenly turned around to give me a big bite on my nose. I had to go for an operation and when i recovered and visited the home again, i went to wag my finger at the dog for biting me! That scared my mother and she quickly pulled me away from the dog!

  114. Elizabeth Campbell / / Reply

    My mom had this music she invented and sang everyday to wake me and my brothers up. Since it’s in Portuguese I don’t really know how to translate it. But I rememer it everyday when I wake up and it makes me smile every time. :)

  115. aimee / / Reply

    I remember when I was younger my cousin would watch my brother and I during the summer. I vividly remember this one occasion when she was riding my brothers bicycle, at the time my brother was about 5 so you can imagine how small the bike was. Well, she managed to gain a decent amount of speed on that bad boy and while my brother and I were watching she rode straight into the street sign pole with the bike and flew off into my neighbors yard. It was by far the funniest moment during that summer, to this day we joke around about how much AIR as she flew off!!

  116. Bernie / / Reply

    When mum needed to get on with house work she would wash our teddies and hang them on the line. The three of us would have to sit on the back step and let her know when they were dry. We would sit there for hours!!

  117. Donna Kent / / Reply

    So many! There’s when I locked myself in the bathroom on my 4th birthday and had to sit there while my dad took the door off of its hinges. My oldest school friends still remember and never let me forget. My best birthday memory is sitting on a remote beach in Cornwall a few years later with just my mum, dad and sister. We ate warm sandwiches, Jane Asher Marble Cake and played in the sea. Afterwards, I fell asleep on the beach and my younger sister placed little pebbles on my legs. I had to walk around with spotty legs for weeks before the tan evened out..

  118. Hayley Spencer / / Reply

    When younger, I remember wearing shell suit tracksuits-the brightest, most clashing colours imaginable, and thinking I was the coolest kid on the estate!!

  119. Marilyn / / Reply

    Favorite memory – my sister and I sledding down the house stairs on pillows while our parents were out.

  120. Brenda Briceño / / Reply

    When I was going into fourth grade we went to Yellowstone during the summer. Did I ever do some dumb stuff we still laugh over. At the lake there I went into the lake with my zorries on (flip flops) because the lake had stones on the bottom not sand. My brother and I built a raft out of logs. We had fun on it for days. One day I lost one of my zorries. So I dove off the raft to find it. I search and searched. Meanwhile my mother was on shore seeing me do this. In her mind I was drowning. My brother was yelling at me to forget about it. So what do rubber flip flops do? Float. I found it on the water’s surface and put it on the raft. He pushed the raft back to shore and I swam back. My MOM was in a state of hysteria! Naturally my brother told on me. To this day we still laugh over me diving for an item that floats. I also stood around eating chips or candy or both as a bear search around for food at the ranger lodge. Now how stupid could I be? My brother loves to tease about what a funny girl I was. My daughter however says I am still a silly woman. Such is life.

  121. Helen McCarron / / Reply

    My earliest childhood memory is being on holiday with my parents in France. We were staying in a chalet attached to a farm and, even though I could not speak a word of French, I spent the whole holiday playing with the farmer’s children. Just shows that child’s play can transcend linguistic boundaries!

  122. Regina / / Reply

    Happy, Happy Birthday to You… a little bit late but from the bottom of my heart :)

  123. Brooke / / Reply

    My sister and I loved visiting my aunt when we were little. She always let us have the bad stuff that out parents would not, including Cookie Monster Cookies, full of wonderful blue frosting. Every time I go to the bakery and see one, I smile!

  124. Megan Pearson / / Reply

    Happy birthday! How exciting to find out I share a birthday with someone who inspires me to be more creative everyday. Hope you had a good one!

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