Getting Crafty with the Fiesta Movement


Today I’m delighted to be partnering with Ford to help spread the word about their exciting Fiesta Movement. Over the past several months, Ford has challenged a team of savvy agents to accomplish and share themed missions inspired by the 2014 Ford Fiesta. There have been all sorts of fun, silly, and creative missions accomplished so far. This month’s themed missions are all about “Style” (something the Fiesta has in spades of course), and now I’m using one of the completed missions from this month, to dream up a special DIY project that I’ll be sharing with you guys here really soon. I can’t tell you what that project is going to be yet…but you just might be able to get a pretty good idea from watching this mission video that inspired it:

Any guesses? Hint: it won’t involve miniatures…but it just might involve paint, and it will relate to the “style” theme. Curious? Be sure to check back later this month for my completed challenge and DIY project inspired by the Ford Fiesta Movement! xo Ez

This post was kindly sponsored by Ford Fiesta Movement. Find more from Ford Fiesta on Facebook and Twitter.