DIY Halloween Pom Pom Spiders


I’ve probably mentioned before that Halloween has never really been a holiday that I go all out for. But since my daughter is always wishing that I would put more effort into it, I decided to throw together a “creepy” spider infestation in our kitchen to surprise her when she got home from school the other day. Teenagers aren’t prone to overly demonstrative displays of elation, but I got a smile or two out of her, so I’d say it was a success. Regardless, I rather like how they turned out, so I’m a happy camper.

DIY Pom Pom Spiders:


Mamma Spider Supplies:

  • Black Yarn – You will want to use a soft puffy-type of yarn (technical terms, I know)
  • 4 full-length black pipe cleaners
  • Scrap cardboard at least 4″ wide by 6″ long
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Twine to suspend spiders from (optional)

Baby Spider Supplies:

  • Black Yarn – You will want to use a soft puffy-type of yarn
  • 2 Black Pipe Cleaners, each cut in half to make 4 shortened pipe cleaner lengths
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Twine to suspend spiders from (optional)
  • Wire cutters – used to cut pipe cleaners in half and spare your nice scissors

For this step-by-step tutorial I’ll be sharing photos for the creation of the larger Mamma Spider. Other than the yarn bundling portion at the very beginning of the tutorial, all other steps for both Mamma and Baby Spiders are the same.


Prepare your cardboard by cutting notches out at both long ends (as seen in the supply photo). Begin winding yarn around cardboard until you a have nicely filled portion (it will take a bit of yarn, so don’t be alarmed if your yarn skein is depleting quickly). The more yarn you use, the denser your spider’s body will be.

Once you have enough yarn wrapped to create a puffy spider, carefully remove the yarn bundle by gently folding your cardboard to release the tension on the yarn. Be sure that your yarn stays together in one piece while you remove it. Set bundle aside.


Prepare your spider legs by holding all 4 pipe cleaners parallel to one another, and then twist them in the center (like a twisty-tie) to lightly bind them together.

Place your legs atop your prepared yarn bundle and use a long piece of yarn (at least 12″ long) to tie securely around both the yarn and pipe cleaner legs. Flip the bundle over and double knot tightly on the opposite side.


Begin creating the pom pom by inserting scissors inside yarn loops and cutting them apart. Repeat until all loops have been cut. You will now have a very shaggy looking pom pom. When creating the spider’s body, it’s important to leave the two yarn portions (used for tying the pom pom together) uncut so that you can easily hang if later on if desired.

Give your pom pom shape by trimming off excess yarn. Don’t be shy…you’ll need to give your pom pom a decent haircut before it takes shape. Refer to the video below for visual assistance on trimming your pom pom.

spiderpompomstep78Once you are happy with your spider’s pom pom body, give its legs some personality by bending the ends of each one at a 90 degree angle. Make sure to bend the legs opposite of the top of your spider (where your two yarn ends are).

Use the yarn ends to easily suspend your spider from a store-bought web or tie it onto a twine garland. If you prefer to let your spider be free-range, snip off the yarn ends and you’re done!

To make the smaller “baby” spider bodies I used the finger-wrapping method shown in my quick 5-Minute Yarn Pom Pom Video Tutorial above. After bundling the yarn around your fingers, and before tying your pom poms off you will need to attach the spider’s legs, so be sure to use the steps outlined in the tutorial above to finish your baby spider. Note: be sure to leave two long yarn portions uncut if you plan to hang your spiders up.

pompomspiders2Let your spiders roam freely…pompomspider1Or use twine to hang spiders around your home. Get ready to shriek every time you accidentally walk into them (it happens…you’ve been warned). xo Ez