Style Snag: Look No.3


Hello lovelies! I’m back as promised, with a new Style Snag post. Your feedback on this new series has been awesome…and I thank you so much for that!

There’s no doubt that the top in today’s inspiration photo steals the show with that mega collar (wow), but alas I struck out while trying to source an affordable similar style. However, I think that the final picks in my translation still represent the overall vibe of the look well enough that you hopefully won’t even miss a collar that hangs half-way down your chest. At least I know I’d be happy to walk down the street wearing the ensemble. What do you think? xo Ez

1. Silk Cargo Shirt | 2. Enamel-Coated Hair Pins | 3. JINsoon Nail Lacquer | 4. Skinny Blue Jeans | 5. Basic Shopping Bag | 6. Tan Leather Booties | 7. Sunglasses

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Inspired Artist: Jiiakuann

Chic for Cheap: Wife of a Marine Boot Camp Grad




  1. Ann Louise / / Reply

    Lovely translation of the original look! I like your blouse choice without the mega collar since I would prefer my blouse collar not fall into my bowl of soup!

    • Ez
      Ez / / Reply

      You mean you don’t want your shirt to double as a soup-stirrer?! That’s just madness! ;-) xo Ez

  2. Liisi / / Reply

    You could diy the collar. Make an elongated fake collar and wear it over a collarless shirt. Ot if the collar on the shirt is small, it might work best over that. It should be pretty easy to make.
    I think these posts are amazing. It really helps to look better at any outfit and see the seperate pieces rather than the whole thing.

    • Ez
      Ez / / Reply

      Great idea Lissi! Thanks for your kind words about the series too! xo Ez

  3. Danielle / / Reply

    I love this outfit from head to toe! I am going to have to try to find some more affordable booties like those :) Great series!!

  4. Elisa / / Reply

    I love this outfit! That top just kicks the outfit up a notch, it’s just so much more fun and feminine than a white dress shirt, so it amps up the dichotomy of dressed up vs. casual and of unisex vs. ultra-feminine. Love it!

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